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Town Caucus
Jan 14, 2012
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Town of Oregon

Caucus January 14, 2012

Meeting Minutes

            Town Board Chair Darryl Weber called the January 16, 2012 Caucus to order at 2:00 pm with 38 Town of Oregon residents in attendance.  Chair Weber thanked everyone in attendance for participating and reminded all voters to sign in. 

            Two Town Board Supervisors positions are up for election.  Supervisor Jerry Jensen has decided not to run for office and Phil Van Kampen is actively seeking re-election. 

            Four tellers were assigned to assist in the Caucus, Chris Johnson, Janine Jensen, Theresa McGrattan and Carlene Bechen.  The ballot slips were distributed for the position of Town Board Supervisor and the Chair instructed voters to nominate a maximum of two candidates.  The following individuals were nominated. 


  1. Stephen Root                                accepted the nomination
  2. Phil Van Kampen                         accepted the nomination
  3. Brad Smith                                    declined the nomination
  4. Tom Wiedenbeck                        accepted the nomination
  5. Doug Steinberg                            accepted the nomination
  6. Phil Petersen                                declined the nomination
  7. Lee Christensen                          declined the nomination
  8. Ron Outhouse                              absent
  9. Brian Duffin                                   absent
  10. E. Jerry Tyler                                  declined the nomination
  11. Marilyn O’Brien                            absent
  12. Ron Jenkins                                 absent
  13. Chris Johnson                             declined the nomination
  14. Sharon Christensen                   declined the nomination
  15. Romaine Ace                               declined the nomination
  16. Sam Ace                                       declined the nomination


            There were more than four nominees as a result a vote was necessary to reduce the number of candidates.  Ballots were distributed and Chair Weber instructed the voters to vote for a total of two candidates for the position from the list of candidates.  The votes were tabulated as follows:


                                    1.  Stephen Root                    29

                                    2.  Phil Van Kampen              19

                                    3.  Tom Wiedenbeck             11

                                    4.  Doug Steinberg                    2

                                    5.  Ron Outhouse                      1

                                    6.  Brian Duffin                           3

                                    7.  Marilyn O’Brien                    3

                                    8.  Ron Jenkins                          1

                                    9.  Sam Ace                                 1


            Four candidates are needed to fill the ballot.  There was a tie vote of 3 votes for Brian Duffin and Marilyn O’Brien for that fourth position on the ballot.  The Tellers distributed ballots and Chair Weber instructed the voters to cast a vote for one candidate to finish the ballot.  The votes were tabulated as follows.


                                    1.  Brian Duffin                      18

                                    2.  Marilyn O’Brien                 13


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Town Board Caucus Meeting Minutes 

January 14, 2012


            The Clerk placed all four candidates’ names on separate ballot sheets and Caucus teller Carlene Bechen drew names at random for the ballot order.  The order on the ballot for Town Board Supervisor in the April 2012 Spring Election is as follows.                                   

  1. Brian Duffin
  2. Phil Van Kampen
  3. Stephen Root
  4. Tom Wiedenbeck

            The Clerk instructed the nominees to pick up the required paperwork and submit the completed forms by 4:00 pm Friday January 20, 2012.  The Caucus adjourned at 2:35 pm. 


Respectfully Submitted, 

Denise R. Arnold





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