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Town of Oregon Annual Meeting
Apr 13, 2010


     The Town Chair Darryl Weber called the 2010 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with 17 residents in attendance.

     Motion was made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Chris Johnson to approve the April 14, 2009 Town Of Oregon Annual Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion carried.

     Motion made by Ruth Klahn and seconded by Gary Wackett to approve the December 31, 2009 Financial Report as read by Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash. Motion carried.

     Case Manager Sue Riehle of the Oregon Senior Center shared that more programs and activities are being offered at the center. Copies of the 2009 Senior Center Annual Report were available for residents. There were 185 volunteers from the Town of Oregon serving at the Senior Center in some capacity. Five Town residents passed and three moved into the Village of Oregon. There were 16 newly identified Town residents participating at the Senior Center. Chris Johnson complimented the Center on their monthly newsletter. Ruth Klahn serves on the Council of the Aging and added that the staff at the Senior Center is really exceptional with the efforts made for the participants. Ruth also mentioned that there is a Brat Bash being held on Friday May 8th, 2010 from 10:00-1:00 and she encouraged residents to take part.

     The Clerk reported that the Shared Revenue would be decreased in 2010 by approximately $8,000. The Fire dues will stay the same. Recycling receipts in 2009 increased due to a higher volume of residents using the TORC facility. There will be more changes at the recycling center over the next year with e-waste (electronic waste). On the expense side of the budget comparison there have been increases on the election costs. The County is picking up less of that expense and charging for more items. The voting equipment will need to be replaced within the next three years. The Assessor's salary was higher than budgeted because the Board instructed the Assessor to perform walk thrus on all 81 agricultural zoned properties. It was not a planned budget expense however there have been funds added to the budget for more scheduled walk thru inspections in 2010. Legal fees were more than anticipated. The Town Hall had more water issues this year and expensive repairs needed to be accomplished to solve the continuing water damage issues. The back access furnace/air conditioning door on the hall had to be replaced and eave toughs reinstalled on the building. The Fire/EMS stayed right on budget and will not increase significantly in 2010. The Town exceeded budget on major road work due to the deterioration of Tipperary Road which was not even on the list of roads to be repaved. Despite the harsh winter the snow removal expense was only a little over budget. The equipment purchase was only $23,667. and the budget allowed for $40,000. The park funds spent were increased due to unscheduled tree removal and plantings. Motion made by Ruth Klahn and seconded by Robert Kujawa to approve the clerk's presentation of the budget vs. actual comparison for 2009. Motion carried.

     Town Board Chairperson Darryl Weber shared that the completed Town of Oregon Comprehensive Land Use Plan was accepted by Dane County. Land use changes and rezones were down in the Town during 2009. Plan Commission Member Lloyd Klahn retired and a new member will be appointed in 2010. Motion made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Chris Johnson to approve the Plan Commission Report as presented by Weber. Motion carried.

     Park Chairperson Steve Root shared that trees were cut in the Town Park and Bi-Centennial Park. The town park required seal coating application for the parking lot. Four Eagle Scout projects were completed. Benches are being built and a gazebo will be constructed around the donated picnic table located at the Town Hall. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Wackett to accept the Park report as presented. Motion carried.

     Supervisor Phil Van Kampen reported that there were not any significant changes in the Oregon Fire/EMS with less than a 1% budget increase for 2010. After two years of negotiating the union contract was settled however that contract will expire the end of 2010. Car number one was replaced and a used ambulance was purchased. Carolyn Thompson from the Town was appointed to the hiring committee when Gary Wackett resigned. Belleville Fire/EMS budget is also in good condition and they added a new ambulance. The Town budgets $3,000. or less toward the Belleville Budget. Motion made by Phil Peterson and seconded by Robert Kujawa to accept the Fire/EMS report as presented by Van Kampen. Motion carries.

     Constable Gary Wackett reported that he logged 3,651 miles and 195 hours in the Township. Wackett made 212 park checks, 44 written warnings, and 6 citations. There were 14 animal calls, 7 Brooklyn assists, 7 Dane County assists, 6 Oregon assists, 1 DNR assists and 1 Oregon Fire assist. There was a junk complaint, 1 noise complaint, 1 controlled substance, and 1 parking complaint. Wackett also reported on the NIMS Committee that is preparing an Emergency Management Report with Dane County. This report must be complete to receive help from the County and FEMA in the event of an emergency. Wackett wanted to acknowledge the term of service that former Board Supervisor Rick Andersen provided for the Town. Motion made by Robert Kujawa and seconded by Jerry Jensen to approve the Constable report and the Emergency Management Report as presented by Wackett. Motion carried.

     Supervisor Wayne Ace was unable to attend the Town of Oregon Annual Meeting however he submitted a report to the Town Clerk. Last year Tipperary Road from Lincoln to Bellbrook was repaved. There was a need to update new road signs. More stop signs were put up. Several new culverts were installed and a new John Deere Tractor was purchased. The goals for 2010 are as followings: additional tree trimming, ditching, organize and landscape at the TORC. At this time the roads to be repaved are uncertain however Marie Road is really bad. No major equipment purchases at necessary at this time. Motion made by Chris Johnson and seconded by Ruth Klahn to accept the Road Patrol and TORC report as presented by Clerk Arnold. Motion carried. Chair Weber included that on Bellbrook there is a culvert that needs to be replaced and the DNR is proposing a joint project that may save the Town some money. Applications have been accepted for the replacement of retiring Public Works employee Ron Outhouse. Robert Kujawa, member of the Road and Safety Traffic Committee reported that the street name signs will need to be replaced. The color still needs to be determined. The signage will be larger and the font will be increased with better visibility at night. New standards are coming on the sign replacement schedules.

     Assessor Andy Blomstrom reported that the Town increased in value 1.8 million mostly due to new construction. The agricultural land use value decreased by $5.00 per acre. All farm properties have been reviewed, and a group of residential homes. The changed assessment notices have been mailed. Open Book and Board of Review dates are set. Robert Kujawa asked when the next revaluation will be performed? Blomstrom replied in three years the Town would be up for a revaluation. Blomstrom noted that a number of buildings have been torn down on the agricultural properties; residents need to notify the Assessor when buildings are disposed of to make the assessments more accurate. Motion made by Ruth Klahn and seconded by Robert Kjuawa to approve the Assessor's report as presented by Andy Blomstrom. Motion carried.

     Chair Weber wanted to acknowledge the service of Supervisor Rick Andersen as he was not reelected this term. The Clerk requested the recently elected Town Board Officials to please stand, raise their right hand and repeat the Oath of Office. The two Town Board Supervisors are Jerry Jensen and Phil Van Kampen.

     Motion made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Pen Beasley to approve the 2011 Annual Meeting date to be held on Tuesday April 11, 2011. Motion carried.

     Gary Wackett inquired if anyone had checked into possible stimulus funds for the hiring of a new employee. Chair Weber agreed that it was a possibility that could be checked into.

     Supervisor Chris Johnson wanted to mention what a good job the Town Clerk and Deputy Clerk did with the recent election. The clerk reported that the day went well.

     Motion made by Phil Peterson and seconded by Ruth Klahn to adjourn the Town of Oregon 2010 Annual Meeting at 7:50 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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