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Joint Municipality Meeting
Sep 14, 2011
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Town Board Meeting Minutes

Joint Municipality Meeting

September 14, 2011 6:30 pm


Town of Oregon Board Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Joint Municipality Meeting to order

on September 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm with board/trustee representatives in attendance from the Village of

Brooklyn, Village of Oregon, Town of Dunn and Town of Rutland along with their respective clerks. The

following Town of Oregon Supervisors were present, Phil Van Kampen, Jerry Jensen, Chris Johnson,

Wayne Ace and Clerk, Denise Arnold. In addition to the Trustees in attendance for the Village of Oregon

was Finance Director Renee Hoeft and Administrator Mike Gracz. The Oregon Senior Center was

represented by Director Alison Koelsch, Case Managers Carolyn Cross and Rachel Brickner. The Oregon

Area Fire-EMS District was represented by Chief Bloom and the Commission Chair David Donovan.

Chair Weber welcomed everyone to the meeting and called for a cooperative effort for the

important financial decisions that need to be considered. Weber requested that each municipality open

their meeting and take roll.

Village of Oregon President Steve Staton requested all the participating municipalities share their

position on the DaneCom Intergovernmental Agreement for a new radio system. Town of Dunn

explained that they were still thinking about the radios and expressed that it was a lot of money. Town of

Rutland was in the discussion phase as was the Town of Oregon. The Village of Brooklyn has not made a

final decision however is in favor of the program. The Village of Oregon shared that Police Chief Pettit is

recommending approval. The Village of Oregon has not finalized a vote however Staton thought they

would be in favor of the DaneCom Radio System.

Renee Hoeft Senior Center and Finance Director for the Village of Oregon presented a review of

the 2012 Senior Center Budget. Hoeft shared that Alison Koelsch Director of the Senior Center has cut

the 2012 budget by $40,000. One employee is changing to a family insurance plan reducing the overall

budget reduction to $30,000. The Senior Center will be losing $6,000. in grant money. The calculation

formula used for each municipality will be changing to reflect the 2010 census totals. The Town of

Oregon’s share is reduced from 20.96% to 18.34% of the total. The adult care now offered will be

reduced from two staff members to one. If more than eight people would come in for adult day a

volunteer substitute would be needed. The case management and nutrition grants will be remain the

same. Koelsch shared that they are trying a new fund raiser with Market Drive that was currently at the

Brooklyn Elementary School. Koelsch shared that they are still trying to grow and will not turn seniors

way despite the reduction of revenue.

Village of Oregon President Steve Staton reported that the Village does plan to fully fund with a

full commitment amount for the Senior Center. Village of Brooklyn President Nadine Walsten is hopeful

that the Village of Brooklyn will support the Senior Center financially. Walsten is hopeful that Trustees

will vote in favor of funding after Koelsch does a presentation at their next meeting. Town of Oregon

Board Chair Darryl Weber reported that the Town of Oregon plans to continue to support the Senior

Center financially as done in the past. Clerk Dawn George from the Town of Rutland shared that Rutland

cannot afford an increased amount, and would like a reduction in expense if any other municipalities are

receiving a reduction in their calculated budget amount. The Town of Dunn wanted to discuss the issue

and are unsure if they can provide financial support. Dunn suggested the Senior Center do fund raising.

Town of Dunn Clerk share that the Village of Oregon had made it clear that Dunn either had to play their

full amount or they are out. There was not an option available to negotiate a reduced obligation.

President Staton wanted to discuss continuing or eliminating the Case Management program for

the Senior Center in 2012. Carolyn Cross, Case Manager for the Oregon Senior Center spoke on behalf

of the program. Cross was concerned for the people that now depend on the service. Case management

allows for people to be connected with resources that help them and make life easier for the senior

citizens, and their caregivers. One half of the center’s value is case management. The Town of Dunn was

exploring the possibility of providing service for their citizens with another center.

Joint Municipality Meeting Minutes



Town of Dunn Chair Ed Minihan could not justify the expense of the Oregon Senior Center to their

residents because there may be a better economic alternative. One quarter of the Senior Center expense

goes for case management. President Staton spoke up regarding balancing your municipalities’ budget on

the back of the Seniors was wrong. It is difficult for one municipality to pull out and leave the others to

make up for that loss of revenue. Everyone agreed that the service of the Senior Center was a valuable

and necessary program for our general population to tap into. Town of Dunn Chair Minihan explained

that they could not commit to any financial contribution at this time without consideration of a change in

configuration by the Village of Oregon. The Village of Oregon proposes the same payment of

participation in 2012 thru July. Honor the present contributions however not assume the Town of Dunn’s

share. All of the municipalities with the exception of Dunn agree that it is an all in or all out program.

