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Town Board Meeting
Nov 03, 2015
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Town of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2015

1.      Call Town Board Meeting to order.

Chairman Wayne Ace called the November 3, 2015 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 


2.      Roll call.

Clerk Arnold called the roll the following were present:  Chairman Wayne Ace, Supervisors Phil Van Kampen, Steve Root, Fred Clark and Tom Wiedenbeck.  Absent:  Assessor Andy Blomstrom and Constable Gary Wackett.    


3.      Reading and approval of minutes from the previous meeting. 

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to accept the meeting minutes from October 6, 2015.  Motion carried. 


4.      Financial Report and acceptance. 

Motion made by Root and seconded by Wiedenbeck to accept the October Financial Report as prepared by Deputy Clerk, Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried.


5.      Public Comments.

Chair Ace inquired if there were any public comments there being none the next item on the agenda was addressed. 


6.      Eagle Scout Presentation. 

Eagle Scout Candidate Ryan Wood residing at 3320 Larson Road Madison, WI addressed the Town Board.  Scout Wood is a member of troop 168.  No funds were needed for this project located at the BiCentennial Park in the Town of Oregon.  The erosion bars were not needed, weeds pulled and the path was widened so that the bobcat could make a pass thru.  This trail improvement project was enhanced with mulch from the public works department.  The Town Board thanked Scout Ryan Wood. 


7.      Discussion and possible approval regarding:  Dale Secher, 5683 Lincoln Rd., Land division and rezone request; Petition # 10803; Clarification of parcels number requiring a deed restriction to prohibit further development. 

Clerk Arnold explained the maps and documents accompanying this request to remove any deed restriction from Mr. Secher’s property.  Dale Secher residing at 5683 Lincoln Road requested that the board remove the deed restriction on his property to allow for the two remaining available building sites and to properly notify Dane County Zoning.  The only deed restriction that should occur in this land transaction is on the Arlan Kay property parcel number 0509-161-9280-0.  Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve of the removal of the deed restriction and notification of said change to Dane County for the Dale Secher land petition number 10803 regarding parcels number 0509-163-8020-6, 0509-162-9001-0, 0509-162-9830-6 and 0509-162-8000-1.  Motion carried.  The Arlan Kay parcel will be researched to learn if there is a deed restriction on his parcel and follow up with any action that may still need to be taken at the December Town Board Meeting. 


Town of Oregon Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2015 Page 2

8.      Discussion and possible approval regarding:  Adopting Ordinance No. 83; An Ordinance of the Town of Oregon, Wisconsin establishing a process for updating various municipal fees charged by the Town. 

Motion made by Wiedenbeck and seconded by Root to adopt Ordinance number 83.  Motion carried. 


9.      Discussion and possible action regarding:  Equipment purchase for 2016. 

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Wiedenbeck to purchase a new 2016 Ford Truck F-550 Chassis XL 4x4 SD regular cab for approximately $80,000.  Motion carried.  This truck will work well to plow cul-de-sacs and problem areas in difficult snow storms.  This would also allow us to have a backup truck in the event of unexpected repairs on the other plow trucks


10.  Discussion and possible action regarding:  Oregon Senior Budget greater than 7%.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve a budget increase for the Oregon Senior Center that is greater than 7%.  Motion carried.  The increase will be approximately 12%. 


11.  Discussion and possible action regarding: Anderson Farm Park progress.  

There were no new developments to discuss regarding the Anderson Farm Park. 


12.  Communication and action of the Dane County Board – Bollig.

Jerry Bollig, Village of Oregon Trustee and Dane County Board Supervisor reported that the Village purchased gravel for the Lincoln Road shoulders.  Jeff Rau and a representative from the Town will need drive out and establish a pacer scale rating on Lincoln Road.  The Dane County budget should increase a little under 5% for 2016. 


13.  Fire & EMS Reports (Oregon – Van Kampen, Belleville – Clark, Brooklyn – Wiedenbeck). 

Clark reported that the Belleville EMS is asking for a budget contribution of $545.34.  Wiendenbeck reported that the budget for Brooklyn Fire/EMS was still being discussed.  Shared expenses for the Fire/EMS is a straight 50/50 ratio.  The budget is increasing by approximately $21 per person.  The Village of Brooklyn President Pat Hawkey issued complaints regarding the Brooklyn EMS about their service.  The Brooklyn Board is reluctant it to raise the budget at the expense of the taxpayers.  Van Kampen reported that there were no new developments with the OAFED since the joint municipality meeting on October 28, 2015.00


14.  Discussion and possible action regarding Oregon Area Fire & EMS ambulance purchase. 

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve the purchase of a new ambulance for the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District.  The District will apply 10% down on the purchase.  Motion carried.  The vehicle will actually be purchased in 2016 it will take nearly a year to create.  Wiedenbeck inquired about keeping the old ambulance.  Van Kampen explained that the old one was bought used from Dane County and is in need of repairs to be in compliance. 



