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2014 Caucus
Jan 18, 2014
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Town of Oregon

January 18, 2014

            Town of Oregon Chairman Darryl Weber called the 2014 Caucus to order at 2:00 pm on Saturday, January, 18, 2014.  There were 33 Town residents and the Clerk Denise Arnold present. 

            Weber opened the Caucus by explaining the procedure and requesting that all residents sign in to vote.  Three tellers volunteered to assist with the process, Dee Ace, Carlene Bechen, and Beth Cox. 

            A resident inquired who the current supervisors were that are holding the positions that up for election in April 2014.  Weber introduced Supervisors Phil Van Kampen and Steve Root. 

            Ballots were distributed and Chair Weber instructed residents to nominate up to two candidates for the two year position of Town Board Supervisor.  Ballots were collected by the Caucus Tellers.  The following individuals were nominated.


1.      Steve Root                              accepted the nomination

2.      Phil Van Kampen                  accepted the nomination

3.      Jay Gould                                absent

4.      Rick Andersen                        absent

5.      Brad Smith                              declined the nomination

6.      Sheila Spear                            absent

7.      Roe Parker                               absent

8.      Tom Wiedenbeck                    absent

9.      Dave Hagemann                    absent

10.  Ron Jenkins                              absent


There were more than four nominees, as a result a vote was necessary to reduce the number of candidates.  Ballots were distributed and Chair Weber instructed residents to vote for a total of two candidates for the Supervisor position from the list of nominees.

The votes were tabulated as follows:


1.      Steve Root                              29 votes

2.      Phil Van Kampen                  23 votes

3.      Jay Gould                                 9 votes

4.      Rick Andersen                        2 votes

5.      Sheila Spear                            2 votes

6.      Dave Hagemann                     1 vote           

7.      Roe Parker                                0 votes

8.      Tom Wiedenbeck                     0 votes

9.      Ron Jenkins                              0 votes


There was a tie of 2 votes each for Rick Andersen and Sheila Spear.  The Caucus

Tellers distributed ballots and Chairman Weber instructed residents to vote for one candidate.  The results were are follows.


1.      Sheila Spear                                 22 votes

2.      Rick Andersen                              10 votes


Clerk Arnold requested that Caucus Teller Carlene Bechen randomly pull the candidate’s names from a basket to determine the ballot order.  The ballot order is as follows.


1.      Phil Van Kampen

2.      Jay Gould

3.      Steve Root

4.      Sheila Spear


Clerk Arnold informed the candidates present that the necessary paperwork to file for candidacy was available to fill out.  Chair Weber thanked everyone for coming to participate and the 2014 Caucus was adjourned at 2:20 pm. 


Respectfully Submitted,



Denise R. Arnold




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