Rutland wanted to be clear that they would honor their contract amount however not pay any additional

amount if Dunn would back out of the contract. Rutland would like to see efficiency in fund

consumption and trying to encourage payment for services by Seniors that can afford to pay. Village of

Brooklyn President Walsten was in favor of the same support financially however stated that her vote was

one of seven others. None of Brooklyn’s trustees were present. Chair Weber shared that the Town of

Oregon was in favor of the same financial support. Carolyn Cross wanted to remind people that the funds

everyone is speaking of cutting translates into people and their care.

Village of Brooklyn President Nadene Walsten left because the portion of the meeting that

involved her municipality was completed. The Village of Brooklyn does not participate in the Oregon

Area Fire/EMS District.

Oregon Area Fire/EMS District Commissioner Chair David Donovan called the Fire District

Meeting to order. The first item on the agenda was executing of General Obligation Promissory Notes for

2011 requiring signatures by all Town Chairs and Clerks. All participating municipalities have approved

this at their individual meetings.

Chair Donovan called for executing of Amendments to the 2011 Agreement signing by all Town

Chairs and Clerks. All participating municipalities have approved these amendments at their respective

Town Meetings.

Chair Donovan talked about forming a Finance Committee to guide/over see the District’s

financial budget issues to assist Chief Bloom. There is a full annual audit done each year however the

accountant did not really advise the District that changes should be made. Donovan wants to have as

much support for the Chief as humanly possible. It was explained that the District was over estimating

the revenue that could be collected. The fund balance has depleted. Chair Minihan reminded everyone

that excess fund balance was returned to participating municipalities a 2008. In 2012 the revenues will

need to be better estimated. The combination of purchases made and inaccurate revenue calculations

caused the depletion of the fund balance.

Supervisor Johnson questioned the procedure for collections. Chief Bloom shared that TRIP (Tax

Refund Intercept Program) collections were used. Johnson then inquired about a procedure for major

purchases. Donovan stated that all municipalities were informed of the new equipment being purchased.

Johnson explained that the Town was asked what color the new equipment should be however it was not

shared that the fund balance was being depleted to make the purchase. Point being that it is doubtful the

municipalities would have been favorable with the purchases. Donovan did not have an answer but really

would like to improve upon that area with the participating municipalities.

Chief Bloom explained his 2011 proposed budget cuts for the OAFED. Financial Grants are being

explored. Labor cost is being discussed.

The 2012 Budget is being worked on with an October 2011 deadline for the Commission to

forward the proposed budget to the Boards. Chief Bloom explained some changes for the 2012 Budget

and fielded questions. Race track fees will be increased. Donovan shared that the fund balance should be

around $123,000.

Joint Municipality Meeting Minutes

The Town of Dunn wanted consideration of all municipalities that participant to approve the Town

of Dunn borrowing on behalf of the OAFED. A commitment by the Village and Towns of repayment of

the loan was requested. Town of Dunn’s proportional share of the debt under the District agreement is

needed to proceed with replenishing the fund balance. It will take three or four years to improve the

situation although they do not think another special assessment will be needed it still may have to be

considered. Chief Bloom explained how staffing occurs with the OAFED along with the financial

compensations of those positions.

Hoeft explained the agreement by all the municipalities to use the 2010 census numbers to

calculate proportional shares of 2012 payment amounts to the District instead of the less accurate 2010

Department of Administration estimates. The same population percentage numbers should be used for the

Town of Dunn loan repayment calculations.

Commissioner Donovan wanted all municipalities to consider approval for the Town of Dunn to

take out a loan on behalf of the OAFED. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve

the Town of Dunn to take out a loan for $180,000. on behalf of the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District, with

the commitment to sign the loan documentation when provided by the Town of Dunn. The Town of

Oregon portion would be an accumulation of four payments of $8,121.47 with a final payment of

$8,120.01 for a total Municipal cost of $40,605.88. Motion carried.

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Jensen to adjourn the Joint Municipal Meeting at

9:30 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold


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