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Town Board Meeting
Jun 05, 2018
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    Town of Oregon

Board Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2018


  1. Call Town Board meeting to order.

Chairman Wayne Ace called the June 5, 2018 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 


  1. Roll Call.

Clerk Arnold called roll, the following Supervisors were present:  Phil Van Kampen, Arlen Christensen, Fred Clark, Steve Root, Chairman Wayne Ace, Constable Kurt Maher and Clerk Denise Arnold.  Absent:  Assessor Andy Blomstrom.


  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Christensen to approve the Town Board Meeting Minutes from May 1, 2018.  Motion carried.


  1. Financial Report and Acceptance.

Motion made by Christensen and seconded by Clark to accept the May 2018 Financial Report as prepared by Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried. 


  1. Public Comments.

Land owner Rosemary Gall addressed the Town Board regarding rental property that she owns in the Town of Oregon located at 5274 Netherwood Rd.  Mrs. Gall resides in Middleton, WI.  Mrs. Gall was made aware by her tenant that land adjacent to the property has been annexed into the Village of Oregon.  The Village plans include multi-unit dwellings, town homes and apartments along with single family dwellings.  The concern is that the parking for these multi-family dwellings will be on the back side and this is will be the view from her property.  Gall also expressed safety concerns regarding a high volume of traffic onto Netherwood from this new subdivision.  Her Grandson bikes on Netherwood Rd and that would be unsafe with all the new proposed homes.  Chair Ace explained that once the land is annexed into the Village the Town really cannot change anything.  The Village Board would be the municipality for Mrs. Gall to reach out to.  Gall thanked that Board for listening and just wanted to bring it to the Boards attention. 


  1. Discussion and possible Approval of Recommendations from Plan Commission.
  2. Land Division and Rezone Request.  Petition # DCPREZ-2018-11298.  Parcel # 0509-053-9000-1 & 050-053-8500-8; 6060 Sun Valley Pkwy, Oregon, WI  53575.

Motion made by Christensen and seconded by Clark to approve the Land Division and Rezone request for William and Charlotte Cummings.  Petition number DCPREZ-2018-11298 on parcel numbers 0509-053-9000-1 and 0509-053-8500-8 located at 6060 Sun Valley Parkway, Oregon, WI 53575.  Motion carried. 




Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2018 - Page 2


  1. Revision to Russell Schmid’s Land Division and Rezone Request.  Petition # DCPREZ-2018-11299.  Adjust lot location and re-zone to RH-2. 

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve a revision to Russell Schmid’s Land Division and Rezone Request petition # DCPREZ-2018-11299.  This was to adjust the lot line location and rezone to RH-2.  Motion carried.  The original petition was approved at the May 1, 2018 meeting, the adjustment was requested by Dane County to avoid a wetland area. 

  1. Reappointment of Plan Commission Members Andy Blomstrom and Tim Yanacheck for a three-year term.

Christensen made a motion to approve Andy Blomstrom and Tim Yanacheck for a three-year term.  Supervisor Root requested that the approvals be in separate motions due to the number of Andy Blomstrom’s absences from Plan Commission Meetings.  Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve Tim Yanacheck for a three-year term on the Plan Commission.  Motion carried.  Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to table Andy Blomstrom’s reappointment to the Plan Commission until the July 3rd Town Board Meeting.  Motion carried. 


  1. Communication and Action of the Dane County Board – Bollig.

Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig addressed the board regarding TDS coming into the area to provide high speed internet.  Ace commented that he heard that they were moving into the area, however the Town had not approved this action.  Bollig said that was the case in the Village of Oregon as well.  Van Kampen questioned the availability of a franchise fee similar to Charter Communications.  Bollig shared that TDS has not approached the Village for a contract agreement.  The Clerk shared that there is a map which mirrors the Charter availability map.  Bollig said that the Dane County Fair will be running next month.  Bollig noted that this will be the last year that the World Dairy Staff will be organizing the Dane County Fair.  The barn at Anderson Farm Park will be taken down and the park is progressing.    


  1. Fire & EMS Report (Oregon/Van Kampen, Belleville/Clark, Brooklyn/O’Brien).

Supervisor Van Kampen reminded everyone that there is a joint municipal meeting on July 10th at 6:30 pm to be held at the Oregon Senior Center.  Supervisor Clark did not have anything to report for Belleville Fire/EMS.  Chair Ace was unable to attend the Brooklyn Fire/EMS Meeting and Mark O’Brien our representative was not in attendance. 


  1. Park Committee Report and Action – Root.

The Butterfly Garden has been planted in the Town Park.  The Park Committee is recommending that the Town Board double the impact fee from $1,000 to $2,000.  The Board could not vote on this change because it was not listed on the agenda.  The current balance of the Impact Fee Account is approximately $4,000.





Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2018 - Page 3


  1. Anderson Farm Park Report – Root.

Root said that the farmette demolition this fall is budgeted at $150,000 and the dog park is at $50,000.  Christensen assisted with moving materials at the entrance off Timber Ridge Drive.  There was excess dirt and wood chips to be distributed.    


