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2016 Annual Meeting Minutes
Apr 19, 2016
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Town of Oregon

Annual Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2016



·       7:00 p.m. Call to Order & Welcome – Chairman Wayne Ace

Town of Oregon Board Chairman Wayne Ace call the Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  There were thirteen residents present, one guest and Clerk Denise Arnold. 


·       Oregon Area Senior Center – Rachel Brickner

Oregon Senior Center representative Rachel Brickner shared the 2015 Annual Report for the Oregon Senior Center.  Brickner shared that there has been a trend of increasing seniors in our area.  Dane County provided statistics showing that the Town of Oregon has increased in population by 1% however the number of people passing 60 years of age has increased by 109%.  Case management service in the Town of Oregon was 46 in 2010 and 163 in 2015.  The population is aging in the Town of Oregon.  The Village of Brooklyn has disclosed that they will be pulling out of the Senior Center in 2016.  That will be a scheduled loss of $21,000.  Letters will be sent to participants in Brooklyn along with their family support system to explain the financial loss. Ms. Brickner explained the point system for tracking expenses with our contract.  Ace asked if people are volunteering to help or participating in center.  Brickner shared that people that may volunteer to deliver meals may also participate in activities at the center.  They are reimbursed for their mileage when delivering meals. 


·       Anderson Farm Park – President of Friends of Anderson Park Roe Parker.

Roe Parker resident of the Town of Oregon talked about the Anderson Farm Park.  Parker shared the master plan that if officially registered with Dane County.  The Anderson Farm Park was established because the southern portion of Dane County did not have a County Park.  There are plans for potential expansion.  The woods are being restored by removing noxious plants.  Trails are established and will be seeded down.  There are now 83 members in the Friends of Anderson Park Group they are actively seeking grant funds and working closely with the Dane County Parks Department.  There have been educational events with the Oregon Public School System complete with maple syrup and tree climbing.  They are establishing a prairie for hiking and hoping to make a market garden opportunity.  Saturday, May 21, 2016 they will be hosting a campfire with hot dog roasting.


·       Minutes from the 2015 Meeting

Motion made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Fred Clark to approve the Annual Town Board Meeting Minutes from April 21, 2015.  Motion carried


·       Financial Report by Treasurer – Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Hanson

Motion made by Tom Wiedenbeck and seconded by Keith Syvrud to accept the Town of Oregon Financial Report are presented.  Motion carried. 



Town of Oregon Annual Meeting

April 19, 2016 Page 2


·       2015 Budget Comparison –  Clerk Denise Arnold

Clerk Arnold shared that the Town of Oregon has not lost any State Highway Aids and have gained Lottery Credit funds.  The TORC is not quite cash flowing its self and serves a very good public service.  The salt cost was decreased and the shed is full.  Chairman Ace stated that the Town did not exceed the road budget.  The fuel cost was not completely used either.  The Town’s fund balance is healthy and there was not excessive spending. 


·       Park Committee Report – Submitted by:  Supervisor Steve Root

Chairman Ace read a report that was submitted by Park Chairman Steve Root is his absence.  There was an Eagle Scout project completed in the Bi-Centennial Park with a shelter and picnic table along with trail improvements.  A second Eagle Scout project is in progress with planning a prairie burn at the Bi-Centennial Park.  Town Park sign was replaced and others signs were touched up by hand painting.  Easy read leash rule signs were installed.  The Town Park had surface trail and parking lot crack filled and seal coated.  It will be redone this spring at no cost because the seal coat did not stick. 

A new bobcat was purchased by the Town and a trail trimmer attachment was funded by the parks. Vandalism has been at a minimum.  Volunteers do help to complete trail maintenance. 


·       Oregon Area Fire/EMS District – Supervisor Phil Van Kampen

Supervisor he Oregon Area Fire/EMS District has added 2 full time staff.  They are currently in the process of purchasing an ambulance.  The OAFED is financially healthy and working well. 


·       Brooklyn Fire/EMS District – Supervisor Tom Wiedenbeck

Mark O’Brien reported that Brooklyn Fire/EMS is obtaining bids for a new tender truck for the department.  The estimated amount should be around $200,000 and they have $130,000 in reserve for that.  There should be a need to finance $50,000.  The building loan was refinanced with Middleton and now will be changed to the State Pool to obtain a lower interest rate.  Louis Fahey installed new lights outside the fire station in the parking lot area.  Tom Wiedenbeck shared that Mark O’Brien was re-elected as President of the Commission.  Wiedenbeck shared that the Commission is tax exempt.  The contract still needs to be completed.  


·       Belleville Fire/EMS District – Supervisor Fred Clark

Supervisor Fred Clark reported that a new contract agreement was just updated and approved merging the Fire and EMS throughout the district.  They are holding an open house on May 18th to celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Finances are doing well however the most difficult problem is staffing to cover all hours.  




Town of Oregon Annual Meeting

April 19, 2016 Page 3




·       Oath of Office for Town Officials

Clerk Arnold swore in the recently elected public officials as follows: 


§  Arlen Christensen – Town Board Supervisor

§  Phil Van Kampen – Town Board Supervisor


·       Set Annual Meeting time & date for 2016 (Suggested April 18, 2017)

Motion made by Fred Clark and seconded by Arlen Christensen to set the date for the 2016 Annual Meeting for April 18, 2017.  Motion carried. 


·       Other Business from the floor                       

Chairman Ace inquired if there was any other business to bring before the Town Board?  Chair Ace thanked the office staff and public works employees for their hard work. 


·       Adjournment

Motion made by Sharon Christensen and seconded by Becki Clark to adjourn the April 19, 2016 at 7:55 pm. 


Respectfully Submitted,



Denise R. Arnold


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