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Town Board Meeting
Oct 07, 2014
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Town of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2014

            Chairman Darryl Weber called the Town of Oregon Board Meeting to order on October 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm with the following Town Board Supervisors present:  Wayne Ace, Fred Clark, Steve Root, Constable Gary Wackett and Clerk Denise Arnold.  Absent Assessor, Andy Blomstrom and Treasurer, Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, Supervisor Van Kampen arrived at 6:55 pm. 

            Motion made by Root and seconded by Clark to approve the Town Board Meeting Minutes from September 2, 2014 as presented.  Motion carried.  Motion made by Clark and seconded by Ace to approve the Town Board Special Meeting Minutes prepared by Supervisor Root from September 22, 2014 as presented.  Motion carried. 

            Motion made by Ace and seconded by Root to accept the Financial Report for the month of September as prepared by Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried.  Park funds are being moved from Union Bank & Trust to Settlers Bank for a higher yielding interest rate.  The Financial Report in October will reflect that change.  The phase two funds were deposited in the money market park account to remain liquid. 

            Supervisor Root reported that there were no Eagle Scout presentations this month.

            Town resident Mark O’Brien inquired if the Glenway Drive sign could be changed to Glenway Road.  The Clerk will notify the Public Works Department.  O’Brien also requested that Dane County trim brush going West on A from Glenway Rd.  The Clerk will contact the County regarding that matter. 

            Bill Buglass representing Payne and Dolan inquired as to when the Town of Oregon would like for them to share information regarding the quarries and their operations.  The Board decided that the December 2nd Town Board Meeting would be best. 

            Supervisor Root reported that the Anderson Farm Park has now hung a sign to identify the area.  The board was invited to a pot luck the Friends of Anderson Park are holding along with their annual meeting at 6:00, on October 15, 2014 at the Oregon Town Hall.  The Friends are having a bon fire in November for the public when they are burning the downed trees and brush. 

            Kermit Traska Secretary/Treasurer and Business Manager of Oregon Cable provided a financial report to the board.  Traska said that Oregon Cable was very grateful for the funds sent from the Town of Oregon in the amount of $10,000.  This large amount was to make up for years that a bill had not been submitted to the Town, in the future there will be an annual contribution of $2,000 which is paid from the franchise funds received from Charter.  This year Oregon Cable was able to purchase new equipment. 

            Jerry Bollig contacted Clerk Arnold to share that the October 6, 2014 Village of Oregon Agenda listed item 11(d)2 regarding a request to cost share for the expense of a new siren on South Perry Parkway with the Town of Oregon.  This may come to a vote for the Town.  Jerry also shared that Dane County is working on the budget for 2015.

           Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2014

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Mark O’Brien representing Brooklyn Fire/EMS explained the draft of the 2015 Budget which has an approximate increase of $8,000 from the Town of Oregon.  Brooklyn is experiencing difficulties with staff to fill all hours of service needed.  This is an increase of 13%.  O’Brien said they are going to have to employ three people.  They would do maintenance, mowing and other tasks while they are on call.  Area Fire/EMS departments have lost State of Wisconsin Funding.  There have been State mandated trainings and equipment upgrades.  Volunteers are not available due to the businesses that were once located in Brooklyn are now closed and 85% of population leave the community for surrounding areas for employment.  Brooklyn will need to charge for fire calls. 

Supervisor Clark shared that Belleville Fire/EMS 2015 Draft Budget will include a $10,000 increase which is 6.7% from 2014.  Clark also said that Belleville is experiencing the problem of expensive training of fire/ems candidates and once they are trained they leave for a larger municipality and higher wages.  Belleville wants to hire three individuals.  Van Kampen shared that three part time employees would equal one full time employee. 

Van Kampen reported on the OAFED and they are looking at hiring a full time Chief.  The new Chief would re-evaluate the equipment purchases.  The overall 2015 Budget increase will be 3% however the Town’s portion would probably be less than that.  The tender truck will be inspected for durability to assure that they can continue using that that piece of equipment for a couple of years.  Van Kampen reminded everyone that a joint municipality meeting will be held on Wednesday October 29th.  This will be held at the Village due to the November 4th election. 

A new 2015 Police Services Agreement was received from the Village of Oregon.  The hourly rate is not increasing much however an annual equipment charge of $3,200 was added.  Ace suggested cutting back on the hours.  The Board felt that Dane County Sheriff’s Department has picked up coverage and perhaps the Village Police service is not needed as much.  Constable Wackett felt the Village Police coverage could be discontinued in the Town.  Ace made a motion, seconded by Weber to decrease the Village Police coverage in the Town of Oregon to ten hours per month rather than twenty hours.  The Clerk will check to see if the annual equipment charge would decrease also. 

