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Town Board Minutes
Mar 01, 2011
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Town of Oregon

Board Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2011                       


            Town Board Chair Darryl Weber called the March 1, 2011 Town Board Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The following Town Board Supervisors were present Wayne Ace, Chris Johnson, Jerry Jensen, Phil Van Kampen, Park Chair Steve Root and Clerk Denise Arnold.  Absent:  Assessor Andy Blomstrom, Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, and Constable Gary Wackett.  There were 19 residents in attendance. 

            Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to approve the February 3, 2011 Town Board Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

            Motion made by Jensen and seconded by Johnson to accept the Financial Report prepared by Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash and submitted prior to the meeting.  Motion carried.

            Eagle Scout Candidate Garrett Frankson presented his Town Hall Gazebo project.  He reported that 20 people which consisted of parents and other scouts assisted him on the 301 man hour project.  It took approximately a year to design the eight sided gazebo and about two months to build.  The total cost of the Gazebo and walkway was $1,873.44 paid from park funds.  Chair Weber thanked Eagle Scout Garrett Frankson for a fine job.  Weber also wanted to acknowledge the efforts of Park Chair Steve Root in encouraging and supporting this work being done in the Town of Oregon.

            The Chair in inquired if there were any public comments there being none the next item on the agenda was addressed.  

            Park Chair Steve Root reported that there are more potential scout projects to come in the Town Park and Ravenoaks.  The potential projects was the reason for recently surveying the Ravenoaks Park.  Root has walked the area with an arborist and there are two bids.  This would take care of the dead wood removal, canopy, hazard trees and braches for $820.00.  The second bid would be $4,200. to take trees down and allow the natural habitat use for various animals and plant life.  Motion made by Weber and seconded by Jensen to approve the bids of $4,200. for taking the dead trees down and the $820.00 for the oak tree trimming at Ravenoaks.  Motion carried.  Root thanked the board and thought that the work would take about 2 weeks and would be completed before April 15th.  Root also talked about a spring project working with the Oasis Club from the Oregon High School.  They will work at the Town Park were there are weed issues. 

            There was not an assessors report due to the absence of Assessor Blomstrom. 

            The Clerk reported that building inspections have increased.  The Clerk requested building inspection fees from other municipalities to conduct a study of potential areas of improvement for the Town.  The Clerk requested time to analyze and report back at the April meeting. 

            The Constable’s report was presented there were two animal calls in February and six park checks. 

            Supervisor Johnson read Resolution Number 01-2011 to the Board and residents in attendance.  Johnson wrote the Resolution Opposing Provision Of The Budget Repair Bill (Senate Bill 11) Proposed by Governor Walker.  Chair Weber thanked Johnson for reading the resolution and asked the board members for their comments.  Van Kampen-no comment.  Jensen asked if an amendment could be made to change the word “right” to “privilege” throughout the resolution.  Example:  “the privilege of collective bargaining” vs. the “the right of collective bargaining”.   Johnson was not willing to accept the amendment.  Ace wanted to hear from the residents in attendance at the meeting. 







Town Board Meeting Minutes March 1, 2011

Page 2

Residents that spoke in favor of the resolution were:

                        Carlene Bechen - 381 Union Road, Brooklyn, WI 53521

                        Ruben Kaiser – 5461 Marie Road, Oregon, WI 53575

                        E. Jerry Tyler – 794 County Road MM, Oregon, WI 53575

                        Ann Kleckner – 5545 County Road A, Brooklyn, WI 53521

                        Janine Jensen – 869 Glenway Road, Oregon, WI 53521

                        Daniel Barnish – 1598 Partridge Hill Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

                        Richard Bechen – 381 Union Road, Brooklyn, WI  53521

                        Nancy Murphy – 5844 Madsen Circle, Oregon, WI 53575

                        Laura Douglass – 545 Union Road, Oregon, WI 53575

                        Dan Olson – Village of Oregon resident

            Chair Weber commented that he was uncomfortable with the vote regarding the resolution because while some residents were in attendance not all of the residents were available for comment.  Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Van Kampen to adopt resolution number 01-2011 Opposing Provision of the Budget Repair Bill (Senate Bill 11) Proposed by Governor Walker.  A roll count vote was requested. 

