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Town Board Meeting
Mar 03, 2015
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Town Of Oregon

Board Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2015

Chairman Darryl Weber called the March 3, 2015 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm with the following Town Board Supervisors present Wayne Ace, Steve Root, Phil Van Kampen, Constable Gary Wackett, Assessor Andy Blomstrom and Clerk Denise Arnold.  Absent:  Supervisor Fred Clark and Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash. 

Motion made by Ace and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the February 3, 2015 Town Board Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to accept the Financial Report as submitted by Deputy Clerk Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried.  Questions were asked regarding a large escrow refund check and the public health septic fee.  The escrow refund was issued because the taxpayer and their financial institution both paid the taxes.  The check was sent to the resident’s vacation home in Texas and got lost on the way back to their bank in Oregon.  Another check had to be issued and the first check had a stop payment applied.  The Clerk delivered the replacement check directly to the bank.  In 2010 the Dane County septic fees were added as a special assessment on every parcel in the Town of Oregon that had improvements. (Dwellings).  This fee is collected now with the taxes and must be forwarded to Dane County, in 2015 the amount was $10,317.30.    

Resident Mark O’Brien addressed the Board during public comments.  O’Brien requested that the Town of Oregon Officials send a letter to Advanced Concrete regarding hauling their heavy loads on town roads.  Ace said the roads are posted.  Local deliveries are acceptable.  O’Brien thought they were hauling from Kranig’s in Albany.  They are supposed stay on highway 92.  The Clerk will compose a letter for the board to approve. 

Supervisor Root informed the Board that he wrote a letter of support for the Anderson Park Friends for a grant to assist with the work to develop the Anderson Farm County Park.  The grant submission was due February 27th, 2015 so Root needed to proceed.  There will be some burning at the park and they will notify the Town when this will occur. 

Dane County Board Supervisor Jerry Bollig left a booklet with the clerk that had new ideas for funding local transportation in the State of Wisconsin.  Bollig shared that the State of Wisconsin is going to discontinue the Local Government Property Insurance Fund.  He urged the Board to take action and send a letter to Senator Jon Erpenbach.  This would cause a financial hardship for local rural municipalities.  The Clerk will prepare a letter for the Board to sign. Dane County Zoning is going along smooth with the exception of the pipeline.  The insurance coverage is an issue, as to who would clean up a spill and liability coverage.  An insurance expert has been hired to confirm that the correct coverage is in place to protect the public.  Chair Weber inquired if the Village has any plans to work on Lincoln Road improvements?  Van Kampen thought that the Bergamont was in an agreement that made them responsible to make Lincoln Road whole again when a certain threshold of building was completed.  Weber recalled Lincoln Road should return back to the pacer scale value before the Village took responsibility.   Bollig is meeting with Dane County to check into repaving the section of Fish Hatchery between Highway CC and M in 2015 or 2016 rather than the projected 2018 plan. 


Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2015

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Supervisor Van Kampen reported that the Fire Chief hiring is going well and narrowing down the list of candidates for the position.  Focus on energy is conducting an audit to check the HVAC at the fire station.  A federal grant for two full time fire fighters has been applied for.  They have purchased more turn-out gear and overall finances looked good at year end in addition to that the financials look good for the first two months of 2015.

Mark O’Brien representing the Brooklyn Fire/EMS shared that they are still working out the problems with part-time help vs full-time.  The ATV has been customized with water tank, pump and can carry four or five fireman.  They kept the old one.  The new ambulance works well.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to support the Brooklyn Fire/EMS refinancing with Community Bank pursuing a 20 year loan at 4.09%.  Motion carried.  They should have $20,000 left at the end of the loan term.  The paperwork is much easier, they are currently in the appraisal process. 

Park Chair Steve Root reported on the Park Committee Meeting.  They have reviewed the Town of Oregon Ordinances that pertain to the parks and returned then with the suggested changes to Deputy Clerk Hanson.  Barb and Jim Hill’s property borders the Town Park.   The homeowner has a shed near the property line and there are two dead oak trees located on the Town Park Property.  There are concerns that if one of the trees would go down it would likely hit their shed.  One of the trees would need to be climbed to be cut down.  Motion made by Root and seconded by Van Kampen to approve up to $600 to have those two trees put down.  Motion carried.

