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Jan 22, 2011
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Town of Oregon

Caucus January 22, 2011

Meeting Minutes


Town Board Chair Darryl Weber called the January 22, 2011 Caucus to order at 2:00 p.m. with 41 Town of Oregon residents in attendance.  Chair Weber thanked everyone in attendance for participating and reminded all voters to sign in.  Weber then requested that Phil Peterson chair the caucus due to Weber being up for re-election. 

            Three tellers volunteered to tally the caucus, Janine Jensen, Carlene Bechen and Ruth Klahn.  The first ballot nomination would be for Town Board Chair and each voter was allowed to write one name on their ballot.  The following individuals were nominated: 


                                    1.  Darryl Weber                    accepted the nomination

                                    2.  Phil Peterson                    declined the nomination

                                    3.  Chris Johnson                  absent

                                    4.  Wayne Ace                         declined the nomination

                                    5.  Jerry Jensen                      declined the nomination

                                    6.  Carlene Bechen                declined the nomination

                                    7.  Phil Van Kampen              declined the nomination


            Motion made by Ruth Klahn and seconded by Chester Thomas to nominate Darryl Weber and Chris Johnson as the official candidates for the position of Town Board Chair.  Motion carried.  By random selection the candidates for Town Board Chair will be place on the ballot in the following order:


  1. Darryl Weber
  2. Chris Johnson


            The electors were instructed to nominate a total of two candidates for the position of Board Supervisor as there are two seats available.  Ballots were distributed and collected by the tellers.  The following individuals were nominated. 


  1. Wayne Ace                                    accepted the nomination
  2. Ron Outhouse                               absent
  3. Chris Johnson                              absent
  4. Kevin Cox                                       absent
  5. Rhonda Christensen LaFlash   declined the nomination
  6. LeRoy Kluever                               declined the nomination
  7. Ruth Klahn                                     declined the nomination
  8. Carlene Bechen                            declined the nomination
  9. Jim O’Brien                                    absent
  10. Howard Ace                                   absent
  11. Phil Peterson                                 declined the nomination
  12. Nancy Murphy                                declined the nomination
  13. Darryl Weber                                  declined the nomination
  14. Ray Herfel                                       declined the nomination
  15. Jerry Jensen                                   declined the nomination
  16. Pen Beasley                                   declined the nomination
  17. Rick Bechen                                   declined the nomination
  18. Steve Root                                      absent



January 22, 2011 Town of Oregon Caucus

Page 2

            There were more than four nominees as a result a vote was necessary to reduce the number of candidates.  Ballots were distributed to the residents by the tellers and Acting Chair Peterson instructed electors to vote for two candidates for the position of Supervisor from the list.  The votes were tabulated as follows:


                                    1.  Wayne Ace                                    19 votes

                                    2.  Ron Outhouse                               9 votes

                                    3.  Chris Johnson                              25 votes

                                    4.  Kevin Kox                                      14 votes

                                    5.  Jim O’Brien                                    3 votes

                                    6.  Howard Ace                                     4 votes

                                    7.  Steve Root                                        3 votes


            The top four receiving the most ballots for Town Board Supervisor will be placed on the ballot in the following random order drawn by former Clerk Ruth Klahn. 


  1. Ron Outhouse
  2. Wayne Ace
  3. Kevin Kox
  4. Chris Johnson


            Ballots for the nomination of the office of Town Assessor were distributed.  The following individuals were nominated:


  1. Andy Blomstrom                         accepted the nomination
  2. Darryl Weber                                 declined the nomination
  3. Tom Wiedenbeck                       absent
  4. Steve Root                                    absent                                                                       


            There were more than two nominees as a result a vote was necessary to reduce the number of candidates.  Ballots were distributed to the residents by the tellers and acting Chair Peterson instructed the electors to vote for one candidate for the position of Assessor. 


                                    1.  Andy Blomstrom                             25 votes

                                    2.  Tom Wiedenbeck                           14 votes

                                    3.  Steve Root                                          1 vote


            The ballot order for the Town Assessor of the two highest recipients of votes will be in the following order.                   

  1. Andy Blomstrom
  2. Tom Wiedenbeck


            Ballots were distributed by the election tellers for the position of Town Treasurer and voters were instructed to nominate one candidate for the position. 


  1. Rhonda Christensen LaFlash       accepted the nomination
  2. Phil Peterson                                    declined the nomination
  3. Ruth Klahn                                        declined the nomination
  4. Carlene Bechen                               declined the nomination
  5. Sharon Christensen                       absent



January 22, 2011 Town of Oregon Caucus

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            Motion made by Romaine Ace and seconded by Janine Jensen to accept the nomination of Rhonda Christensen LaFlash and Sharon Christensen as the two candidates on the ballot.  Motion carries.  The ballot order is as follows:


  1. Sharon Christensen
  2. Rhonda Christensen LaFlash


            Ballots were distributed by the tellers for the position of Constable.  Acting Chair Peterson instructed residents to nominate one candidate for the position.  The following individuals were nominated for the position of Constable: 

  1. Gary Wackett                                 accepted the nomination 
  2. Kurt Maher                                      absent
  3. Phil Peterson                                  declined the nomination


            Motion made by Chester Thomas and seconded by Jerry Jensen to declare Gary Wackett and Kurt Maher as the nominees for Town constable on the official ballot.  The order on the ballot will be as follows:   


  1. Gary Wackett
  2. Kurt Maher


            Motion was made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Darryl Weber to adjourn the 2011 Town of Oregon Caucus at 2:45 p.m.  Motion carries. 


Respectfully Submitted,



Denise R. Arnold,


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