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Town Board Meeting
Mar 01, 2016
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Town of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2016


  1. Call Town Board Meeting to order. 

Chairman Wayne Ace called the March 1, 2016 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 


  1. Roll Call

Clerk Denise Arnold called the roll the following were present:  Chairman Wayne Ace, Supervisors Phil Van Kampen, Steve Root, Fred Clark and Tom Wiedenbeck.  Absent:  Assessor Andy Blomstrom and Constable Gary Wackett. 


  1. Readingand approval of minutes from previous meeting. 

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve the Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes from February 2, 2016.  Motion carried.   


  1. Financial Report and acceptance.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to accept the Financial Report as prepared by Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried.


  1. Public Comments. 

Mark and Cindy Petersen residing at 1560 Woodvale Dr., Oregon, WI 53575 requested that a sign designating that Woodvale Drive is not a thru road be installed.  The Petersen’s get a high volume of people turning around in their driveway because drivers do not realize that Woodvale Drive is a dead end road.  Chair Ace assured the Petersen’s that a dead end or no outlet sign would be installed.  Mr. Peterson also inquired about the land that adjoins his property; no one else can access this parcel.  He is interested in purchasing this property that currently is owned by the Town of Oregon.   Supervisor Van Kampen suggested that perhaps it is an easement used for utilities.  Ace will check with some individuals that have some historical information.  Clerk Arnold will check some older maps that were recently located. 


Krista Flanagan residing at 401 Medina St. Oregon, WI 53575 informed the Town Board and other persons present that she is running for the Oregon School Board in the April 5, 2016 Spring Election.  For the past 17 years Flanagan and her husband have lived in Oregon along with their two children.  Flanagan shared her educational background, employment history and volunteer experience.  Ten years ago 5% of the Oregon School District student body qualified for free or reduced lunch program that number is now at 19%.  She identifies with the needs of the students to enhance learning and encourages everyone to vote on April 5th.  The Board thanked Flanagan for coming to the meeting. 


  1. Discussion and possible approval of recommendation from the Plan Commission. 

a.     Land Division and Amendment of the Conditional Use Permit for Petition number DCPCUP-2016-02335 was discussed.  The request is to divide Parcel number 0509-091-8600-1; located at 1350 S. Fish Hatchery Rd., Oregon, WI 53575.  The request is to divide the commercially zoned property into two lots and amend the conditional use permit for the new lot only.  The Petitioner and Owner is Country View Enterprises LLC., located at 1350 S. Fish Hatchery Rd., Oregon, WI  53575.  Discussion included that the lighting would be tipped down to not be offensive to neighbors.  The Town Board requires a legal easement for the joint driveway agreement.  Wiedenbeck reported that the Plan Commission did recommend the passing of this CUP.  Four animal units are allowed.   Motion made by Wiedenbeck and seconded by Root to approve the


Town Board Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2016 Page 2


Conditional Use Permit number DCPCUP-2016-02335.  Motion carried.  Building plans were shared with the board.  The new business will be large animal and existing will be small animal clinic.  Van Kampen inquired about the signage.  Each business will have their own sign on their own property.  


c.      Conditional Use Permit application.  Petition number DCPCUP-2016-02334; Parcel numbers 050936-185010, 280010, 18610, 190010, 195010, 18510 and 050936-481000, 480020; 157 County Highway MM, Brooklyn, WI 53521.  The request is for a thirty (30) year Conditional Use Permit to allow nonmetallic mineral extraction and processing, i.e. sand and gravel pit.  Petitioner is Payne and Dolan, Inc.  N3W23650 Badinger Rd, Waukesha, WI 53187.  The owner is Wingra Real Estate, LLC, PO Box 44284, Madison, WI 53744 and Klahn Revocable Trust, 157 County Highway MM, Brooklyn, WI 53521.  Supervisor Van Kampen inquired about the berm that is located on the south side bordering the sub-division questioning when the berm comes down will the residents living nearby be able to view the lake in there?  Bill Buglass of Payne and Dolan said that people could view the water that the berm would only be high enough to keep rain flowing toward the lake containing the water.  The fence will still be maintained.  Buglass shared that Payne and Dolan would be inclined to do whatever the Klahns requested.  Wiendenbeck said that the Plan Commission listened to the presentation and agreed to recommend the passing of this CUP.  Ace said that one email opposition was received and shared with the Town Board.  No further discussion was necessary.  Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Wiedenbeck to approve DCPCUP-2016-02334 Conditional Use Permit for Payne and Dolan.  Motion carried. 


