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Town Board Meeting
Nov 05, 2013
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Town of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2013    


            Chairman Darryl Weber called the Town of Oregon Board Meeting to order on November 5, 2013 at 6:30 pm with the following Town Board Supervisors present:  Wayne Ace, Fred Clark, Steve Root, Phil Van Kampen, Clerk, Denise Arnold and Assessor, Andy Blomstrom arrived at 7:10.  Absent:  Constable Gary Wackett and Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash. 

            Motion made by Root and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the October 1, 2013 Town Board Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

            Motion made by Ace and seconded by Clark to accept the October 2013 Financial Report as submitted by Deputy Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.  Motion carried.  The board requested that maturity dates of all certificates of deposit be included in the new financial report design. 

            Resident Nancy Murphy residing at 844 Madsen Circle, Oregon, WI 53575 spoke to the board for public comments.  Murphy wanted the board to be aware and make a stand on the recent Tiffany Bill being brought before the senate.  Murphy felt this would put more power in the hands of the producers rather than the benefit of the environment.  Towns could lose control of mining sites and lands in that vicinity, Murphy suggested the Town of Oregon join forces with other municipalities.  Chair Weber stated that the Town is a member of the Wisconsin Towns Association and would be represented by the association. 

            There were no Eagle Scout presentations. 

            Motion made by Weber and seconded by Van Kampen to approve Petition # DCPREZ-2013-1580 & 10577 under the assumption that all the permitted uses are treated as deed restricted; anything going to RE-1 restricts all permitted uses as deed restricted and the county will need to come back to the town to lift the deed restrictions; Under Petition # 10580 Lot 1 will be rezoned to RH-3 and not RH-2. (Patricia E. Anderson Living Trust).  Motion carries.

            Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig shared that the Madison 56er’s Soccer Club has declined the large soccer facility project potentially associated with the Anderson Farm Park.  Bollig shared there is a proposed one half time position for a farm manager that has been put in the budget to develop and oversee 5 acre plots available for individuals interested in organic farming.  Bollig also reported the bike path easement approvals have been obtained and that project is moving forward.  The funding is locked in and ready to go.  The project should be complete in time to hook up with the Fish Hatchery Road improvements complete with bike lanes.  Bollig reported that the County Budget is doing well.  Dane County Sheriff’s Department will be adding 16 – four wheel squads, there will be no additional staffing. 

            Nancy Murphy also wanted to thank the Township for installing the new culvert driveway and parking area at the County Anderson Farm Park.  Supervisor Root talked about the trash pickup in the park.  Bollig requested that if items discarded in the park that would cost the Town to dispose of please contact Bollig and he would forward the request to Dane County Public Works to pick those items up. 

            Supervisor Van Kampen reported that the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District should finish the year with a surplus, nothing significant however an improvement from years past.  There will not be any new hires only filling vacancies.  There is a position on the joint board commission that is open now for a Village of Oregon vacancy.  Clark did not have any new business to share regarding Brooklyn or Belleville Fire/EMS.

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to approve the 2014 OAFED Budget contribution from the Town of Oregon in the amount of $139,321.  Motion carried. 

            Park Chairman Root reported that there has been a delay on the Eagle Scout Projects due to the Scout Council.  Root requested to allow another geocaching container at the Town Park.  The Board Supervisors were in favor of that action. 

             Bill Buglass and three other representatives from Payne and Dolan addressed the board.  No complaints have been reported for the Anderson and Klahn quarries.  Total sales are still down with a slight increase from prior years.  They provided aerial maps of the quarries to display the tracking of the reclamation progress.  The Klahn pit has started the pond creation which will eventually be about 35 feet deep.  Payne & Dolan appreciated the revised extended trucking hours.  



Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2013

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            Mr. Buglass inquired if the Town was satisfied with the job Payne & Dolan did this year on the Town of Oregon road project.  Supervisor Ace was not satisfied with the work and the bidding process.  There were issues with measuring and staying within a reasonable amount of the original bid.  More pulverizing should have been done rather than laying so much gravel.  The joint venture road bidding also caused the job to be rushed.  

            Motion made by Root and seconded by Ace to use the Impact Fee Funds for the recent Della Park Improvements.  The Della Park expense totaled $12,233 and the Impact fee funds currently total $7,859.60.  Motion carried. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to contribute $4,000 from the general fund for two years and $5,000 from the park funds toward a bike trial, a portion of the trail will be located in the Town of Oregon.  This would be a total of $8,000 from general fund expenses and $10,000 from the park funds for a total of $18,000 in support of the bike trail that the Village of Oregon is constructing.  Motion carries. 

