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Town Board Meeting
Feb 07, 2012
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Town of Oregon

Town Board Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2012

            The Town of Oregon Board Chairperson Darryl Weber called the February 7, 2012 Town Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to adjourn to closed session pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute § (1)(C) to discuss personnel.  Motion carried.  Roll call was taken those present: Chair Darryl Weber, Supervisor Wayne Ace, Jerry Jensen, Chris Johnson and Phil Van Kampen.  Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Ace to reconvene into open session.  Motion carried. 

            The regular Town Board Meeting was delayed due to a Special Registration Deputy Training held by Clerk Arnold.  The joint municipality training was with the Village of Brooklyn, Village of Oregon, Town of Dunn and Town of Rutland organized and hosted by the Town of Oregon. 

            At 7:15 pm Town Board Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Town Board Meeting back in session with the following Board Supervisors present Wayne Ace, Jerry Jensen, Chris Johnson, Phil Van Kampen, Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, Assessor Andy Blomstrom and Clerk Denise Arnold.  Absent:  Constable Gary Wackett and Park Board Chair Steve Root. 

            Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the Town Board Meeting Minutes from the January 2, 2012 as presented.  Motion carried.

            Motion made by Jensen and seconded by Weber to accept the financial report as read by Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash.  Motion carried.

            The Clerk was instructed to include an Eagle Scout Presentation by Alec Meier on the March 6thTown Board Agenda. 

            Town Board Supervisor Candidate Tom Wiedenbeck inquired if the Town would hold a meet and greet the candidates before the spring election.  There were some concerns expressed regarding the Town of Oregon hosting such an event.  This had been done a number of years ago sponsored by the Oregon Observer and the League of Woman’s Voters.  The Clerk will check with the Wisconsin Towns Association to inquire if that is legal. 

            Andy Blomstrom shared that the bike trail has the funds in place and should move forward with that project this year.  Blomstrom reported that there were some issues with some Town residents that have been worked out according to Robert Jenkins. 

            Motion made by Weber and seconded by Ace to approve the land division and rezone petition number DCPREZ-2012-10390, Parcel number 0509-084-9501-0 to create two residential lots for family members.  The property is located off of Lincoln Road.  This approval is also subject to a joint driveway agreement.  The land owner is Frederick Clark of 950 Tipperary Road, Oregon, WI and the petitioner is Steve Clark 150 Paoli Street Verona, WI.  Motion carried.

            The Clerk provided copies of the recent invoices received from the Village of Oregon.  A loan interest payment of $4,792.14 was due for the Oregon Area Fire & EMS District.  The amount of $21,239.80 is payment toward the debt.  The amount of $84,418.87 is 70% of the 2012 budget amount that is due in the first quarter. 

            Clerk Arnold prepared a spread sheet of the hourly financial compensation for election workers of the surrounding municipalities.  The Town of Oregon was one of the lowest.  Motion made by Ace and seconded by Van Kampen to approve an increase of .50 per hour bringing the hourly rate to $8.00 per hour.  Motion carried.  Supervisor Jensen and Supervisor Johnson abstained. 

            Sam Bilhorn from Payne and Dolan has contacted the Clerk to explain that they would like to assist in the road bid process.  He would assist in the measurements to determine the bid specifications.  The other option is to continue as the Town has for the past few years with Dane County’s bidding process.  The Board agreed to return to working with Payne and Dolan with the road bid process.  Ace mentioned that Glenway and Glenway Circle are in need of work along with Fahey Heights.  Harding Street is also in bad shape. 



Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2012  Page 2

            Chair Weber will talk to the Public Works Employees regarding the purchase of a John Deere 1445 lawnmower.  The current mower is 10 or 11 years old it would be best to replace it while it still has some trade in value.  Weber will have bids available for the next meeting. 

            The Board decided that the purchase of a GIS software package from MSA would not be a good investment at this time.  The estimated cost of the investment is $6,000. and the funds were not allocated in the 2012 budget.

            The next Park Committee Meeting will be March 5, 2012. 

            Assessor Blomstrom went to a user’s group meeting.  There was discussion regarding a report that would take approximately 16 hours of preparation to submit to the Department of Revenue.  This report may never be valued or evaluated however it will be required of all municipal assessors.  Blomstrom has 80% of the properties that had 2011 building permits completed.  About 20% of the remaining building permits will require a home evaluation.  Blomstrom has downloaded sales in the Town there were about 20.  Name and address changes have been made and land splits will be done.  The Clerk mentioned that the Assessor has received a new laptop for $1,666.17.  There is not a monthly charge for the wireless mobile internet.  Back up is done by Computer Magic with the Assessor having his computer on and logged into the internet at a designated time.  The Assessor has two external backups one to be stored at the Town Hall and one at his home receiving updates. 

            The Town Board, Assessor Blomstrom and the Clerk all agreed upon May 19, 2012 as the Board of Review Date.  The Clerk and Assessor will set up the open book time table approximately two weeks prior to the Board of Review. 

            There were 5 building permits in January and none so far in February.  The Clerk had a copy of the 2011 Building Inspection report that is prepared for the Village.  Total paid for building inspections for the year of 2011 is $7,828.80.                         

            Constable Wackett submitted a report for January with one animal complaint and one parking complaint on Echo Valley Road. 

            The Clerk had a report prepared to show the Town’s financial responsibility toward DaneCom radio systems.  The 2012 amount is $1,587. and by 2015 the total paid will be $19,331.

            Chair Weber shared that the Plan Commission reviewed and recommended the Clark petition.  Commission members are also working on the submittal packets. 

            Ace reported that things are going well in the Public Works Department.  The new door has been installed on the north side of the garage.  A written report was prepared by employee Abel Schultz with the project worked on in January.  The Clerk shared a salt usage report, even with the mild winter the Town has used $28,143. worth of salt.   

            Future agenda items include the roads, the mower purchase, the Eagle Scout project and the Comprehensive Land Use changes to the maps. 

            Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Weber to approve the payment vouchers in the amount of $2,947.123.32. 

            Supervisor Johnson acknowledged that the Clerk did a good job training 30 new Special Registration Deputies. 

            Clerk Arnold reported that unemployment is being paid to Josh Cockcroft.  Another expense mentioned was a $2,000. increase in workman’s compensation premium. 

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Jensen to adjourn the February 7, 2012 meeting.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold, Clerk



















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