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Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes
Aug 03, 2010

Chair Weber called the August 3, 2010 Town Board Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the following Town Board Supervisors present Wayne Ace, Chris Johnson, Jerry Jensen, Phil Van Kampen, Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, Constable Gary Wackett, Park Chairperson Steve Root and Clerk Denise Arnold. Absent: Assessor Andy Blomstrom.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve the minutes from the July 6, 2010 Town Board Meeting as presented. Motion carried.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Jensen to approve the Financial Report as presented by the Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash. Motion carried.

     Chair Weber made the board aware that Scott and Jen Williams located at 1045 Hillcrest Lane would like to remove the current field driveway located on the property. If the field driveway was removed it may resolve the water issues they are experiencing with their paddock. Redirecting the water would not affect any neighboring properties. The Board instructed Weber to contact the property owner and proceed at their expense with the removal of the field driveway.

     The clerk shared a series of email messages from a resident that reported a property located at 6191 Stony Hill Rd. having weeds and tall grass on their property. The Clerk instructed public works employees Heller and Cockroft to assess the situation. Constable Wackett went to the site, took pictures and prepared a full report regarding the issues sited. According to the documentation the waterway located on the backside of the property does have some weeds however the entire group of houses have similar conditions. Jensen reminded the board that there are only three noxious weeds in Wisconsin Canadian thistle, leafy spurge and creeping jenny or field bindweed. The growing season is nearing closure so it did not seem prudent to act on this problem in 2010. The clerk was instructed to send letters to the property owners in the spring of 2011 reminding residents of the State/Local noxious weed ordinance.

     Park Committee Chair Steve Root reported that even though the Eagle Scout Candidates are experiencing a busy summer they still desire to complete their designated projects in the Town of Oregon. The Board acknowledged the well presented article in the Oregon Observer featuring the accomplishments of the local Eagle Scouts and roll that Steve Root shared in their journeys.

     The Clerk shared the schedule of walk thrus that the Assessor is conducting. Letters have been sent to residents for appointments up to September 4, 2010. Wackett reported that there will be new requirements for assessor reporting to the Department of Revenue beginning in 2012.

     A building inspection report was available for the Supervisors to review. More building permits were issued in the month of July. There are now three new homes started.

     The air conditioning unit for the Town Hall and Clerk's Office was recently repaired. At that time the technician reported that the unit was old and would soon need to be replaced. The clerk was instructed to gather four different bids for the work needed and the expense would need to be placed on the 2011 budget.

     Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Jensen to approve the work contract of Krause Quick Book Consulting to assist the clerk in applying the budget to our existing bookkeeping system and other repairs at a rate of $95.00 per hour. Motion carried.

     Constable Wackett reported that the 4th of July was quiet in the Town of Oregon. Wackett conducted 13 park checks, a couple of TORC checks, 2 verbal warnings for violating park hours and there was a picnic table damaged by being burnt.

     Van Kampen reported on the NIMS meeting. Discussion items were the kits/oxygen, badges, chain of command and forms. They took other municipal plans and compared them to our proposal. The plan will all be reviewed with the board when the final stages approach. Maps will be created in an 8 ½ x 11 format for damage assessments.

     Weber reported on the Plan Commission progress, the blanket rezone changes have been made and a Public Hearing will be held Monday August 9th at 6:30 p.m.

     Ace shared there was not a Road & Traffic Safety Committee meeting. He requested the board watch for the new blue road signs that have been installed. The feed back on the new signs have been positive so far.

     Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Van Kampen to approve a $25.00 per diem compensation for all committee meetings starting in January 2011. Motion carried.

     Motion made by Jensen and seconded by Weber to include a referendum and additional expenses on the November 2, 2010 election ballot stating "Shall commuter rail from Middleton to the Town of Burke be funded by a half-cent (0.5 percent) increase in the sales tax?" Motion carried. Residents Tom and Barb Wiedenbeck were in attendance at the meeting and voiced that they were in favor of the referendum. There will be additional expenses incurred with the voting equipment and ballot printing. The board felt a need to allow the public an opportunity to voice their opinion by voting for or against the commuter rail along with the sales tax increase.

     Ace reported that new employee Joshua Cockroft has started working in the Public Works Department for the Town of Oregon. Ace had checked with Dane County regarding the usage of safety vests vs. t-shirts. Public Works Employee Harlan Heller had requested if he could just wear the bight t-shirt rather than a shirt & safety vest. After some discussion it was agreed that vests should always be worn for liability and safety reasons of employees.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve the sale of the tip dumpsters located at the TORC site to Pellitteri Waste Systems for $100.00 each. Motion carried

     Ace talked to Percy Mathers regarding the plan to eliminate the water issue at the TORC site. She informed Ace that no permit plan was necessary for the project. Ace is proposing to fill in the hole where the water stands, put in a culvert underneath the roadway and dig a hole on the other side of the driveway. Ace thought that the expense would run around $6,000. Ace would like to hire Alme to do all dozer work. The Public Works Employees would do the fill work. Ace and Jensen will work on the project. The landscaping plants should cost around $900.

     Jensen met with Jess Starks from Dane County Land and Water Conservation Department. It had been proposed to use some of the spoil in the ditch as fill at the TORC. Because this is a manure product Starks would not recommend using it as fill and would rather land spread that product on Fred Clark's property. Upon removal it could be assessed and possibly use some of it for fill. There should be an agreement with Mr. Clark to have it spread by November 1st and if that is not done the Town would have to do it. There may be the possibility of cost sharing for some water redirection for Mr. Clark's property going through the farm yard. Clark is installing a cement bunker rather than the plastic tubing for silage. A chapter 14 erosion control permit will be required for the Tipperary Road project and the TORC site improvements.

     Van Kampen did research regarding a change for the public works employee cell phones and recommended to maintain the same plan in as being used now. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to retain the current cell phone policy. Motion carried.

     The Clerk shared an email from Greggar Petersen of Dane County that stated that the Town's 2010 road bids will be sent to purchasing and scheduled to be opened on August 23rd. The board requested a special meeting be held August 25th at 7:30 pm to evaluate the road bids submitted.

     Jensen reported on Dane County communications. Jensen shared that the emergency radios have been discussed. There are three plans being proposed at this time. The highest is 32 million in cost the next level is 24 million. The least expensive plan is 6 million and does comply with federal standards with a patch. The patch is necessary with the current plan being used also.

     Johnson talked about the future task of job evaluations. A detailed timeline proposed for the 2010 evaluations prepared by Johnson was available for the board supervisors. The work rules and policies for the public works crewperson have been revised by the hiring committee. An amendment would need to be made to adopt the changes in their employee contracts. The work rules and polices should be added to the contract. Some minor changes were made and it was agreed the policies should be shared with the public works employees for further evaluation.

     Future agenda items will include road work, TORC expenses and plan, approval of work rules and policies and part time snow plowing plan.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Jensen to approve payment vouchers for $91,771.22. Motion carried.

     The Clerk reported that a motorcycle ride will go thru the Town of Oregon on August 21, 2010 between 11:00 and 3:00. The Clerk will be on vacation from August 5th and will return on August 12th. Supervisor Chris Johnson will cover the office on Thursday August 5th. Deputy Clerk Hanson will be back from her vacation on Monday August 9th.

     Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to adjourn the August 3, 2010 Town Board Meeting at 8:45 p.m. Motion carried. Respectfully submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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