  1. Assessor’s Report and Recommendation – Blomstrom.

The Assessor was not in attendance at the meeting.  Root requested that the minutes reflect that the Assessor did not attend the Town of Oregon Board of Review which was held on Saturday, June 2, 2018. 


  1. Building Inspection Services Report – Arnold.

There were ten building permits applications in the month of May 2018. 


  1. Constable’s Report – Maher.

Constable Kurt Maher did not have anything to report from the month of May 2018. 


  1. Plan Commission Report and Recommendation - Christensen.

Supervisor Christensen reported on the May 2018 Plan Commission Meeting.  The Public Hearings for the Cummings property, the revision for Schmid and Steve Ace.  Now that Ace put the property up for sale there has been a lot of interest.  There will be one more split on the old Feller property for Steve Ace.  Mr. Ace is going to re-configure what he might do.  David Sticklestad came in under public comments.  He would like to split off the back portion of his property and sell to the neighbors with horses.  Ben Johnson on Union Road would like to change his zoning to include landscaping.   Susan Kresbach wanted to know what she should do next regarding her proposed land conservation sub-division, she was advised to come to the Town Board.  A work session was held last week and they are working on the Commercial Zoning.  They have discussed the General Commercial, Heavy Commercial and next they want to address Light Commercial. 


  1. Public Works and TORC Report – Ace.

Chair Ace shared that the wind took down a tree in the heavy winds last week. He got the call and went out and removed the tree.  The road sides are getting mowed and shouldering will be completed soon on the roads that were repaved this summer. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Removal of items from TORC.

Chair Ace shared that he has received calls against the action that was taken at the May 2018 Town Board Meeting.  Resident Dick Straub residing at 292 Glenway Road in the Town of Oregon addressed the Town Board regarding the Board’s decision to eliminate anything being taken from the Town of Oregon Recycling Center (TORC).  Straub has used the TORC service for years and observed many residents taking items that have been brought to the recycling center that would cost the Town additional money to dispose of.  If another resident can find an item useful he wondered what problem was the Town Board

Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2018 - Page 4


solving with the decision they made last month.  Straub thought that the old system was the ultimate in recycling. Mr. Straub also thought that people that took wood chips for their own use was far more cost effective that paying to have that destroyed.  He felt the Town had made a decision to not follow the spirit of recycling and purposeful reuse.   Straub asked the Board if they were trying to recycle or fill a landfill site.  Supervisor Root thought that good points had been raised and agreed with Mr. Straub.  Clark clarified that the action the board took was complaint driven.  Christensen was fine if no one was climbing into the dumpsters.  Van Kampen felt it was a liability issue and should not allow anyone to take anything.  Clerk Arnold did some research on the subject referencing the Wisconsin Towns Association Officer’s Handbook.  In Chapter 13 pages 95 and 95 stating that the Recycling Center has a statutory liability for landfills and recycling activities.  Chair Ace said that one employee at the TORC had been complaining about someone harvesting items from the dumpsters.  Ace felt that the employees should not take anything.  Van Kampen did not feel that the WTA Officer’s Handbook would not relieve the Town of any liability.  Mr. Straub felt it was an employee issue not a liability or problem at all.  One employee is fearful that someone will get something.  Motion made by Christensen and seconded by Clark to open the TORC back up for residents to take items if they need them with the exception of employees taking items.  No one can enter into any dumpster.  Ace called for any further discussion.  Van Kampen felt the policy that was in place that no one could take anything from the TORC was a good a good one and should be enforced.  Ace called for a vote Root, Clark, Ace and Christensen voted yes and Van Kampen voted no.  Motion carried. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Senior Center – Van Kampen.

Van Kampen reported that there will be a Senior Center meeting this month. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re:  Sale/donation of tables and chairs. 

Clerk Arnold reported that the Town of Union has been invoiced for the purchase of the old board room tables and guest chairs.  Two tables at $50 each and 76 guest chairs at $1.00 each for a total of $176.00. 


  1. Board Communications/ Future Agenda Items.

The July agenda will include discussion and possible action regarding the appointment of Andy Blomstrom to the Plan Commission, increasing the Impact Fee from $1,000 to $2,000, update on the loan for 2018 Road Construction and possible letter to the Department of Revenue reporting the absence of Assessor Blomstrom at the 2018 Board of Review.  Christensen reported that the building has been completed and the original bid was $27,713 and the final cost was $24,500.58.  This did not include the electrical work.  Christensen suggested that the remaining budgeted funds be used to paint the Town Hall.  The Board agreed and instructed Christensen to obtain a bid for that work.  Root would like to compose a letter to the DOR to report Blomstrom regarding the absence of Blomstrom.  The Board refused to discuss this situation because it was not on the agenda. 




Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2018 - Page 5


  1. Approval of payment vouchers – Arnold.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Christensen to approve the May 2018 payment vouchers in the amount of $98,781.23.  Motion carried. 


  1. Clerk’s Report – Arnold.

Clerk Arnold shared that the ground breaking for the new Oregon Youth Center is scheduled for 4:00 on Thursday, June 28th at the new site.  


  1. Adjournment.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Christensen to adjourn the June 5, 2018 Town Board Meeting at 7:45 pm.  Motion carried


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold


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