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2017 Annual Meeting
Apr 18, 2017
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Town[DA1] Of Oregon

Annual Board Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2017




·       7:00 p.m. Call to Order & Welcome – Chairman Wayne Ace

Chairman Wayne Ace called the April 18, 2017 Town Board Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 pm with 17 people present.  Ace thanked everyone present for attending the Annual Meeting. 


·       Oregon Area Senior Center – Rachel Brickner

Rachel Brickner, case manager at the Oregon Senior Center distributed copies of their annual report.  Brickner reported that usage is up.  The area that has experienced the greatest increase is exercise by 300%.  The offer various fitness levels from Zumba gold to chair aerobics.  The center has two case managers and the usage level has increased by 240%.  Programming has also increased.  In October of 2016 a new program called My Meal – My Way started.  This senior nutrition plan is available every Thursday at Ziggy’s in Oregon from 11:30 to 1:00.  The suggested price is $4.00 however any donation is accepted.  The participants enjoy choices in a restaurant atmosphere with an opportunity to socialize with other area seniors.  Ms. Brinker also provided the Town with statistics of Town of Oregon resident usage.  Current Director Alison Koelsch is retiring the summer of 2017.  Chris Johnson thanked Rachel for her tireless work at the Oregon Senior Center. 


·       Anderson Farm Park – Steve Root

Friends of Anderson Farm Park member Steve Root reported that they have had a busy year.  There have been over 2,000 volunteer hours spent on forest and prairie restoration year round.  Fresh start will have 50 to 60 people at the park on Thursday, April 20th for a work day.  Oregon and Belleville students will be at the park to commemorate Arbor Day, Jeff Olson of Abor Systems will assist.   There is an Eagle Scout project clearing brush for the trails.  There are plans to have a trail from the Village of Oregon to Town Park on Glenway.  The Town of Oregon Park Committee is in support of this.  The County has funds in the budget for the dog park to be completed in 2018, the agriculture portion of the park and funds for a well to support the ag. projects.  There are work days two Saturdays per month and meetings once per month at the Town Hall.  They are always looking for new members to join the friends group the cost is $25.00 per year, per family. 


·       Minutes from the 2016 Meeting

Motion made by Arlen Christensen and seconded by Fred Clark to approve the Town of Oregon Annual Meeting Minutes from April 19, 2016.  Motion carried. 





Town of Oregon Annual Meeting

April 18, 2017 Page 2


·       Financial Report by Treasurer – Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Hanson

Clerk Arnold instructed those in attendance to review the Financial Report prepared by Deputy Clerk Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion was made by Fred Clark and seconded by Chris Johnson to accept the Financial Report as submitted.  Motion carried.


·       2016 Budget Comparison –  Clerk Denise Arnold

Clerk Arnold review the income and expenses for the year 2016.  With the use of the projector the information included the budget for 2016, what transacted in 2016 and what is projected in 2017.  Income was up due to the sale of the utility Chevy 1 ton truck and the V-Plow.  The Town is fortunate to still receive shared revenue, transportation aide and lottery tax credit.  The Dane County Lottery credit is a new income to the Town in the amount of approximately $17,000.  The Charter franchise fee increased along with the Town of Oregon recycling center proceeds.  Payne and Dolan continues to pay a road usage fee of $7,500.  Interest income was up slightly. 


On the expense side, funds were spent replacing the floor in the town hall, painting, repairing in the vestibule due to a water problem and replacing the drinking fountain.  The entire project came in $6,000 under budget.  Constable expense was down because Gary Wackett resigned before he completed his term because he relocated out of the Town.  The Fire/EMS budget contributions are now the largest part of the Town budget and has surpassed the amount designated for road construction.  Oregon Fire/EMS had a new ambulance purchase and Brooklyn Fire/EMS purchased a new tender truck.  Fuel cost was down in 2016.  Resident Lee Christensen asked if the legal expense was increased due to the contract negotiations with the Brooklyn Fire/EMS.  Clerk Arnold explained that the legal expenses were increased for 2017 to accommodate the Comprehensive Land Use Plan being reviewed and the Brooklyn Fire/EMS contract legal expense.  The Town purchased a new Ford utility truck (an F550) with a plow.  The small building constructed out at the TORC increased the recycling center expenses. 


Clerk Arnold presented a disclosure of funds that the Town had at year end.  The current fund balance of the Town if $1,329.895.  The debt service in 2016 was $161,754.  The Fire/EMS building loans will continue in 2017 for Oregon and Brooklyn.  The Town anticipates replacing a 2006 International plow truck due to repair bills that have been required. 








Town of Oregon Annual Meeting

April 18, 2017 Page 3

·       Park Committee Report – Steve Root

Steve Root Park Committee Chairman reported on activity of the Town’s Parks.  An Eagle Scout project was completed in the Bicentennial Park.  It was originally planned to be a prairie burn however the project had to be adapted due weather complications.  There were new developments at the west entrance of the Town Park the trail was a soft trail and changed to a hard surface trail.  This change was made to prepare for bike trail hook up with the Anderson Farm Park.  Planning for more trails in the Town Park. 


