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Town Board Meeting
Nov 07, 2017
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 Town of Oregon

Board Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2017


  1. Call Town Board meeting to order.

Chairman Wayne Ace called the November 7, 2017 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 


  1. Roll Call.

The following Town Board Supervisors were present:  Phil Van Kampen, Arlen Christensen, Fred Clark, Steve Root and Chairman Wayne Ace.  Also present Assessor Andy Blomstrom, Constable, Kurt Maher, Payne & Dolan Representative, Bill Buglass and Clerk Denise Arnold. 


  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Clark to approve the October 11, 2017 Town Board Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 


  1. Financial Report and Acceptance.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to accept the October 2017 Financial Report as prepared by Deputy Clerk Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried. 


  1. Public Comments.

Payne and Dolan Representative Bill Buglass shared that the reclamation process at the Klahn Pit site has been completed.  Buglass requested that Payne and Dolan be included on the December Agenda to report on the status of pits located in the Town of Oregon.  Payne and Dolan are donating $2,000 toward the purchase of shared water rescue equipment for the Brooklyn Fire/EMS District and Oregon Area Fire/EMS District. 


Resident Robert Dicke and wife Christine Dicke residing at 6205 Knollwood Dr. in the Town of Oregon approached the Board with information regarding a home they would like to build.  The new home would be constructed on their 18-acre parcel number 0509-201-8601-0 located at 5890 County Highway A, Oregon, WI 53575.  The house would exceed the Dane County Zoning height limitations by approximately 6’3” and would require a variance.  The house would be 700 ft. from the road and has some unique energy conservation features.  The Town Board instructed Clerk Arnold to forward a letter to Dane County Zoning stating that the Town has acknowledged the height violation and support the application process for a variance.  Mr. Dicke would still need to present the construction project to the Plan Commission in November and back to the Town Board in December for approval along with approval from Dane County.      


  1. Appointment of Tim Yanacheck to the Plan Commission.

Motion made by Chairman Ace and seconded by Supervisor Christensen to appoint Tim Yanacheck to the Plan Commission for a two-year term.  Motion carried. 


  1. Communication and Action of the Dane County Board – Bollig.

Dane County Board Supervisor Jerry Bollig shared that the County Budget is increasing from 231 million to 250 million.   That is a 6.86% increase for taxpayers and a $54.00 increase on a $270,000 dwelling.   The new jail expansion is estimated to cost 75 million.  The Huber Center will be closed.  There will be a $28.00-wheel tax for registration.  There will be a meeting on November 9th to work thru the final amendments to the budget and hopefully adopt the budget on the 20th.  Clark inquired about the use of the Huber Center.  Bollig thought it would be demolished and the Alliant Center would expand in that area.

Town Board Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2017 Page 2

  1. Fire & EMS Report (Oregon/Van Kampen, Belleville/Clark, Brooklyn/O’Brien).

Van Kampen did not have any new information to share regarding the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District. 

Clark did not have anything to report from the Belleville Fire/EMS. Ace shared that there was not anything to report regarding the Brooklyn Fire/EMS.


  1. Discussion and possible Action re:  OAFED Tender Truck purchase - Van Kampen.

This item on the agenda had been addressed at the October 2017 Town Board Meeting and should be deleted. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Property owned by Shirley Miller for Raven Oaks Subdivision Sign.

After some discussion regarding the Ravenoaks neighborhood sign the Board decided to not take any action.  Assessor Blomstrom will try to change the value to zero and leave it alone.  Historically the sign has been maintained by volunteer donations and labor.  Van Kampen did not feel it was a town issue.  Mrs. Miller would like the Town to take over the sign and property.  The Board stands at not taking any action. 


  1. Discussion and possible Approval re: Brooklyn Fire Buy Back of Service Award Program (SAP) years for Fire and EMS personnel.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Clark to approve Brooklyn Fire/EMS participating in the Service Award Program (SAP).  The funds will be drawn from the fund balance that Brooklyn Fire/EMS District manages. 