Town of Oregon Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2015 Page 3

15.  Discussion and possible action regarding:  Financing Oregon Area Fire & EMS ambulance.

Van Kampen explained that the OAFED cannot borrow funds for the ambulance purchase.  What happens is one Municipality takes out a loan and the others pay them.  The legal fees would be divided by running those through the District.  Van Kampen proposed different scenarios for the funding.  A spread sheet explained the different options.  A bank loan option or the Town of Oregon loan option to the other municipalities.  Root was in favor of the Town loan opportunity.  Clark inquired why the district does not pay for it out of their fund balance.  Van Kampen explained that they do not have enough funds for that.  Van Kampen assured the Board that the District would pay the first $20,000.  Ace wanted the setup cost of the loan to be shared.  Clerk Arnold inquired if it is legal for the Town to earn interest from the other participating municipalities.  The Board requested that Arnold check with the Town’s Association Legal Counsel and Van Kampen will check with the District Legal Counsel.  The Board thought that 2.5% would be a fair interest rate. 


16.  Park Committee Report and action – Root.

Supervisor Root shared that there was not anything from the Park Committee Meeting that needed to be reported to the board.


17.  Assessor’s Report and Recommendation – Blomstrom.

Assessor Blomstrom was not present – no report.


18.  Building Inspection Services Report – Arnold.

The Clerk’s Office has not received the October 2015 Building Inspection Report from the Independent Inspection/Safebuilt.  There will be an update at the December meeting.


19.  Constable’s Report – Wackett.

The Constable submitted a written report prior to the meeting. 


20.  Plan Commission Report and recommendation – Wiedenbeck.

Supervisor Wiedenbeck reported that Bill Buglass from Payne and Dolan came in to share that they may be applying for a CUP for the land north of the Klahn gravel pit in the near future.  They discussed the fee schedule.  The mobile home ordinance was tabled.  No requests from the Plan Commission are being made to the board at this time.


21.  Public Works and TORC Report – Ace.

Ace reported that everything is going fine.  The new swing mower is working really well.


22.  Discussion and possible action regarding:  Public Works phone contracts. 

Motion made by Root and seconded by Clark to approve Dental care for all fulltime employees and cell phones for Public Works Employees that must be returned as property of the Town of Oregon when work contract ends.  Motion carried.



Town of Oregon Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2015 Page 4


23.  Discussion and possible action regarding:  Potential impacts of the state’s 2015-2016 Budget Bill.

There were no new items to discuss.


24.  Discussion and possible action regarding:  Senior Center – Van Kampen. 

The Oregon Senior Center has not had any meetings since the Joint Municipality Meeting. 


25.  Discussion and possible action regarding:  Review of Town Ordinances. 

The Storytown Cemetery will need to have an Ordinance established in order to have fees charged.  An ordinance will need to be adopted at the December meeting. 


26.  Board Communications/Future agenda items.

The December Town Board Agenda should include the Storytown Cemetery Ordinance, approve the new fee schedule and possibly have a deed restriction approval for the Arlan Kay property if required by Dane County.   Clerk Arnold reminded the Board that we must be careful to get all agenda items in the paper.  Clerk Arnold informed the board that Clerk Hasslinger from the Town of Dunn sent a spreadsheet of hours of work shared between the Public Works Departments.  Ace wants to arrange a meeting between the Chairs of the participating municipalities using mutual services.  The Board Supervisors agreed with Chairman Ace that the Town of Oregon would like to work off the time rather than have an exchange of funds. 

27.  Approval of payment vouchers – Arnold.

Motion made by Root and seconded by Wiedenbeck to approve the payment vouchers for the month of October 2015 in the amount of $75,384.15.  Motion carried.

28.  Clerk’s Report – Arnold.

Arnold reminded the Board of future meetings that are coming up.  A copy of the 2016 Budget Hearing was available.  An activity log for the last quarter from Oregon Youth Center was provided for the Board. 

29.  Adjournment.

Motion made by Clark and seconded by Root to adjourn the November 3, 2015 Town Board Meeting at 8:20 pm.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold


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