  1. Discussion and possible action re:  Brooklyn Fire & EMS District Agreement.

Clerk Arnold shared the overview of the items that were changes to the Brooklyn Fire/EMS District agreement, an amendment to the agreement followed by changes recommended by Supervisor Wiedenbeck.  Wiedenbeck shared that the board is trying to get everyone’s opinions consolidated to one document.  The difficulty lies with the Village of Brooklyn’s changes conflicting with everyone elses.  Wiendenbeck will inform the Clerk when an agreement is ready to be approved by the Town of Oregon Board.  Van Kampen suggested special meetings be held with a committee of members just for the purpose of reviewing the agreement, rather than at the regular Fire/EMS meeting.  Perhaps more progress could be made. 


  1. Discussion and possible action re:  Update to the Town’s mobile homes ordinance. 

Clerk Arnold emailed Attorney Mark Hazelbaker to request that he review the Town’s Mobile Home Ordinance before the Plan Commission and Town Board approve it for the codification update.  Hazelbaker agreed to look at it.  Mark Hazelbaker would like to share information regarding the Dane County Zoning Assembly Bill number 563.  Ace suggested that it would be best to come to the Plan Commission Meeting in May 2016.  The Clerk will arrange that.  Brian Duffin Chairman of the Plan Commission suggested that Brian Standing from Dane County discuss ETZ and Bill number 563 at a meeting from Dane County’s point of view. 


  1. Communication and action of the Dane County Board – Jerry Bollig. 

Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig shared a letter from Roger Lane, Zoning Administrator with the Town Board regarding the opt out program (Bill #563) with Dane County Zoning.  Bollig suggested inviting Todd Violante, head of the department to the Plan Commission

Town Board Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2016 Page 3


Meeting to represent Dane County Zoning.  Bollig also shared that the Village of Brooklyn had notified participating municipalities that they plan to pull out of funding for the Oregon Senior Center in 2017.  Bollig said there is a movement to privatize the Alliant Center, however he did not feel this would actually happen. 


  1. Fire/EMS Reports (Oregon/Van Kampen, Belleville/Clark, Brooklyn/Wiedenbeck). 

Supervisor Van Kampen did not have anything specific to discuss, everything is going well.  Ace inquired if there would be a joint municipality meeting.  Van Kampen explained the scheduled June time frame seemed better because they would have more information available at that time regarding the Senior Center which would be on the agenda along with the OAFED.  At that scheduled meeting the possibility of a quarterly meeting could be brought up and discussed.  Supervisor Clark shared that Belleville is still working on their new joint agreement however it unfortunately was not available for the meeting.  The Clerk will distribute copies to the Board that Clark provided.  The agreement could date all the way back to 1912 when they were first established.  There does not appear to be any contention with the process they just want to combine the Fire and EMS to improve the staff shortage with a new agreement in place. Supervisor Wiedenbeck reported on Brooklyn Fire/EMS they would like to have all the municipalities to have a meeting in the future.  The current agreement is still valid and in force.  The Village of Brooklyn is still requesting public information from the Fire/EMS.  Brooklyn discussed the opportunity to refinance the building loan at a lower interest rate.  Each Municipality would have to refinance their portion separately.  Ace recalled a person coming in to encourage the Town of Oregon to refinance again.  The Clerk did not recall his name nor did he leave any information to aid in the process.  Wiedenbeck said that allocations are being discussed by population for the building payment.  They are still working on getting a new tender and will probably be in the 2017 budget.  Staffing issues are improving for the EMS. 


  1. Discussion and possible action re:  Financing Oregon Area Fire/EMS Ambulance. 

Supervisor Van Kampen shared that he will be moving ahead with obtaining financing for the OAFED ambulance purchase.  An easy application process with the Board of Commissioner of Public Lands (BCPL) will be in the Town’s name with the participating municipalities paying the Town of Oregon.  This would be five years for 2.5%.  This is a State program instead of using a bank.  The Town would self finance from Park funds so the loan will be for the other municipalities. 


  1. Park Committee Report and action.  –  Root.

Supervisor Root reported on the Park Committee Meeting discussion regarding the proposed bike path from the Town Park to the County Anderson Farm Park.  This will also include the walk in entrance from Sheil Dr.  A rather large group came to request the construction of a disc golf course to be built in the Town Park however they did not have adequate information to proceed.  They will be preparing more information for a future meeting. 


  1. Assessor’s report and recommendation. – Blomstrom.

Assessor Blomstrom was not in attendance. 


  1. Set Dates for Open Book and Board of Review. 

Assessor Blomstrom had shared that he would prefer open book around the 15th of May and the Board of Review the last Saturday in May.  The Board decided to hold Open Book the week of May 9th and Board of Review June 4, 2016.  The Clerk will notify the Assessor for final approval. 

Town Board Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2016 Page 4


  1. Building Inspection Services Report and Review the Contract-Discussion possible action regarding change in service.  – Arnold

The Clerk researched and had information regarding the SafeBuilt contract.  After one year the Town could terminate the contract however they could not hire any inspector/employee that had performed as many as 25 inspections for the Town.  There would be a one year waiting period.  The Board requested that the Clerk check with other municipal clerks in the area to learn what they do for building inspection services. 


