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October 1, 2013
Oct 01, 2013
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Town Of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2013


            Chairman Darryl Weber called the Town of Oregon Board Meeting to order on October 1, 2013 at 6:30 pm with the following Town Board Supervisors present:  Wayne Ace, Fred Clark, Steve Root, Phil Van Kampen, Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson and Clerk Denise Arnold.  Absent:  Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, Constable Gary Wackett and Assessor Andy Blomstrom. 

            Motion made by Ace and seconded by Clark to approve the Town Board Meeting minutes from September 3, 2013 and Special Board Meeting on September 18, 2013 as presented.  Motion carried. 

            The Financial Report was presented by Deputy Clerk Hanson.  This report was created in cooperation with newly appointed Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash.  Hanson explained that a certificate of deposit that was not accounted for was recorded on the report.  Prior months interest has been updated and balanced with all financial institutions.  Clerk Arnold shared that the Marcus Cable/Charter Communications certificate of deposit held at Oregon Community Bank and Trust had been closed and the funds returned to Charter.  Motion made by Ace and seconded by Root to accept the Financial Report as presented.  Motion carried.  Hanson will be preparing this report with the approval of the LaFlash.  In the future the board supervisors requested that the report reflect a breakdown of funds between town funds and park funds.  The checks should still be listed along with a beginning and ending balance of funds. 

            Motion made by Weber and seconded by Clark to appoint Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson to the position of Deputy Treasurer per State Statute 60.341.  This would allow for the deputy to take and file the official oath to be covered under the Town’s bond and perform Treasurer LaFlash’s duties due to her resignation and recent appointment.  Motion carried. 

            Pam Dunphy Assistant Commissioner of the Dane County Highway and Transportation Department was present to talk about speed limits and how to change them in the Town of Oregon.  To perform a speed study the tubes would be installed and data would be recorded.  Dunphy assesses the area and determines if there is a statutory reason for a speed limit change.  The data would reveal the traffic count, speed, number of axels and weight of vehicle.  There would be no cost to the Town for the data and analysis however there is a fee to set up and take down the data collecting equipment.  Approximately $250.-$300. per unit would be the cost.  Weber did not see the need to spend money on this because the Town all ready co-owns a speed wagon that can provide information.  Dunphy finished her presentation by encouraging the Town to participate in TRIP Funds.  The board supervisors thanked Dunphy for taking the time to come to a town meeting. 

            There were no public comments however Bill Buglass of Payne and Dolan requested to be placed on the November 5, 2013 Town Board Meeting Agenda. 

            There were no Eagle Scout presentations.

            Supervisor Root did not have any new developments to report regarding the Dane County Anderson Farm Park.

            There was not a representative available for comment regarding the rail line located between the City of Madison and the City of Evansville.  The current focus is on the line located north of the Town of Oregon. 

            Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig thanked Supervisor Root for his assistance with the Anderson Farm Park. Bollig distributed a copy of Dane County Executive Joe Parisi’s 2014 Budget Proposal.  Bollig supports this budget.  Increases to this budget are minimal. 

            Supervisor Van Kampen reported that the OAFED is in good shape, a slight increase in the 2014 budget could be expected.  Labor negotiations are being done.  Brooklyn Fire will experience an increase and is still rather volatile.  Supervisor Clark reported that Belleville Fire/EMS passed their 2014 budget with a small increase.  Belleville has not responded to any fire calls in the Town of Oregon in 2013 and only four calls in 2013. 



Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2013

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            Park Chair Steve Root reported that the Oregon Rope Pullers have made good progress in the Kennedy Park and will continue their project.  They are also working with a potential Eagle Scout on exercise stations. 

            In the absence of Assessor Blomstrom the Clerk shared that walk thrus are continuing.  Dane County contacted the clerk to report that the Parson/Bennett land split issue is reconciled however there is a different parcel that is missing improvements.  The Clerk will follow up on that and keep the board informed. 

            There was not a Constable report submitted. 

            The Clerk shared that there were nine new building permits applied for in the month of September.

There was a quarterly report prepared by the Clerk available for review.  There are fewer building permits so far in 2013 than the prior year.

            Chair Weber reported that the Plan Commission was still very quiet and will soon be working on reviewing the Town’s ordinances. 

            Supervisor Ace reported that he and Root had met with the Public Works Employees for the purpose of job reviews, which went well.  Both employees should be able use their comp. time before the end of November.  Ace also shared that the 1999 Truck has some rear axle issues and shared a quote with repair parts of $3,875.19 from Lakeside International.  Lakeside may have a re-built rear end axle unit for $2,700.  The Board felt the rebuilt unit would work and be the most cost effective.  Weber reported that the TORC doing well. 

            The Clerk requested that the board submit any 2014 budget requests in preparation of the budget work session later this month. 

            Van Kampen reported there was a Senior Center meeting and the 2014 budget was discussed and there is an increase and the committee wanted them to review the increase and make some changes before it could be approved by the participating municipalities. 

            Supervisor Clark inquired about the payment vouchers because there was a large expense paid to the Town of Dunn.  Clark asked if this was typical?  Usually work between the municipalities is reciprocal.  This was the first time funds were exchanged.  Perhaps in the future it should be contracted with the paving company.  Another option is to rent the equipment and do the labor with the Town’s employees. 

            Motion made by Ace and seconded by Root to approve the September payment vouchers in the amount of $74,583.14.  Motion carried.

            The 2014 Budget Work Session will be held on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 6:30 pm if necessary a second session would be Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 6:30 pm. 

            The 2014 Budget Hearing will be tentatively held on Wednesday November 20, 2013 at 6:30 pm. 

            Motion made by Ace and seconded by Clark to adjourn the October 1, 2013 Town Board Meeting at 7:55 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold


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