·       Oregon Area Fire/EMS District – Chief Glenn Linzmeier

The new Oregon Fire/EMS Fire Chief Glenn Linzmeier addressed the residents of the Town of Oregon regarding operations OAFED.  Costs are increasing and will continue to increase due cost for staff and equipment to serve the growing population of Oregon and the surrounding area.  Chief served at Blooming Grove and came to Oregon in the Fall of 2016.  When Chief Linzmeier started, there were 26 members and that has now increased to 34.  He is working hard to increase the paid-on call members that can hired for $12.00 per hour.  Two new full time staff where added which causes a huge increase with wages and benefits.  There were 1,602 calls in 2016 with 1,100 being EMS calls and the other 500 were fire calls.  They have been successfully recruiting thru their Facebook page and hope to be up to 40 paid on call staff by the of 2017.  They do prairie restorations and have been training with other Fire Districts such as Belleville.  Chief explained that there are Insurance Service Office (ISO) ratings.  The OAFED ISO rating has not been challenged since 1994.  In 2017/2018 the Chief would like to challenge that public protection classification or PPC.  The ISO and PPC ratings have a large impact on fire departments and can assist with lowering insurance rates.  The OAFED applied for and received a WI SAFE grant so that any homeowner or organization may receive free fire detectors and carbon monoxide at no charge to the recipient.  Chief reminded residents to keep a safe height and width allowance for emergency vehicles to enter their property in the event of an emergency.  Limbs and trees have damaged antennas at the expense of a $100 per antenna.  Many properties in the Town do not have the reflective fire numbers visible.  Some are even missing which wastes valuable response time in response time.  He encouraged residents to follow the OAFED on Facebook. 

Chairman Ace inquired about expenses in the future.  Chief anticipates some significant expenses in the future and plans to share more at the July 2017 Joint Municipality Meeting.  The Self Contained Breathing Apparatus or SCBA need to be replaced in 2018, the cost estimate is $250,000.  The current SCBA gear was purchased in 2002, they last about 15 years.  Chief is working on obtaining a matching grant to reduce some of that expense.   The Tender Truck is 27 years old and should be taken off the road so that will also be a large expense coming up.  Chief will continue to apply for assistance grants to help with the Ten-Year Capital Improvement Plan that they are working on.  Chair Ace thanked Chief Linzmeier for attending our meeting and providing all of the valuable knowledge for the residents and Town Officials in attendance.  Resident Becki Clark thanked the Chief and staff for their continued service. 

Town of Oregon Annual Meeting

April 18, 2017 Page 4


·       Brooklyn Fire/EMS District – Chairman Wayne Ace or Mark O’Brien

In the absence of Brooklyn Fire/EMS Protection District President and Town Representative Mark O’Brien, Chairman Wayne Ace reported for Brooklyn.  The former contract was outdated and needed to be reviewed.  The new Brooklyn Fire/EMS Protection District Contract Agreement has been approved by all the municipalities involved.  There was legal expense incurred however not as much as some have reported.  The department has been out of service at times and they are doing better with that.  There has not been an audit performed since 2002.  Ace felt there should an audit done periodically or at least when there is a change in staff.  There was a tender truck purchased and the Town of Oregon has paid their portion of that expense.  Ace will be distributing a copy of the signed contract agreement to each municipality at the next meeting. 


·       Belleville Fire/EMS District – Supervisor Fred Clark

Town Board Supervisor Fred Clark reported on the status of the Belleville Fire/EMS. 

The Town of Oregon does not have any ownership in the Belleville buildings and so the Town was not financially responsible for the repairs and maintenance completed.  It was required that all vehicles have tires replaced despite some had less than 5,000 miles of wear on them.  Emergency vehicles must have tire replaced every eight to ten years.  Belleville EMS has 29 EMTs and 12 drivers so they are well covered and have minimal down time.  They plan to purchase a new ambulance in 2019.  Belleville is hosting an open house on May 24th and a pork chop fund raiser dinner June 18th.   In the event a child is involved when there is an emergency call they now give children a book.  The Belleville Fire Department has 35 members and 2 on the waiting list.  They would like to purchase a new squad in 2018 with a projected cost of $350,000.


·       Oath of Office for Town Officials


Clerk Arnold requested that all recently elected officials stand and raise their right hand to be sworn in.  All officials listed below responded affirmatively. 


§  Wayne Ace – Town Board Chairman

§  Fred Clark – Town Board Supervisor

§  Steve Root – Town Board Supervisor

§  Andy Blomstrom – Town of Oregon Assessor

§  Kurt Maher – Town of Oregon Constable


·       Set Annual Meeting time & date for 2018, (Suggested April 17, 2018)

Motion made by Bob Johnson and seconded by Chris Johnson to set the date for the 2018 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting on April 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm.  Motion carried. 




Town of Oregon Annual Meeting

April 18, 2017 Page 5




·       Other Business from the floor.

o   Chairman Ace inquired if there was any other business from the floor that needed to be brought forward?  Resident Becki Clark inquired as to why the Town of Oregon Treasurer Jennifer Hanson does not attend the annual meeting?  This particular year Treasurer Hanson had some personal issues to deal with however perhaps she should be in attendance in the future.  Chair Ace agreed with that. 


o   Resident Ray Guries wanted to thank the Plan Commission, Town Board and Office Staff for making the decision to remain with Dane County Zoning.  There was a movement in Dane County to change to a zoning service and the Town of Oregon Officials decided to stay with the good working relationship they have with Dane County. 


o   Resident Andy Blomstrom wanted to thank the road crew for their work during the past winter keeping the roads in good driving conditions. 


o   Supervisor Fred Clark commended the office staff for their dedication keeping the Town Officials informed of events.                     


·       Adjournment

Motion made by Arlen Christensen and seconded by Bob Johnson to adjourn the 2017 Annual Town of Oregon Board Meeting.  Motion carried. 


            Respectfully Submitted,



            Denise R. Arnold



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