  1. Park Committee Report and Action – Root.

Supervisor Root reported that the Park Committee has not had a meeting.  The next meeting will be held on Monday, November 13, 2017. 


  1. Anderson Farm Park Report – Root.

Root reported that Anderson Farm Park had their annual bonfire, it was very successful despite the inclement weather. 


  1. Assessor’s Report and Recommendation – Blomstrom.

Blomstrom is working on the new assessment roll.  Blomstrom wanted to update his program however he was having a difficult time with password issues. 


  1. Building Inspection Services Report – Arnold.

Clerk Arnold reported that there were 14 building permits applied for in the month of October 2017. 


  1. Constable’s Report – Maher.

Constable Kurt Maher has been patrolling more and put on about 76 miles last month.  Maher received a phone call regarding a potential drug deal going on in the park.  Maher referred the individual to Dane County Sheriff’s Department.  Maher captured an abandoned cat at the Town Park and relocated it to at his sister’s house in a heated shed. 


  1. Plan Commission Report and Recommendation - Christensen.

Supervisor Christensen reported that the Plan Commission had their regular meeting and a work session.  They worked on the winter park ordinance.  The Plan Commission requested to consult with Andrew Bremer from MSA on some issues for the Comprehensive Lane Use Plan.  The Board supported that.

Town Board Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2017 Page 3


  1. Discussion and possible Action re:  Ordinance to establish parking ban on town roads in winter. 

The driveway ordinance should read that all roads should be included.  The wording on the ordinance will be reviewed by Chair Ace.  The Plan Commission will also review this on November 21st.  There were questions as to how many signs will be required. 


  1. Public Works and TORC Report – Ace.

Chair Ace reported that the roadside mowing is complete.  A large tractor repair bill was paid to Sloane Implement for $2,7912.23.  The TORC is very full due to all the trees that went down in Ravenoaks sub-division this year. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Tree branches being chipped in sub-divisions. 

Chair Ace shared that he received a call from a resident in the Ravenoaks sub-division located in the Town of Oregon.  A request was made for the public works department to chip the tree branches that had fallen in the sub-division and save it for mulch distribution for residents.  The Board decided that the Town does not have enough man power to accomplish this and offer the service to every sub-division.  There is not a safe location to store the accumulated wood chips for all residents. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Hiring TORC Employees.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Christensen to hire one more TORC attendant for the Town of Oregon.  Motion carried.  Chair Ace will contact the applicant. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Update on work for exterior of garage and buildings.

Supervisor Christensen is having a difficult time obtaining bids for this project.  He requested this but added to the December agenda. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Purchase of Town Hall tables and guest chairs.

Clerk Arnold shared possible choices for new Town Hall tables and guest chairs.  The Town Board requested that a sample guest chair be ordered for approval. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Senior Center – Van Kampen.

Supervisor Van Kampen reported that the Senior Center has not had a meeting.


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Senior Center 2018 Budget – Van Kampen.

Van Kampen have no update as this time. 


  1. Board Communications/ Future Agenda Items.

The December 5, 2017 Town Board Agenda should include an appearance from Payne & Dolan to update the Town on their progress, update on building repairs and potential purchases for the Town Hall tables and chairs. 


  1. Approval of payment vouchers – Arnold.

Motion made by Root and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the October 2017 payment vouchers in the amount of $273,305.35.  Motion carried. 


  1. Clerk’s Report – Arnold.

Clerk Arnold did not have any additional information to share. 


Town Board Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2017 Page 4



  1. Review of 2017 Budget.

Clerk Arnold reminded the Board that the 2018 Budget Hearing will be held on November 28, 2017 at 6:30 pm following a closed session at 6:00 pm. 


  1. Adjournment.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Root to adjourn the November 7, 2017 Town Board Meeting at approximately 7:30 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold


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