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Town Board Meeting
Mar 05, 2013
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Town of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes 

March 5, 2013

            In the absence of Chair Darryl Weber, Supervisor Wayne Ace called the March 5, 2013 Town Board Meeting to order at 7:00 pm with the following Board Supervisors present Phil Van Kampen, Steve Root, Chris Johnson, Assessor, Andy Blomstrom and Clerk, Denise Arnold.   Absent:  Chair Darryl Weber, Constable Gary Wackett and Treasurer, Rhonda Christensen LaFlash. 

            Motion made Root and seconded by Johnson to approve the Town Board Meeting Minutes from February 5, 2013 as presented.  Motion carried. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to accept the February Financial report as submitted by Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash.  Motion carried. 

            Acting Chair Ace inquired if there were any public comments on any matters of business that were not included on the meeting agenda.  There being none the next item on the agenda was addressed.

            Due to the inclement weather the Eagle Scout Project Presentations will be tabled until the April 2013 Town Board Meeting. 

            Town of Oregon Emergency Management Committee Representative Bob Johnson shared that he attended two days of meetings with Constable Gary Wackett and Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson.  Much of the information learned was regarding the radio system with Dane County.  Johnson distributed an email received from Jen Strenz of General Communications.  Deputy Hanson conferred with Ms Strenz and learned that DaneCom Project 25 would require that our radios would need to be brought up to date.  If Dane County adopts the narrow band our radios may not be compatible.  The other issue is that our snow plow drivers should not be using cell phones while plowing instead they should use a radio system.  The Town needs to determine the requirements and uses for the radios.  The Clerk verified that the funds in the 2013 budget are for the financial commitment to the DaneCom system not for our Town’s system.  It does appear that the Town will have to purchase new radios however not until DaneCom has completed their final decision.  This factor appears to still be a variable in the moving forward process. 

            Van Kampen did not have any new information to share from the OAFED. 

            Mark O’Brien provided an update for the Brooklyn Fire/EMS District.  Leif Spile has accepted the position of Chief at this time.  The complication with this appointment is that Chief Spilde does not want to reduce his wage and benefits from his current job as a Public Works Employee with the Village of Brooklyn.  The tenative solution is to schedule Wednesday afternoons as time for the Brooklyn Fire/EMS business for approximately six hours per week.  This would increase the budget expense district wide by $7,000 to $9,000 in 2013.  Some of the neighboring municipalities have issues with this projected increase.  The alternative would be to hire a new Fire Chief which would be cost prohibitive.  The Town of Oregon supports the choice of Chief Spilde however a vote to increase the Town’s budget portion was not possible because it was not on the agenda and additionally was not a firm dollar amount to approve. 

            Park Chair Steve Root reported that a Park Committee Member Mark Brylski has resigned due to relocation of residence in Madison.  Root asked for the Board’s approval for Al Miller of 454 Union Road, Brooklyn, WI 53521 to fill the vacated seat.   Miller has worked on the parks in the Village in cooperation with the Scouts.  The board agreed that he would good choice.  There will be two Eagle Scout project presentations for the April Town Board Meeting.  Root is making the winter tour of Scout Troop Meetings to recruit potential projects and continuing the application process for potential grant financing for the bike path. 

            Assessor Andy Blomstrom reported that he has reviewed 66 sales that were in 2012 based on reports by the Department of Revenue.  Home values seem to be increasing and the projected assessment ratio should be around 103.62% which is down from last year.  Agriculture use values will be down this year.  Blomstrom has completed all the land splits.  It was agreed that the 2013 Open Book dates will be Thursday, April 25th from 5:00-7:00 pm and Saturday, April 27th from 10:00-noon.  The 2013 Board of Review date is set for Saturday, May 18th from 9:00 – 11:00 am.   Board of Review requires a minimum of two Board Members to be current on training within two years of the current Board of Review.  Supervisor Root is in compliance and Supervisor Ace will complete the training before the Board of Review. 



Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2013

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            The Clerk reported that there were only two building permits applied for in the month of February 2013. 

            Constable Wackett submitted a report to the Clerk prior to the Town Board Meeting.  Wackett was encouraging the Board Supervisors to create an ordinance for parking in snow emergency situations.  The Clerk will research ordinances that other municipalities use for that situation.  This would help the Public Works Department during the plowing process. 

            The Plan Commission did not meet in the month of February 2013 as a result there was no report.

            Supervisor Ace reported that the Public Works Department has been very busy with snow plowing. 

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to purchase a tractor bucket for the TORC utility tractor from Darryl Weber in the amount of $800.00.  Two bids were obtained for the decision making process for that tractor bucket purchase.  Motion carried. 

            Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Ace to approve the 2013 Senior Center Contract Amendment.  Motion carried.  This amendment reflects the withdrawal of the Town of Dunn.  Johnson reported that the Senior Center Committee is meeting next week where they will continue to work on the future contract agreement language. 

            The Town Board agenda for April should include Eagle Scout presentations and discussion and possible action regarding the Brooklyn Fire/EMS potential budget increase. 

            Motion made by Root and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the February 2013 payment vouchers as presented in the amount of $1,275,224.29.  Motion carried.

            Due to the April 2, 2013 Spring Election the Town Board Meeting will be held on Thursday April 4, 2013 at 5:30 pm. 

            The Clerk shared that progress is being made to reinstate the Town’s Workman’s Compensation Policy back with Rural Insurance rather than the pool insurance which is currently with a company in Florida. 

The prevailing wage laws are unchanged from last year and the Town should not have any problem staying under the prevailing wage requirements.  The Clerk also reported that there were 312 ballots cast at the February 2013 Primary Election. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Root to adjourn the March 5, 2013 Town Board Agenda at 7:35.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold


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