  1. Constables Report. – Wackett.

Prior to the meeting Constable Wackett submitted a report for the month of February.  Wackett made seven Town Park checks.  No one was found to be in violation of the leash law. 


  1. AndersonFarm ParkReport.

Supervisor Root reported that activities are being planned, work days, maple syrup day, planning for the type of buffer that they want for the dog park, and continuing the trials.  Work on the prairie is active also. 


  1. Plan Commission Report and recommendation. – Wiedenbeck.

Supervisor Wiedenbeck reported that they had three items for the public hearing.  The Marshall Brothers were looking for a land split however they still had some issues to work out.  No action was taken.  Country View Vet requested a land split and CUP which was approved.  The third was Payne and Dolan’s CUP for the gravel pit north of the existing Klahn pit on the Wingra property.  Wiedenbeck also shared during the public comments portion that he was advised by Dane County Zoning that commercial zoning for his firearms business shooting range is no longer appropriate.  Zoning advised that RE-1 would have to be added.  Dane County Zoning acted on this due to a noise complaint.  The next Plan Commission Meeting will be held March 15, 2016.  Currently Wiedenbeck and his spouse are the only people allowed to shoot firearms on the property. 


  1. Public Works and TORC Report. – Ace.

Ace shared that Public Works Employee Abel Schultz has returned to work.  Clerk Arnold shared an updated Road Salt Report.  The Town still needs to take delivery of approximately 200 ton of road salt for the 2016 season.  If we do not have the space Compass Minerals would be willing to store the salt for $5.00 per ton per month.  There is some room to take delivery and the contract agreement must be within 20 ton of our contract.  Ken West (TORC Attendant) has been told that Wednesday TORC hours will be discontinued.  Clerk Arnold inquired if this was accurate.  The TORC will be open on Wednesdays for the summer, same schedule as usual.


  1. Discussion and possible action re:  Potential Impacts of the state 2016-17
    Budget Bill.

Clerk Arnold prepared an expense report for the DaneCom project.  As of February 2, 2016 the Town of Oregon had paid $11,320 toward the DaneCom project. 


  1. Discussion and possible action re:  Senior Center – Van Kampen.  

Supervisor Van Kampen reported that they held a meeting.  There were two items to share, the Village of Brooklyn is withdrawing their financing of $20,000 per year starting in 2017.  Allison and Rachel are re-working the budget and strategizing the possibility of charging a card fee annually for participants using the center.  There is also a proposal for a new Senior Center including housing of 40 apartments with first floor commercial use.  Forty parking stalls will be

Town Board Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2016 Page 5


below ground and some parking stalls above.  This is part of the civic plan for the Village of Oregon.  Our current contract will be on a year by year renewal.  Van Kampen provided the 2016 Senior Center Budget Worksheets and usage by municipality tracking.


  1. Board Communications / Future Agenda Items. 

Van Kampen received a call from a resident in Town of Rutland in regards to a potential bike trail.  There is a property in Fahey Heights owned by Glen and Michelle Hoefer that would need to cooperate to establish this.  Ace wants road work discussion on the April agenda.  Clark requested to add the Belleville Fire/EMS agreement and it should include updates for Brooklyn Fire/EMS.  Root will contact the Clerk’s office if anything should be added from the Park Committee. 


  1. Change date for the April 2016 Town Board Meeting due to the Spring Election April 5, 2016.

The Town Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 6:30 pm due to the Spring Election.  The Annual Meeting will be held on April 19th and the Plan Commission will probably have to move to April 26th, 2016. 


  1. Approval of payment vouchers – Arnold.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve the February 2016 vouchers in the amount of $1,137,241.97.  Motion carried. 


  1. Clerk’s Report – Arnold.

Clerk Arnold provided an update of the expenses for the town hall improvement project.  The total Budget was for $20,000.  To date $2,850 has been spent, the estimated additional expenses should be around $13,795.  A thank you letter was received from Oregon Community Foundation, Inc. for our $2,000 contribution.  A thank you note from the Outhouse Family was also received.  The Clerk thanked Supervisor Wiedenbeck for installing battery back-up for our computers and replacing the damaged ceiling tiles.  A special thanks to Brooke Ace for providing cookies for all employees on a snowy day.  A WMCA training is coming up for clerks that the office staff will be attending on Monday, May 9, 2016.  Clerk Arnold will be out of the office for about one week for a medical leave. 


  1. The Town Board will adjourn into closed session pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 19.85 (1)(C) to discuss personnel.

Roll call for closed session all here:  Tom Wiedenbeck, Fred Clark, Wayne Ace, Steve Root, Phil Van Kampen and Clerk Denise Arnold.  No minutes taken.   


  1. Adjournment.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Root to adjourn the March 1, 2016 Town of Oregon Board Meeting.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

Clerk, CMC

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