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Town Board Meeting
Oct 06, 2015
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Town of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2015



1.      Call Town Board meeting to order.

Chairman Wayne Ace called the October 6, 2015 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:15 pm. 


2.       Roll call.

Clerk Arnold called the roll the following were present:  Chairman Wayne Ace, Supervisors Phil Van Kampen, Steve Root, Fred Clark and Tom Wiedenbeck. 


3.      The Town Board will meet in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 19.85 (1)(C) to discuss personnel. 

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Clark to proceed in closed session to discuss personnel.  Motion carried.  Clerk Arnold called the roll the following were present:  Chairman Wayne Ace, Supervisor Phil Van Kampen, Steve Root, Fred Clark and Tom Wiedenbeck.  Clerk Arnold was dismissed. 


4.      Board will reconvene into Open Session. 

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Wiedenbeck to reconvene into open session.  Motion carried.  At 6:30 pm Clerk Arnold called the roll the following were present:  Chairman Wayne Ace, Supervisors Phil Van Kampen, Steve Root, Fred Clark and Tom Wiedenbeck.  In attendance were Constable Gary Wackett.  Assessor Andy Blomstrom arrived at 7:00 pm.   


5.      Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to accept the Town Board Meeting Minutes from September 1, 2015.  Motion carried.


6.      Financial Report and Acceptance.

Motion made by Root and seconded by Wiedenbeck to accept the financial report as prepared by Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried.


7.      Public Comments.

Beth Cox residing at 1000 Glenway Road in the Town of Oregon inquired why the Town Board discontinued Village of Oregon Police Department Coverage.  Chair Ace explained that the cost was increasing so the decision was made to reduce the number of hours the Town would contract with the Village Police Department for supplemental service.  Village officials replied that if the hours were reduced the Village was no longer interested in providing the service at all.  Van Kampen inquired if Mr. and Mrs. Cox would like to see the speed reduced to 45 mph on Glenway Road?  Michael Cox said that would be okay. 

a)      Appearance by Leslie Fox, Dane County Deputy Sheriff.

Dane County Deputy Sheriff Leslie Fox said that speed is an issue all over Dane County.  Once a concentrated patrol is done in an area the speed returns to the high level again.  Many times it is the residents from the area that receive the speeding tickets.  Fox shared that a complaint about the



Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2015 Page 2


speeding on Tipperary Road has caused them to put the speed board out there and have patrol there as well.  There is only one deputy that covers approximately 170 square miles.  There is also a traffic team that circulates.  Response times are good as there is mutual aide with other departments.  There still are reports of theft from unlocked automobiles and homes.  The Board requested that the speed board be placed at 1000 Glenway facing south. 


b)     Susan Kresbach, 1000 Wesley Road – Possible conservation subdivision.

Susan Kresbach has resided at 1000 Wesley Road in the Town of Oregon since 2001 addressed the Board.  She established a 29 acre grass prairie in 2003.  Krebsbach is interested in converting her property into a conservation subdivision lots and shared green space.  She has met with the Plan Commission and checked with Dane County Zoning.  Perhaps 10 one acre lots would be established.  Ms. Krebsbach realizes that this is a long process.  The Board shared that approval would need to be obtained from Dane County, Town of Oregon and Village of Oregon.  A preliminary plan is the next step.  Supervisor Van Kampen encouraged Krebsbach to share her intensions with the Village before proceeding and talk with Mike Gracz.

                        c) Bill Buglass from Payne and Dolan thanked everyone that attended the recent blasting presentation at the Anderson Quarry.  Payne and Dolan has secured a lease with Wingra Stone to use their property.  This a section next to the Klahn property.  Ace thanked Buglass for allowing the board to come observe the blasting and operations of the Anderson Quarry.     


8.      Eagle Scout Presentation.

Park Chair Steve Root requested that the Eagle Scout presentation be placed on the November 2015 agenda. 


9.      Discussion and possible approval re:  Resolution #02-2015; Supporting Preservation of Hermsen Property, 5375 Netherwood Road.

Supervisor Van Kampen explained that Patrick and Patricia Hermsen property owners at 5375 Netherwood Road along with the assistance of Heritage Trust are planning to dedicate their acreage to be in a land preservation.  Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Wiedenbeck to approve Resolution #02-2015 to support the preservation of 68 acres in the Town of Oregon.  Motion carried.  The Town of Oregon supports this plan however the Town will not be responsible for the implementation or care of the property. 


10.  Recommendation from the Plan Commission for approval.  Discussion and possible Action re:  Review of Dane County Ordinance Amendment #16 to make minor changes to definitions, permitted and conditional uses with the county’s Certified Farmland Preservation Zoning districts (A-1[ex], A-4 and A-B districts) to bring them into compliance with Chapter 91, Wisconsin Statues.

Motion made by Root and seconded by Clark to approve Dane County Ordinance Amendment number 16, 2015 to make minor changes to definitions, permitted and conditional uses with Dane County’s certified Farmland Preservation Zoning Districts to bring them into compliance with Chapter 91 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.  Motion carried. 


Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2015 Page 3


11.  Discussion and possible action re:  the Anderson Farm Park progress.

The Friends of Anderson Farm Park had their Annual Meeting with pot luck.  They are pushing for prairie restoration, the dog park will begin when the farm contract has expired.  There are forms available in the Clerk’s Office for membership. 


