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Town Board Meeting
Dec 05, 2017
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 Town of Oregon

Board Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2017


  1. Call Town Board meeting to order.

Town of Oregon Board Chairman Wayne Ace called the December 5, 2017 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 


  1. Roll Call.

Clerk Denise Arnold called the roll the following Board Supervisors were present: Phil Van Kampen, Arlen Christensen, Fred Clark, Steve Root, Chairman Wayne Ace, Constable Kurt Maher and Clerk Denise Arnold.  


  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting.

Motion made by Root and seconded by Clark to approve the Town Board Meeting Minutes from November 7, 2017 as presented.  Motion carried


  1. Financial Report and Acceptance.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Root to approve the November 2017 Financial Report as prepared by Deputy Clerk, Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried. 


  1. Public Comments.

Chairman Ace called for Public Comments, there were none therefore the next item on the agenda was addressed. 


  1. Appearance by Payne and Dolan, 6295 Lacy Road, Fitchburg, WI  53593.

Todd Buth and Bill Buglass of Payne and Dolan addressed the Town Board with a presentation regarding 2017 activities in the pits located in the Town of Oregon.  An aerial photo was distributed to the board.  Buglass talked about the Klahn pit sharing that the reclamation is completed.  A drone video will be brought into the Clerk.  A berm was placed between the Yahara pit and the Klahn’s.  Trees were planted at the request of residents however deer claimed most the vegetation and they will have to replant when the weather allows.  The scale will be relocated and crushing will occur in the southern portion. 


  1. Discussion and Possible Approval of Recommendation from Plan Commission:

a.     Land Rezone and CUP Request.  Petition # DCPREZ-2017-11228.  Parcel # 0509-223-8080-0; 5459 County Highway A, Brooklyn, WI  53521.  The request is to rezone 8.67 acres from RH-3 to A-2(3) and a conditional use permit (CUP) for sanitary fixtures in agricultural accessory building.  Owner and applicant is Robert Switzky,1608 W. South Street; Stoughton, WI, 53589. 

Motion made by Christensen and seconded by Van Kampen to approve land rezone and conditional use permit petition number DCPREZ-2017-11228.  The CUP will not follow the next owner it would require reapplication.  Motion carried. 


Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2017 Page 2

b.     Robert and Christine Dicke, 6205 Knollwood Dr., requesting a variance from Dane County for a height restriction on a new home to be built at 5886 County Highway A, Brooklyn, WI  53521.

Christensen reported that the Plan Commission approved of the variance request that will be made to Dane County Board of Adjustments from Robert and Christine Dicke.  The votes were 4 yes, 2 no and 1 unknown.  The Town informed 20 residents of the height violation of the home.  Three residents attended the meeting and all of them have no objection to the height of the home.  Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Christensen to approve and acknowledge that Robert and Christine Dicke have acceptance by the Town of Oregon to apply with Dane County for a height variance.  The Clerk will prepare a letter of support for Mr. and Mrs. Dicke.  Motion carried. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Hofer Living Trust, Parcel # 0509-131-9270; property located on County Highway MM; annexing 17.81 acres to the Village of Oregon.

Christensen explained that the parcel number 0509-131-9270 currently has a tax payment of $70.43.   This is the phase 1 action and there will be a phase 2 and 3.  Van Kampen said he discussed this with the Village of Oregon and there are concerns about traffic congestion.  A walking path is planned for safety.  No vote was necessary this was for information only to acknowledge the annexation. 


  1. Communication and Action of the Dane County Board – Bollig.

Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig shared that approximately 70 protesters attended the Dane County meeting regarding the approval of the jail renovation.  The project was approved the following evening.  This created a 6% increase in the budget and will equate to a 4% increase with credits applied.  The 76-million-dollar jail expansion will modernize the jail and provide safety for the employees and inmates.  The system will by condensed into one building.  Bollig is going to run for Dane County Supervisor again.  The Village of Oregon Board decided on a TIF plan to build a hotel across from the old Waterfall Restaurant.  This is a solid buyer and is a good plan.  The old restaurant is also receiving some interest. 


  1. Appointment of Election Inspectors: Jackie Burmeister, Mike Burhalter, Sharon Christensen, Becki Clark, Beth Cox, Kathy Dauck, Beth Garvoille, Kate Gladding, Len Fabian, Laurie Fitzgerald, Lori Goodspeed, Myra Hann, Ruth Jeschke, Lyn Johannsen, Bob Johnson, Chris Johnson, Katie Kasubaski, Maria Kluever, Betty Kluever, Sue Moreland, Bev Nehls, Linda Orloff, Laura Richardson, Wanda Schrank, Julie Seaborg, Cindee Schuetz, Sandy Shackelford, Brad Smith, Sheila Spear, Liz Van Kampen, Kathy Wolf and Tim Yanacheck.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Christensen to approve the appointment of the named Election Inspectors.  Motion carried.  Clerk Arnold shared how grateful the Clerk’s Office is for the wonderful dedicated poll workers the Town of Oregon is blessed with. 





Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2017 Page 3


  1. Fire & EMS Report (Oregon/Van Kampen, Belleville/Clark, Brooklyn/O’Brien).

Supervisor Van Kampen did not have anything to report regarding the OAFED.  Supervisor Clark did not have anything to report regarding the Belleville Fire/EMS.  Chair Ace did not have anything to report for the Brooklyn Fire/EMS.  Some of the Departments will not meet in December 2017.


  1. Park Committee Report and Action – Root.

The Park Committee did not meet in November therefore no report was necessary.


  1. Anderson Farm Park Report – Root/Christensen.

Supervisor Christensen shared that there was a meeting on November 21st to share the expansion plans for Anderson Farm Park.  This weekend there will be a work session for the Park.   Christensen had a new map of the proposed plans.  Supervisor Root informed that Board of a meet and greet held with residents near the Anderson Park, it was well attended and the neighbors were in support of the plans.


  1. Assessor’s Report and Recommendation – Blomstrom.

Assessor Blomstrom was not attendance. 


  1. Building Inspection Services Report – Arnold.

There were nine building permit applications applied for in the Month of November 2017.


  1. Constable’s Report – Maher.

Constable Maher reported that November was quiet with one call to Hillcrest Park, otherwise it was a quiet month. 


  1. Plan Commission Report and Recommendation - Christensen.

Christensen reported that December 18th the Plan Commission would like to meet at 6:30 pm for a joint Town Board and Plan Commission Meeting. 


  1. Discussion and possible Approval re: Ordinance No. 86 Parking Ban on Town Roads in Winter.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Van Kampen to approve/adopt Ordinance 86 Parking Ban on all Town Roads with a fine in the amount of $50.00-year-round.  Motion carried.  Signs will need to be installed at each Town entrance before enforcing this ordinance.  The Town Constable will be the first line of contact with this ordinance and the Town Chairman is authorized.  This will be enforced thru the Village of Oregon Court System with Judge Beth Cox.  Judge Cox has agreed to work cooperatively with the Town of Oregon. 





Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2017 Page 4  

19.  Public Works and TORC Report – Ace.

Chair Ace reported that the Public Works Department has been busy trimming trees along roadways for safe travel of motorists.  The new truck is still being worked on and the old truck had to be patched so that salt would not run thru the box.  This truck will be traded off for the new one.  The TORC has had issues with the compactor not operating correctly.  TORC attendant Dave Dillman thought that the compactor was working okay.  Dillman inquired about Village residents using the TORC, how should he handle that?  Dillman wants heat for the shed there is 220 running to the machine and could be accessed.  Christensen will take care of hiring an electrician to get heat in that small shed.  The Clerk shared information from an online thread of information regarding Village residents that want to use the TORC.  The Clerk’s Office tries to educate the public on the rules of participation at the TORC.  Dillman also wants a fourth person in the work rotation, he thought that an on call trained person would be better.  The Board wants to hire a fourth person to be in the rotation permanently.    Dillman thought that a backup alarm should be installed on the Tractor and the tires keep going flat.  Ace assured Dillman that a backup alarm could be installed.  Clerk Arnold will follow up with Public Works regarding the tires.     


  1. Discussion and possible Approval re: Resolution No. 01-2018; Adopting 2018 Town Fee Schedule.

Table until January 2nd, 2018. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Update on work for exterior of garage and buildings.

Supervisor Christensen is still trying to obtain bids for the work on the exterior of the garage and buildings. 


  1. Discussion and possible Action re: Senior Center – Van Kampen.

Supervisor Van Kampen explained that the Senior Center had not held a meeting. 


  1. Board Communications/ Future Agenda Items.

The January 2, 2018 Town Board Meeting Agenda should include discussion and possible action regarding the Town’s 2018 Fee Schedule.  Discussion and possible action regarding the trade-in of the Bobcat and on the agenda.  The Board would like to discuss and possibly take action regarding membership with the Dane County Towns Association. 


  1. Set Date of January 2018 Caucus (Date between January 2nd and January 21st).

The Town Board decided to set the 2018 Town of Oregon Caucus for Tuesday, January 9th at 6:30 pm with a scheduled snow date on January 15th, 2018.  There will be a notice in the Oregon Observer, information in the 2017 Tax Newsletter, on the Website, at the TORC and broadcast on the email list from the Clerk’s Office. 





Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2017 Page 5


  1. Approval of payment vouchers – Arnold.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the November 2017 payment vouchers in the amount of $164,729.45.  Motion carried. 


  1. Clerk’s Report – Arnold.

Clerk Arnold shared that the Oregon Community Resource Network (ORCN) has decided on their next project.  In 2018, they will break ground for a new Oregon Youth Center hopefully remaining close to the current police station.  To make this possible a very generous angel donor has stepped up to donate $800,000 for the construction of a new Youth Center.  The project will likely cost more and the remaining $200,000 worth of funds needed would come from donations in the community of Oregon.  Jerry Bollig inquired if it was the same donor as the food pantry.  Arnold explained that the donor wishes to remain anonymous.  No information will be provided.  The Clerk will be going on vacation in January 20th-28th, 2018. 


Chairman Ace shared that more municipalities are not going to stay in the Dane County Towns Association.  Bollig shared that most municipalities are opting out.  Ace suggested this item should be placed on the January 2018 agenda. 


  1. Adjournment.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Root to adjourn the December 5, 2017 Town Board Meeting at 7:30 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold


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