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Town of Oregon Annual Meeting
Apr 17, 2018
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 Town of Oregon

Annual Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2018



Chairman Wayne Ace called the 2018 Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Motion made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Steve Root to approve the Town of Oregon Annual Meeting Minutes from April 18, 2017 as presented.  Motion carried.  Motion made by Arlen Christensen and seconded by Mark O’Brien to accept the December 31, 2017 Financial Report as prepared by Deputy Clerk, Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried.


Rachel Brickner Director of the Oregon Senior Center distributed a report for 2017 to the residents present.  Brickner thanked the Town Board and any volunteers for their continued support of the Oregon Senior Center.  Due to the vast volunteer involvement in the center they continue to provide services with only three full time employees.  Due to the baby boomers beginning to appear at the Senior Center the usage has increased.  Many volunteers drive seniors to appoints to the equivalent of a trip around the equator.  The Center offers various services including a loan closet with wheelchairs, walkers, canes and other useful equipment.  Training was offered to the businesses, village departments and churches which qualified Oregon as a dementia friendly community in 2017.   


Roe Parker President of the Friends of Anderson Park reported that 2017 was a very good year for the Dane County Anderson Farm Park.  Parker thanked volunteers and the Town for the use of the Oregon Town Hall.  Work is continuing in the 30-acre Arthur Sholts Memorial Forest, removing buck thorn and garlic mustard.  There is a new picnic area and trails thru the forest and prairie.  A pollinator garden for bees and butterflies is being developed along with three rain gardens.  Gene Berman has harvested maple syrup and educated school children about the process.  There was a bonfire with a candle light walk with over 280 people in attendance.  In the fall Artists will come to the Park for an art competition created in relation with the Anderson Park.  Another community event will be a bird-a-thon and a prairie seed ball event with students.  The future Dog Park will be worked on.  Lyman Anderson wanted the agriculture portion of the park developed and that will start in 2018.  The Friends of Anderson Farm Park has 95 active members accomplishing more the 1,800 volunteer hours.  They need continued funds for more projects to be accomplished. 


Chief Glenn Linzmeier distributed a flyer from the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District (OAFED).   Chief Linzmeier thanked the Town of Oregon for their continued support.  An event was held at the Town Hall grounds this past winter testing communications devices.  There were 1,642 calls in 2017 with daily usage of 4.5 calls and increases are expected as the population of the area grows. 

There have been fire prevention events to be a fire wise community. The OAFED provides smoke alarm installation for those in need financed with a federal grant.  Chief Linzmeier would like to see a uniform fire or burning ordinance including all local district municipalities.  A tender truck was purchased in 2017.  Purchases in 2018/2019 include new self-contained breathing apparatuses which could be as much as $200,000.  The OAFED has been put back on the map in the area of recruiting and obtaining applicants from around the country. 



Town of Oregon Annual Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2018 Page 2


Town Board Supervisor Fred Clark reported on Belleville Fire/EMS District.  The Belleville Fire and EMS disbanded as separate entities.  In 2017 the Fire and EMS were joined in agreement to be as one.  Belleville is using UW Medical Students with the EMS.  The fire department ordered a new squad.  The fire squad has 35 people and 29 on the EMS with 7 drivers available. 


Brooklyn Fire/EMS representative Mark O’Brien thanked OAFED Chief Linzmeier for putting Oregon back on the map.  The new Brooklyn Fire/EMS Protection District Agreement is done and signed.  The audit is being conducted as requested in the new agreement.  The fund balance program has ceased.  An emergency fund of $100,000 has been established and $140,000 compressor was replaced. The higher pressure lasts longer for fire fighters.   Due to two donations water rescue equipment has been purchased and training has occurred.  O’Brien would like to merge the Brooklyn Fire and EMS into one.  The new tanker is in service. 


Plan Commission Member Arlen Christensen reported that the Plan Commission is working on a Comprehensive Land Use Plan review that is required every ten years.  Dane County is changing their zoning and that is changing items for the Town’s plan.  There have been discussions regarding Transfer of Development Rights (TDR).  Mark O’Brien inquired on new rules regarding a 9-event year cap on properties such as a party barn or pick your own farms.  Christensen shared that Dane County is still working on that ordinance. 


Clerk Arnold reviewed the 2017 Income and Expenses Comparison Report for the Town of Oregon.  A report was available with 2017 budgeted amounts, the amount actually spent in the 2017 and the 2018 budget figures.  The debt service payment in 2017 was $138,739.  The Fund Balance at year end was $1,360,986.  Motion made by Arlen Christensen and seconded by Fred Clark to approve the 2017 Budget Comparison Report, Debt Service Report and Fund Balance Disclosure.  Motion carried.   


Clerk Denise Arnold swore in recently re-elected Town Board Supervisors Arlen Christensen and Phil Van Kampen for a two-year term. 


Motion made by Phil Petersen and seconded by Andy Blomstrom to set the 2019 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting for April 16, 2019 and change the time to 6:30 pm.  Motion carried. 


Chairman Ace inquired if there was any other business from the floor.  Resident Mark O’Brien residing at 408 Glenway Road suggested installing the 45 mph speed limit signs on Glenway Road.  O’Brien wants speed reduction signs ahead and lower speed limit enforced to reduce the dangerous situation.  Becki Clark residing at 5868 Lincoln Road inquired why the Deputy Clerk Treasurer Jennifer Hanson was not in attendance at the Annual Meeting to support her Financial Report. 


Motion made by Phil Peterson and seconded by Arlen Christensen to adjourn the 2018 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting at 8:00 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted, Denise R. Arnold, Clerk


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