12.  Communication and Action of the Dane County Board – Bollig.

Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig shared that the next phase at the Anderson Park is garden establishment.  Everything at Dane County and Village of Oregon is about budgets.  Bollig shared that the new hires in Public Works, Police and Fire Chief are working well with the budget preparation.  Street maintenance and street repair are very important and the County and Village are working on agreements for road repair responsibility.  The County Budget is at $572 million with a 5% increase.  People are making use of the bike trail and hopefully the next phase of linking with the Badger State Trail will happen.  All zoning sent by the Town to the County has been passed. 

13.  Fire & EMS Report (Oregon – Van Kampen, Belleville – Clark, Brooklyn – Wiedenbeck).

Van Kampen reported that the OAFED is working well with the new Chief and has brought on a new full time staffer.  Chief Mlnarik would like to establish a group of “on call” people from the Town.  Clark reported on the Belleville Fire/EMS they had their budget meeting there will be a 1.9 increase.  One year ago they had 108 calls vs. 88 so far in 2015.  The Belleville Fire Department was given permission to price out a new tanker truck.  Wiedenbeck reported on the Brooklyn Fire/EMS with a written report.  The 2016 budget will increase by $21.00 per resident as there is a shortfall currently. 


14.  Park Committee Report and action – Root.

Root said there will be some Eagle Scout projects in the spring and one is in process.  The new Town Park sign has arrived along with the leash law signs that the public works employees will install.  Clerk Arnold had prepared a report on Park expenses from January thru September that were reimbursed to the Town Funds.  The $65,000 loan that the Town borrowed from the Parks has been paid back with interest of $1,083.28 on September 1, 2015.  The loan was taken out January 1, 2015 to cover the customizing expense of the new Public Works plow truck.


15.  Assessor’s Report and recommendation – Blomstrom.

Assessor Blomstrom reported he has updated his program.  He is returning emails and phone calls.


16.  Building Inspection Services Report – Arnold

Clerk Arnold reported that the Town contracted with Independent Inspections, Ltd. to perform the Town’s building inspections, they are in the process of a change over to a company called SAFEbuilt.  The reports for August and September were provided by the Company for the board to review.




Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2015 Page 4



17.  Constable’s Report – Wackett.

Constable Wackett had a report prepared in advance for the board to review.  July thru September Wackett had 825 miles and 33.5 total hours logged. 


18.  Plan Commission Report and recommendation – Wiedenbeck.

Wiedenbeck reported that most of the meeting was spent discussing conservation subdivisions. They spent time earlier in the meeting sharing about this possibility with Susan Kresbach residing at 1000 Wesley Road, Oregon.   


19.  Public Works and TORC Report – Ace.

Chair Ace shared that Public Works Employees have been busy mowing, shouldering and everything is going well.  A request for the large rocks to be moved back in the Town Park was made and Clerk Arnold will pass on that information to Abel Schultz. 


20.  Discussion and possible action re:  Potential impacts of the state’s 2015-2016 Budget – Arnold. 

Clerk Arnold received a letter from the Oregon Youth Center requesting financial support in 2016.  Arnold submitted an invoice for the work completed on the Sayles Trail project.  The Department of Natural Resources paid $2,123.05 for that project.  The Department of Transportation had confirmed that the Town of Oregon will receive $116,001.36 in 2016 for State Highway Aid.  The Shared revenue will be $44,231 in 2016. 


21.  Discussion and possible action re:  Senior Center – Van Kampen.

Van Kampen did not have any new information to share regarding the Senior Center.


22.  Discussion and possible action re: Review of Town Ordinances. 

Wiedenbeck explained that the Plan Commission did not get to the mobile home ordinances during the Plan Commission Meeting.  This item was tabled.


23.  Board Communications/Future agenda items. 

The November Town Board Agenda should include discussion and possible action regarding the contract language for the Public Works cell phone plan.  There should be an Eagle Scout Presentation.  Van Kampen requested there be discussion regarding the Town of Oregon financing all or part of a new ambulance purchase for the OAFED.  Wiedenbeck shared that he looked at some building maintenance repair and it should be included in the budget.  The hall, and bathrooms should be painted before the flooring is replaced. 


24.  Approval of payment vouchers – Arnold.

Motion by Root and seconded by Clark to approve the September 2015 payment vouchers in the amount of $96,059.60.  Motion carried. 


Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2015 Page 5


25.  Clerk’s report – Arnold.

The Clerk did research regarding the broadband access for residents to have internet in the Town of Oregon.  The State of Wisconsin has provided $1.5 million in each year of the biennium in grant funding to help expand broadband in rural areas.  The WTA provided information regarding the Implements of Husbandry law (Options A-F) we adopted on January 6, 2015.  The Town chose Option F of this law, at this time there are no requirements to make any changes.  The Clerk checked into a transcribing machine for meeting minutes at this time there is not a product that will serve a meeting situation very well.  The machines only work well in a one on one recording situation.  The cost of set up would be less than $1,000.  There is a Park Meeting on Monday October 12th at 6:30 pm and a Town Budget Work Session on Tuesday October 13th at 6:00 pm.  Please email all budget requests to the Clerk. 


26.  Adjournment.

Motion made Wiedenbeck and seconded by Clark to adjourn the October 6, 2015 Town Board Meeting at 7:50 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,        

Denise R. Arnold 

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