Votes were as follows:  Van Kampen – Yes, Jensen – No, Johnson – Yes, Ace – Yes and Weber – Abstained.  Motion carried. 

            Supervisor Jensen talked about the issue with Foxboro Golf Club’s liquor licensing.  Foxboro is located in three municipalities the Village of Oregon, the Town of Rutland and the Town of Oregon.  The Town of Oregon holds the liquor license however the beverage cart does service areas in the other two municipalities.  The liquor needs to be stored in the municipality that it is served in.  Jensen discussed the dilemma with the Town’s Attorney Larry Bechler.  Attorney Bechler did not have a solution.  Jensen suggested to Brook Schmidt representing Foxboro to research if another golf course would have a similar situation.  The Town of Oregon is in compliance with their license. 

            NIMS Committee Representative Bob Johnson reported that the emergency management plan is in the editing stage.  The final draft should be ready next month then Mark O’Brien will present it to the Town Board.  The Committee discussed the radio situation and felt that the impaired radio should be repaired.  The Chair of the Committee should have a radio in his possession along with a key. 

            Chair Weber reported that the Plan Commission meeting was quiet.  There was one property owner that they held a question and answer session with.  The resident was inquiring what could be done with the acreage such as land splits, development and sales. 

            Supervisor Van Kampen reported no new developments for Belleville or Brooklyn Fire/EMS.  Oregon Fire/EMS has improved the cash flow issues by collecting budgeted municipal funds earlier in the calendar year.  Next month there should be a report available from an audit conducted recently. 

            The Road and Traffic Safety Committee did not meet therefore there was not report.

            Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve the Order Adopting Seasonal Weight Limits on Town of Oregon Roadways.  Motion carried. 

            Supervisor Ace reported that the Public Works were doing fine.  The TORC can no longer allow oil filters to be put in the garbage.  A drum could be placed out there; Ace wanted the board to decide if there should be a charge for the filter disposal.  It was decided that it would be provided and the clerk would track the expense for six months and then make a decision if the expense would need to be off set by a fee.  Everyone agreed that the filters should be accepted to



Town Board Meeting Minutes March 1, 2011

Page 3


avoid illegal dumping.  The cost will be $80.00 per 55 gallon barrel hauled away. The Clerk shared a list of proposed seal coating and blacktop overlay that was prepared by lead Public

Works employee Ron Outhouse.  Ace requested that road work be discussed at the April  meeting.  The Clerk informed the board that the salt contract had been exhausted and salt was

now being purchased from Lannon Stone.  The contract price was locked at $61.07 per ton and now the cost is $89.50 per ton.   The 2011 salt budget has been exceeded.  The fuel consumption is also higher due to increased costs.  The average monthly fuel over the last five years is $1,422. per month.  The fuel cost has averaged $3,123. in January and February 2011. 

            Supervisor Jensen reported that is has been quiet at the County level.  There will be some redistricting after the census numbers are final. Jensen felt some things are on hold until after the Dane County Executive position has been filled.  Shore land zoning, Chapter 10 zoning code and Farmland Preservation are issues that Jensen is working on. 

            Future agenda items will be the 2011 Road Work and building permit survey. 

            Motion by Johnson and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the monthly vouchers for $1,245,961.99.  Motion carried.

            The Clerk reported that there might be FEMA funds available for the big snow storm expense.  The office portion of the audit with Baker Tilly is complete.

            Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to adjourn the March 1, 2011 Town Board Meeting at 8:20 p.m.  Motion carried


Respectfully Submitted,




Denise R. Arnold, Clerk





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