            Assessor Blomstrom shared that he has discontinued walk thrus for 2013 due to the time change.  Blomstrom has attended two days of Wisconsin Towns Association Meetings to comply with continuing education requirements.  There is a report required by the Department of Revenue that Blomstrom is about to complete.  There is a possibility that the DOR will be doing away with Personal Property Tax. 

            The October 2013 Building Inspection log was available for review, there were ten building permits applied for in the month of October.   

            Constable Wackett did not attend the meeting.  Wackett reported to the Clerk that he had some animal control calls and the month of October had been quiet. 

            Chair Weber reported on the Plan Commission Meeting held in October.  The public hearing for the Anderson property was recommended for approval by the Town Board.  Work continues on the submittal packets. 

            Weber shared that Ken West and Sheldon Tachon are doing well working at the TORC.  Wednesday hours are over and the TORC is open on Saturday from 7:30 – 4:30 pm.  

            Supervisor Ace shared an activity log made by Public Works Employee Abel Schultz.  They wanted to install snow fences in a few locations that have a tendency to drift.  The board supervisors were concerned about entering private property and the expense to set up the system, the town does not currently own any snow fence.  Ditch cleaning and roadside mowing have been completed.  Schultz had one roadside mower bid available for the board and will be obtaining a second bid to potentially get a better price.  

            The Board decided not to participate in the joint municipality road bid process.  The roadwork project may have suffered in quality because of the steep demand to move to the next project in the joint municipality process.  The Clerk will report this decision to the Town of Dunn. 

            There was not a final decision made regarding the purchase of large equipment for the Public Works Department.   A possible purchase of a grader that is for sale with 8,000 hours of use, owned by another municipality was discussed.  The piece of equipment would be an upgrade from the grader we have however the number of hours on that equipment has the potential for repair bills.  This grader would be $35,000 and could be adapted to use the V-plow that was purchased last year.  A shared grader may be problematic with the other participating municipalities needing that piece of equipment at the same time. Public works employee Schultz would like to have a four wheel drive plow truck purchased for next year that would also be capable of handling the V-plow.  Weber had inquired with other municipalities that had the four wheel drive and they did not care for them.  The emissions on the new trucks diminishes their performance.  With replacing the roadside mower, a truck and grader there may have to be a loan taken out.  Van Kampen suggested that a newer model grader may be a better option to avoid repairs.  Weber thought a new single axle truck would run $165,000 and a 4 wheel drive would be $225,000.  A trade in value for the current truck should also be considered.  Estimates need to be obtained to make any decisions.  The truck would not be purchased or ready for use until next fall.  No final decision was made. 



Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2013

Page 3


            The board decided to instruct the clerk to include information for the residents regarding fiberglass pole placement on their property, shrubs and mailbox in the tax newsletter.  Many residents have installed the fiberglass poles which may cause issues with snow plowing. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to increase the hourly rate for part time snow plow drivers to $17.50 and increase Bob Chrostowski to $19.72 per hour.  Motion carries.

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Clark to approve the 2014 Senior Center Budget Contribution for $48,769.  Motion carried. 

            Supervisor Ace reported that WisCom radio system is up and running however DaneCom is not yet fully functional.  Ace checked into radio purchases for the Town.  The installed radios work a little better but handheld units would save cost and provide mobility.  The Clerk was instructed to put the radio purchase on the December agenda.  More information will be needed.

            The Clerk reminded the Board that the 2014 Public Budget Hearing will be held Wednesday November 20, 2013 at 6:00 pm.  The event has been posted in designated places and published in the Oregon Observer twice. 

            Motion made by Ace and seconded by Clark to approve the October 2013 payment vouchers in the amount of $57,429.79.  Motion carried. 

            Clerk Arnold reported that there had been more complaints by residents regarding the Roger and Sandra Schenk property at 6225 Bellbrook Road.  The Schenks are dumping milk because they are no longer an acceptable dairy producer for sale.  The Clerk has contacted the DNR.  On November 22, 2013 Deputy Clerk Hanson will attend a training on the new voting equipment.  The Town is not involved with the Harlan Heller hearing that is only a concern for the Worker’s Compensation provider. 

            Motion made by Clark and seconded by Root to adjourn the November 5, 2013 Town Board Meeting at 8:30 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,


Denise R. Arnold






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