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Town Board Meeting
Jun 02, 2015
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Town of Oregon

Board Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2015

            Chairman Wayne Ace called the June 2, 2015 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Clerk Arnold called the roll and the following Town Board Supervisors where present Tom Wiedenbeck, Fred Clark, Chair Wayne Ace, Steve Root and Phil Van Kampen.  Also present was Constable Gary Wackett, Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig and Clerk Denise Arnold. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Clark to approve the May 5, 2015 Town Board Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

            Motion made by Root and seconded by Van Kampen to accept the Town of Oregon Financial Report as prepared by Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried.

            Mark O’Brien addressed the board during public comments regarding the Brooklyn Fire/EMS.  The loan at Middleton Bank with David Fahey has gone through and is going to provide a $58,000 savings upfront.  These funds will not be put in the general fund instead the money will be put in a fund for a new tanker.  The old tanker does not meet ISO approval.  O’Brien would like to maintain his positions as a representative with the Brooklyn Fire/EMS and Emergency Management.  Tom Wiedenbeck will be the back-up to O’Brien for meeting coverage.   O’Brien suggested that Chairman Ace and Wiedenbeck attend the next meeting on July 16th, at 6:30.  This is being held for the purpose of discussing shared services to evaluate some of the personnel shortages of area Fire/EMS Departments.  Constable Gary Wackett suggested a pumper combination.  Ace inquired as to how many municipalities does Brooklyn Fire/EMS cover?  O’Brien replied, Union, Oregon, Belleville, Rutland and Brooklyn and borders Albany and Evansville.  Ace thanked O’Brien for his service. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded Clark to approve the renewal of Alcohol Beverage License Application JDB Golf, LLC (Foxboro Golf Club) 1020 County Road MM, Oregon, WI 53575.  Motion carried. 

            The Operator’s License cannot be approved because Constable Wackett must perform the necessary background checks.  This item should be on the July 7, 2015 Town Board Agenda. 

            Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig spoke about the Village of Oregon Public Works Department position currently occupied by Mark Below needs to be filled as Below is retiring.  The engineering to complete Perry Parkway Road has been approved.  The Village is also looking for a compost site.  Dane County will be discussing Highway MM.  Bollig reported that 11,000 cars travel that stretch of roadway.  The homeless issue at the City/County Building is still being address with little success.  The Jail has developed three committees to determine the best way to handle that problem.  Ace inquired if the Village is going to take any action on the condition of Lincoln Road?  Only maintenance shouldering will be completed.   

            At 6:50 pm Assessor Blomstrom arrived. 

            Supervisor Van Kampen reported that the new Fire Chief Jack Mlnarik started working on Monday June 1st.  Chief Mlnarik came in ready to go and had already reviewed and studied the financials.  Clark did not have any new information regarding Belleville Fire/EMS. 

            Chairman Ace discussed the 2015-2016 Town Board Assignments with the Supervisors. 

            Motion made by Root and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the expenditure of $221.40 for seven arborvitaes that were planted at Kennedy Park to provide a buffer from the rope pulling apparatus structure.  Motion carried. 





Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2015 Page 2


            Supervisor Root reported that he performed the spring tour of all of the Town’s parks.  A tree went down in Ravenoaks Park that is laying over two trails, Root would like the Public Works Employees to cut these trees to at least allow a path to be cleared.  Bi-Centennial Park needs trimming done on the trail improvements.  Josh Nordstrom could do some of this spring cutting, it is too thick for the volunteer forces.  On April 14, 2015 the Town Board approved expenditures for $500 to obtain a third party appraisal for the Rita Kluever property located in Madsen Circle that she would like to sell to the Town of Oregon for the purpose of creating a park.  Mrs. Kluever would like the Town to make an offer for the property.  There are different types of appraisals 1.  Basic form, 2.  Narrative one party or 3.  Narrative two Party.  Motion made by Root and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the expenditure of a Narrative 2 Party appraisal for an estimated cost of $1,500 for the potential park property located in Madsen Circle owned by Rita Kluever.  Discussion followed, Chair Ace wanted to know the approximate amount of the sale price.  Root said there was not a set amount by the seller, it is for sale and the .07 and 4.2 acre parcels must be sold together.  The acreage is unusable.  The land could be valued at less than the cost of the appraisal.  Van Kampen thought it would be wise to get an amount from the seller.  Root requested to withdraw the motion and would pursue obtaining information regarding the value from Sharon Christensen.  Ace suggested Assessor Blomstrom research to find a like or similar property in Dane County to compare it to.  Root appreciated the discussion and will return to the Park Committee to pursue the possible purchase price in a different way. 

