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Town Board Meeting
Sep 04, 2012
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Town of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2012


            Town of Oregon Chair Darryl Weber called the September 4, 2012 Town Board Meeting to order at 7:00 pm with the following Town Board Supervisors present Wayne Ace, Chris Johnson, Steve Root, Phil Van Kampen, Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, Assessor Andy Blomstrom and Clerk Denise Arnold.  Absent:  Constable Gary Wackett.

            Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Root to accept the August 7, 2012 Town Board Meeting Minutes with clerical corrections.  The Clerk will make those corrections and post the minutes on The Town of Oregon website.  Motion carried. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to accept the Financial Reports presented by Treasurer La Flash.  Motion carried.  LaFlash has one certificate of deposit that needs to be taken care of.

            Resident Roger A. Larson residing at 5726 Alpine Road Brooklyn, WI 53521 located in the Town of Oregon addressed the Board Supervisors.  Mr. Larson spoke as a concerned citizen of Dane County Wisconsin of an article from Ms. Richardson from the Wisconsin State Journal.  The article was about the proper procedure of building permits and their inspections by certified, professional building inspectors.  Larson went over rules that the Town should have been in an agreement with a building inspector.  Larson felt that the Town of Oregon officials should have filed a claim on behalf of his loss.  Larson presented a copy of the original building permit from his housing project, Chair Weber accepted that duplicate permit and Larson left the meeting.  The permit was dated October 12, 2000.   

            Bill Buglass from Payne and Dolan addressed the Town Board in regards to the gravel pit at the Klahn location which was opened eight years ago.  The term on the conditional use permit (CUP) is reviewable every two years.  The site is not depleted and Payne and Dolan would like to continue for another eight to ten years.  The CUP currently has rather restrictive hours of trucking operation from 8:30 am to 4:00.  Buglass would like to change those hours.  The hours were set that way so they did not conflict with the school bus routes.  Buglass would like a change the hours during the time of year that school is not in session.  A public hearing would need to be held to accomplish that.   Buglass invited any Board Supervisors or residents to visit the site.

            Resident Mike Condon addressed the board to request to widen his driveway located at 5580 Windridge Road Oregon, WI 53575.  Condon needs to have a wider driveway to accommodate this recreational vehicle.  According to Town Ordinance the minimum of a driveway should be 20 feet and the maximum allowable of 24 feet wide.  Condon would like to extend approximately 10 feet wider to the right side of the driveway.  The Board would not allow a second driveway from Azure Court.  Supervisor Ace will meet with Condon to problem solve the situation. 

            Resident Keith Hammersley of 6244 Oak Hollow Drive shared concerns with new construction changes at 6215 Stony Hill Drive, Oregon, WI.  There is an easement with the lot 47 location and the contractor is attempting to reroute the flow of water from the Stony Hill new home construction that could potentially flood other dwellings that are down hill of that change.  A driveway permit has not been obtained for the property.  The Contractor Ryan Wurth will have an excavator (Whipperfurth) out to restore the area to its former state. 

            Resident Lynn Heusmann disbursed a letter of explanation and map of her property located at 4752 Hoover St to the Town Board.  The culvert that is under Hoover St opens to a green space.  The problem is that the water does not continue to flow north instead it flows more northwest and drains into the lower triangle of Heusmann’s property.  Ms. Heusmann was requesting that the Town would consider diverting the drainage to allow the water to continue into the green space as designed rather than in her lot.  Weber was concerned that a change would allow the water to speed up and then create even further damage affecting more properties.  The Board suggested the use of landscaping erosion screens to allow a new seeding of grass on her property to be established to improve the situation.


Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2012

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            The Board decided to table the vote on dissolving or restructuring the Capital Area Regional Plan Commission (CARPC) at this time.  Van Kampen is hopeful that restructuring would solve the issue rather than dissolving. 

            Van Kampen did not have any information to share regarding Fire/EMS Districts. 

            Root wanted to thank the Board for supporting the Eagle Scout Project that will begin this weekend.  There was vandalism to a park bench at the Town Park.  This will be repaired on the Park Committee work day with a cedar product.  The Town Park road and parking lot projects will start tomorrow. 

            Assessor Blomstrom wants to resume the walk thru procedure of properties in the Town of Oregon. 

The Clerk will provide the letter that has been used in the past. 

            A building inspection report was available for the board to review.  There were ten building permit applications filed in August 2012, four of these permits were for single family new housing starts. 

            The Constable submitted a report to the clerk prior to the meeting.  In August there was one animal complaint, one assist to Dane County, one damage to Town Park property.  Thirteen park checks made with a relatively quiet summer reported. 

            Ace reported that we may have to hire some assistance to take some trees down in the Town.  After the trees are down then public works can handle the job.  Weber said he talked to Wiedenbeck and Par Concrete and they are coordinating their efforts for the work that needs to be completed before the recycling compactor can be installed.  Weber is also working with Chris June from Pellitteri regarding the contract verbiage in the event the Town would want to change to curbside trash pickup in the future. 

            Supervisor Van Kampen had a burning policy draft for the TORC.  The draft was well received by the board and the possibility of the Public Works Employees supervising the burning process was favorable as well.  Van Kampen plans to continue to work on this and Weber suggested presenting this to the Plan Commission for further discussion. 

            Johnson talked about the employee evaluation schedule.  The completed evaluations need to be turned in to Johnson by September 11th

            The Clerk shared the Department of Revenue Equalized Value Report for Dane County.  The equalized value for the town actually decreased 1.37 which is a favorable amount.  The Clerk reminded the Board to prepare any items or collect bids for the 2013 Budget preparation. 

            Dane County Supervisor Jerry Bollig requested that the Clerk share the Land Use in Farmland Preservation Zoning Districts Initiative with the Board.  Johnson shared a summary of the document that she received from Bollig.  Town Boards will be asked to approve any amendment to Chapter 10.  In order to maintain Dane County farmers’ current eligibility for state farmland preservation tax credits and other benefits in Chapter 91, WI State Statutes the county must amend its farmland preservation zoning ordinance and have the ordinance recertified by 12/31/12.  Farmers in Dane County could become ineligible to receive annual farmland preservation tax credits ($7.50 - $10. / acre / year) and other state benefits if this is not approved. 

            Johnson reported that she will attend a Senior Center Meeting tomorrow morning.

            The October meeting agenda should include discussion and possible action on a burning policy for the TORC.  Van Kampen shared that the Bike Trail on Alpine Rd is getting closer to becoming a reality.  The Town should be looking at adding a spur to that trail. 

            The Clerk shared that Three Gaits will have a Family Fun on the Farm Round-up on October 14thfrom noon until 4:00 pm. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve the August 2012 vouchers in the amount of $93,706.77.  Motion carried. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to adjourn to closed session pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 19.85 (1)(C) to discuss personnel.  Motion carried. 


Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2012

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            Roll call in closed session was as follows:  Ace, Johnson, Weber, Root, Van Kampen and Clerk Arnold all here.

            Motion made by Root and seconded by Van Kampen to resume into open session.  Motion carried.

            Motion made by Weber and seconded by Johnson to adjourn the September 4, 2012 Town Board Meeting at 8:30 pm.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully submitted, 

 Denise R. Arnold, Clerk


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