Assessor Andy Blomstrom reported that he has gone thru all new sales and managed forest land.  All the land splits are complete.  Blomstrom has personal property and new construction to complete. The Assessor distributed a report to the Board that he had prepared there were some labeling inaccuracies that Supervisor Root requested be corrected and presented again next month.   Root inquired if Blomstrom had met with Andersons regarding their assessment corrections and the Assessor reported that he had that taken care of.  Weber wanted to know the progress on the Faust property.  That was not done yet. Root requested that be taken care of and reported on at the next meeting.  Blomstrom said he would if he has time. 

Clerk Arnold shared that there were five building permit applications in the month of February.  One permit was for commercial electric at 1090 Union Road. 

Constable Gary Wackett reported that it was quiet in February with only a couple of park checks due to the frigid temperatures. 

Weber shared that at the Plan Commission Meeting they worked on the Town Ordinances that involve the Plan Commission.  This includes the driveway permits and fee scheduling.  That will continue into the next meeting. 

The Clerk prepared a vacation and comp. hours for the Town Employees.  Supervisor Ace and Public Works Employee Abel Schultz attended a roads meeting.  They learned that crack seal and seal coating are extremely important for the roads that have asphalt paving.  Ace tried to gather names of paving companies to contact to for the purpose of soliciting bids.   Ace felt that Harding Street is the worst road and needs to be repaved.  Weber and Ace agreed that



Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2015

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we should wait until spring to observe which roads need the most work.  Ace thinks that grinding and repave is better rather than overlay.  The Clerk will check with the Town of Dunn as to the where they sent bids. Weber reported that Dunn distributed bids to five different vendors.  It was agreed to wait until next month to observe the roads as the frost comes out of the ground.  Clerk Arnold reported that the Town has purchased all the required salt in our contract which is approximately 600 ton at a total cost of $43,000.  The shed is relatively full and we still have 150 ton of reserve salt that could be ordered at the same price.  

            Clerk Arnold did not have anything additional to share regarding potential impacts of the state’s budget bill in addition to the Local Government Property Insurance Fund potentially being discontinued which was discussed earlier in the meeting.

            Supervisor Van Kampen shared that the Oregon Senior Center has not any meetings.   Van Kampen inquired if the Clerk had received any bill regarding the HVAC and improvements to the facility.  At the time of the meeting the Clerk had not received any invoices for those expenses. 

            Clerk Arnold shared that in the process of performing a recodification of the Town’s Ordinances it has been decided to remove names and amounts on any fees.  There will be a fee schedule page created that can be updated when necessary and would not require altering the codification and additional expense inccured.  The Board decided that they will review all changes and adopt all ordinances at one time.  The Board discussed the Joint Municipal Court – Municipal Judge Ordinance.  The location needs to be changed and Supervisor Van Kampen suggested sharing the ordinance with Judge Beth Cox for her to make any addition suggestions.  The Town Board Ordinance should read differently under 2.20.010 (b.)  The membership of the Town Board shall consist of four elected (4) Supervisors and one (1) elected Board Chairperson each serving two year terms.  Two Supervisors would be elected on the even years and two on odd years and the Chairperson on the odd year.  The final Ordinance that the board reviewed was Chapter 5.05 Cable Television.  All Board members agreed that the Ordinance 5.05 should stay the same.  Root questioned the ability to remove trees without consulting with the home owner.  After a discussion it was decided to keep that portion of the ordinance the same.  There is not an active Cable Committee however the Town may create a Cable Committee.  Van Kampen suggested that it read the Town of Oregon Board may at their discretion create a Cable Committee

            Ace reported that a resident in Hampton Hills has complained that stakes that he placed in the road right away have been hit by our snow plow.  The public needs to be educated that these stakes should not be placed in the road right of way.  Root reported the resident that has a shed located in Kennedy Park was given three weeks by Dane County to remove the shed.   The next Town Board meeting should include the Town’s Road work and review of more ordinances. 

            The next Town of Oregon Board Meeting will be changed to Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm due to the Spring Election being held on April 7, 2015.      


Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2015

Page 3


Motion made by Van Kampen seconded by Ace to approve the payment vouchers for the month of February 2015 in the amount of $1,232,292.73.  Motion carried.   

Clerk Arnold reported that the Baker Tilly audit went well and is now waiting for final general ledger updates.  After those general ledger updates the annual report can be prepared. 

Motion made by Ace and seconded by Root to adjourn the March 2, 2015 Town Board Meeting at 8:05 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,Denise R. Arnold


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