Park Chair Steve Root shared that the Eagle Scout Project in Bi-Centennial Park has started the pad and footings are in place the landscaping surrounding the area where the shelter is being built has been seeded down.  The actual structure is being built off site in sections for security reasons and concerns of theft.  Kennedy Park is requiring another survey be done because of boundary reasons.  Brush is growing up and complaints have been made regarding a structure and bench possibly on Town property.  The Park Committee is recommending a survey be completed.  After a discussion motion was made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to survey the northern boundary not to exceed $1,000 in expenses.  Motion carried.               


Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2014

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Assessor Blomstrom prepared a request for approval of expenses to attend an assessors training which is required to maintain his assessor certification.  Van Kampen felt the assessor should be responsible for his own education if the Town had a hired service we would not be paying for their employee’s education.  The Assessor did not include the amount of the training session, or the lodging cost only the number of miles to the destination of the training.  All Board Supervisors agreed that the Town should not be responsible for the cost.  Supervisor Root will inform Assessor Blomstrom. 

            There were six building permit applications for the month of September reported by the Clerk.  There have been seven new housing starts.  There was also a quarterly payment report to the Village of Oregon for services of building inspections for $6,912.

            Constable Wackett reported that he made 15 park checks, 4 verbal warnings for park hours, 19 hours clocked and 378 miles logged. 

            Plan Commission Chairman Darryl Weber shared that the Plan Commission meeting was quiet there were no land divisions or rezones.  The TORC had issues with Styrofoam packaging and that has been resolved. 

            Clerk Arnold reported that DaneCom has reduced the amount required to pay for the emergency management radio program from $7,448 to $3,483 in 2015.  The Town has stayed on budget for the major roadwork completed.  There is still $5,533, in the budget however we have a culvert and gravel for shouldering to pay for.  The Senior Center has submitted an amount of $45,276 for the 2015 Town of Oregon budget contribution request.  This request is $3,493 less than in 2014.  Van Kampen shared that there will probably an additional amount requested to pay for the repairs and improvements recently made at the Senior Center.  The Department of Transportation increased the 2015 highway road aid from $111,524 to $116,001. 

            Supervisor Ace informed the board that the road work on Lawry Court and Bramble Lane has been completed.  The culvert on Judd Road has been installed.  Another culvert needs to be stalled on Sayles Trail and we are submitting a bid for reimbursement from the Department of Natural Resources.  The Public Works Employees have been ditch cleaning and brush cutting. The new truck should be available on October 20th

            The Clerk shared a list of repairs to the Town Hall that should be completed before the November election.  Clerk Arnold requested at her job review with Supervisors Clark and Van Kampen that there be a different individual or committee to assume the duties of Town Hall Maintenance.  The front railing needs painting, add an extension to the drainage down spout in the front of the building, repair/seal the tiles in the front entry and replace the drywall and paint the water damaged areas, replace the water stained ceiling tiles in the Town Hall and two in the Clerk’s office and replace the lighting in the front office and clerk’s office.  Motion made by Ace and seconded by Van Kampen to approve up to $1,000 in lights for the Clerk’s office/Town Hall.  Motion carried.  The election set up date is October 22, 2014.

            Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2014

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Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve the September 2014 payment voucher in the amount of $89,453.49.  Motion carried. 

            Clerk Arnold inquired as to how the Board would like to proceed with an audit.  It was decided a few years prior to do a full audit at the time the Clerk or Treasurer vacate their office.  If we complete a full audit at year end of 2014 the Treasurer would still have access to accounts and signing checks until the April 2015 election.  Carla Gogin our representative at Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, suggested a verification audit where accounts would checked and verified to bank balances at the close of business after the election.  The cost of this service would be $2,900 to $3,400 depending on what procedures we would like audited.  Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Clark to have the Clerk proceed with a partial audit at the time of the Treasurers departure.  Motion carried.

            The Deputy Clerk and Clerk will be attending trainings on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  There is a meeting on October 9, 2014 at the Oregon Middle School Cafeteria from 5:00-7:00 pm regarding the US Highway 14 realignment project.  The Town of Oregon passed the onsite accessibility audit conducted by the Government Accountability Board by making the necessary changes and improvements for handicapped individuals. 

            The November Town Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday November 11, 2014 due to the Fall Election on the first Tuesday of the month.  On Wednesday October 22, 2014 a budget work session will be held at 6:00 pm with a secondary date of the October 23, 2014 just in case the budget cannot be completed in one night.  A tentative date of November 12, 2014 was chosen for the Budget Hearing at 6:00 pm.  The Clerk asked for any budget items to be submitted as soon as possible. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Clark to adjourn the October 7, 2014 Town Board Meeting at 8:05 pm.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R Arnold








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