            Assessor Blomstrom reported that the assessment roll is complete and has been submitted to Dane County.  Blomstrom still has a couple of reports that have to be finished.  Notices and changes have been mailed. 

            Clerk Arnold reported that the Town of Oregon had eleven building permits that were applied for and approved in the month of May 2015.  Inspector Mike Kleisch has been changed to a full time status at the Village of Oregon so building inspections should be up to date.  Chair Ace inquired about resident Sam Tartamella.  His home burned in January and he would to put up a shed however you may not put up a structure without the home already on the property.   Dane County enforced this rule and the Town did not have to act.  The County enforced the law.  The Clerk’s Office has informed Mr. Tartamella that he must apply for a permit before starting the building process. 

            Constable Gary Wackett reported that he had 250 miles logged and 15 hours.  There were six complaints. One junk complaint, 3 animal complaints-(not on leash), 1 assist with the Dane County Sheriff, 1 burning, 15 park checks and park activities verbal warnings for individuals that don’t have dogs on leash.  There were a couple of violations of park hours.  Wackett warned two people for being in the Anderson Park after hours.  Two complaints of speeding on Glenway Road, the Clerk will notify Dane County on that matter.   

            Supervisor Wiedenbeck reported on the Plan Commission, they discussed ordinances number ten and eleven.  It was a relatively short meeting.

            Chair Ace reported on Public Works, crack fill has been completing.  Sealcoating should start Thursday.  Some culverts have been done and more still have to be completed.   There were some problems with the new woods mower.  Ace suggested changing to smart phones so that they could check email, texts and internet weather mapping.  Clerk Arnold will see if the Evansville US Cellular could improve our plan at a more competitive price, Oregon could not.  The TORC is operating well. 





Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2015 Page 3


Motion made by Ace and seconded by Clark to accept the bid with Fahrner Asphalt to apply 2 coats of polymer modified asphalt based pavement emulsion sealcoat on the town hall and garage parking lot for $3,315.  Motion carried.  Ace suggested next year checking with other crack fill vendors because this year the product was not applied efficiently.     

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve the purchase for a replacement snow plow from Madison Truck Equipment, Inc. for $3,773.  Motion carried. 

Clerk Arnold reported that $17,842.59 was received from the Department of Natural Resources for the TORC recycling grant. 

Supervisor Van Kampen reported that the Senior Center Committee did meet and check that everything is on budget and it does look good.  They will start next month discussing the 2016 budget. 

            There were no ordinances ready to review and approve. 

            Van Kampen shared that he attended the Dane County Towns Association Meeting (DCTA).  They had a County wide road presentation the project that would affect the Town of Oregon is the Highway 14 improvements that have now been pushed back to 2019-2021.  It was reported that there are eight Towns that have discontinued making payments for the radio system.  Dane County disbanded the committee that was overseeing the new radio process. 

            Supervisor Wiedenbeck shared that he attended a Wisconsin Towns Association workshop.  He learned about legal and illegal meetings, roads and parliamentary procedure.  It was a worthwhile program. 

            Ace shared that both the Clerk and Deputy Clerk have family medical issues.  Hanson will potentially need a considerable amount of time off.  Ace informed the board that Hanson has sick time and vacation time available.  Ace wanted the board to be aware in the event that Clerk Arnold would need assistance during the absence of Deputy Hanson.  Ace also mentioned a park item regarding a dog off leash.  Root said he was already handling the situation, the park is also considering additional signage at the parks to handle the problem.  Constable Wackett informed the board that most of the issues have occurred with dog owners from other municipalities.  Ace also brought up the per diem available to board supervisors that are eligible.  Expenses would need to be brought in for Ace to approve quarterly.  If a meeting is part of your board assignment it would not be eligible however in the case of a special town board meeting for example roads it would be eligible for a per diem along with mileage.  Supervisors can choose to keep track and turn in the per diems or choose not to. 

            The July meeting should include information and discussion with possible action regarding the Town’s cell phones used for Public Works.

            Motion made by Clark and seconded by Root to approve the May 2015 Town of Oregon Payment Vouchers in the amount of $46,802.39.  Motion carried. 

            Clerk Arnold met with Michelle Strauss about an insurance proposal for the policy that is currently held with the State Insurance Pool.  No quote has been received.  The new board chairs are in, they just need to be picked up and assembled.  The Town of Oregon audit with Baker Tilly has been completed we are just waiting for a final report. 

            Motion made by Clark and seconded by Van Kampen to adjourn the June 2015 Town Board Meeting at 8:05.  Motion carried. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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