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2013 Annual Town of Oregon Board Meeting
Apr 16, 2013
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Town of Oregon

Annual Meeting

April 16, 2013




            Chair Darryl Weber called the 2013 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 pm on Tuesday April 16, 2013 with 15 Town residents present. 

            Motion made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Bob Johnson to approve the April 10, 2012 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

            Motion made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Bob Johnson to approve the Financial Report prepared by Treasurer Rhonda Christensen La Flash.  Motion carried. 

            Clerk Denise Arnold presented the 2012 Budget Comparison Report.  In 2012 the Town Budget expenditures were less than anticipated and the income was slightly more than expected.  This made for a good year for the Town financially and that will help with the expenses incurred with such a rough winter in 2013.  The Clerk’s office expenses for wages were higher than anticipated because of the unexpected number of elections.  There were six elections in 2012 due to the recall election for Governor Walker scheduled the same year as a Presidential race.  Election supplies and expenses were also over budget.  A new expense to DaneCom started in 2012 and will continue increase.  The plan is to replace the current communication system in Dane County for emergency situations.  The Oregon Area Fire/EMS District experienced a difficult financial year so a special assessment was charged to all participating municipalities.  The Town of Dunn took out a loan to alleviate cash flow issues and to attempt to establish a reserve fund.  The regular 2012 budget contribution appeared to have decreased however the payment mode changed due to the Village of Oregon refinancing.  The loan payment and budget contribution equal the Town’s typical budget amount.  The cost of Public Works decreased because an employee was on a workman’s compensation claim and Abel Schultz worked alone most of the calendar year.  The roadwork construction was over budget due to some add-on work that was needed.  The fuel expense was decreased because there was only one employee patrolling the town roads.  No new large equipment was purchased in 2012 however $40,000. was put aside.  The Town of Oregon does not generally require a loan to purchase new equipment.  The Oregon Senior Center scheduled budget payment was reduced because the Senior Center contract does not allow for a surplus or reserve fund.  A credit was applied. On the revenue side more funds were received at the Town of Oregon Recycling Center (TORC) because the cost of a punch card increased from $30.00 to $40.00.  The fee schedule for items of waste was also adjusted.  The Charter Cable Franchise revenue was increased from $16,000 to $22,105.  The general interest earned was up due to a certificate of deposit coming due and the lump sum was applied at renewal.  Because a Town resident had withdrawn from the farmland preservation program the landowner was required to increase the tax value and paid an unexpected penalty of over $14,000. to the Town.  All of these factors created revenue of $1,155,740 rather than the anticipated $1,113,941.  The Clerk encouraged residents to ask questions regarding the budget comparison or contact her in the future for an explanation on the finances.  Motion made by Sandy Shackelford and seconded by Chris Johnson to accept the 2012 Budget Comparison prepared by the Clerk.  Motion carried. 

            Chairman Darryl Weber reported on the 2012 Plan Commission year.  Most of the year was quiet with the exception of the removal of some trees on Netherwood.  The Plan Commission Meetings will be changing from the third Monday of each month to the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  There is the potential for some interesting business ventures in 2013 to be located in the Town. 

            Park Chairman Steve Root reported a good park year in 2012.  There were five Eagle Scouts Projects and one in the process of being completed.  There is interest for more Eagle Scout Projects in 2013.  The Park Committee is working in conjunction with Dane County in the planning and development stages for the Anderson Park.  The Clerk also shared that the 2013 budget has a $4,000. potential contribution toward the bike path being considered through the Village and Town.  This is a recreation and transportation expenditure.




Town of Oregon Annual Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2013

Page 2


            Supervisor Phil Van Kampen reported that the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District ended 2012 with a fund balance of $280,000. which is 30%.  As the Clerk mentioned this was partially due to a loan taken out by the Town of Dunn thus creating a 10% fund balance.  The number one issue is staffing, which they are working on.  There is a need to keep expenses down and find a way to increase staff.  There is the potential for a staff pooling plan with utilizing staff from area departments.  Van Kampen wanted to acknowledge Stan Solheim’s retirement from the OAFED after 27 years of service. 

            Motion made by Bob Johnson and seconded by Steve Root to set the 2014 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting for April 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm.  Motion carried. 

            In the absence of Assessor Andy Blomstrom the Clerk reported that the Open Book dates are Thursday April 25, 2013 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm and Saturday April 27, 2013 from 10:00 am to noon.  The Board of Review will be held on Saturday May 18, 2013 from 10:00-noon.

            Clerk Arnold called for the Oath of Office for the recently elected officials for the Town of Oregon.  The following people were sworn into office:


Darryl Weber -  Town Board Chairman

Wayne Ace – Town Board Supervisor

Fred Clark, Jr. – Town Board Supervisor

Rhonda Christensen LaFlash – Treasurer

Absent:  Andy Blomstrom – Assessor

Absent:  Gary Wackett – Constable


            Rachel Brickner of the Oregon Senior Center distributed copies of their annual report.  Brickner reported that they have been working on different contract language for 2014 with the participating municipalities.  A new card swipe feature is being used by Seniors coming into the Center which allows the administration to accurately record the use of the center this will allow for service tracking to appropriately charge each municipality.  Chris Johnson served on the Committee working on the new contract and complimented Rachel Brickner and Allison Koelsch for the hard work they have put forth in this process.  The new card system was difficult to set up however it should be easy to maintain. 

            Motion made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Chris Johnson to adjourn the April 16, 2013 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting at 7:40 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold


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