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Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes
Nov 03, 2009

 The regular month meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday November 3, 2009. The Town Board Chairperson Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the following Town board Supervisors present Wayne Ace, Chris Johnson, Phil Van Kampen, Assessor Andy Blomstrom, Park Chair Steve Root, Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, Constable Gary Wackett and Clerk Denise Arnold. Supervisor Rick Andersen was absent.

     Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to approve the Minutes from the October 6, 2009 Town Board Meeting with the following two corrections. 1. Note that Supervisor Ace voted nay to the Treasurer's September 2009 financial report.. 2. Change 6' to 6" for the signage size on page 2 referring to the intersection sign size. Motion carries.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve the Financial Report presented by Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash. Motion carries.

     Chair Weber inquired if there were any public comments, there being none the next item on the agenda was addressed.

     Don Esposito Vice President of Veridian Homes and David Schreiber Principal from Schreiber/Anderson presented their possible development plans for projects in Oregon. Mr. Schreiber shared a potential project map of Town property that would be annexed into the Village of Oregon and would eventually connect with the Andersen property recently purchased by the County. The traffic flow issues still need to be worked out with the County for Highway MM the connecting intersection would be just below the hill. Storm water flow is being examined. There will be 154 units that would be connected to a bike/walking path. There would be 122 single family dwellings. The first tier of activity would be 30 to 36 homes located in the 56 total acres. In their proposed time table they are looking at the potential of submitting an annexation petition by unanimous consent by early next spring. Van Kampen inquired if this annexation would cause a potential of an island of land east of the proposed area. Resident Will Cummings was concerned about the traffic on County Road MM. Supervisor Van Kampen agreed to attend meetings regarding this matter and report back to the Town Board. It is still unclear if the Foxboro Golf Course would be annexed in the process. The area developed would be governed by an Area Builders Association. The Town is concerned with losing the tax base and water run off issues.

     Park Chair Steve Root reported the fall tree planting on October 18th was very successful. Root wanted to thank Road Patrolman Harlan Heller for pre-drilling holes for trees and unloading them. There are three potential Eagle Scout projects however those will be delayed until spring. Due to this delay Root has applied and been approved for an extension for phase II with the DNR to complete the Eagle Scout projects as part of the plan.

     Assessor Andy Blomstrom reported that progress is being made on assessor inspection walk-thrus on residential properties, visiting over 30 dwellings. Blomstrom shared that he has discovered many improvements on these dwellings.

     Supervisor Johnson explained the Dane County Ordinance Amendment #21 regarding residences in the exclusive agriculture district. It basically states that if you have agricultural land and have a home on that property you may alter, restore, repair, replace or reconstruct without a required zoning change. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve Dane County Ordinance Amendment #21. Motion carries.

     Jen Williams of 213 Dewey St Oregon, explained to the Town Board that she is in the process of purchasing the Phil Manion property. The approximately six acre parcel with house, buildings and land would be the site of her horse boarding/training facility. Hay would be purchased from Howard Ace. Arlen Christensen would cooperate with manure removal. Williams is applying for a Conditional Use Permit and zoning change from RH-2 to A-2. Sharon Christensen inquired if Williams would have to reapply for the CUP after the legal purchase of the property. The Board was unsure. Motion made by Ace and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the rezone of parcel number 0509-161-9010-8 from RH2 to A-2 and CUP to board horses. Motion carries. The owner at this time is Phillip Manion, 1045 Hillcrest Lane, Oregon, WI.

     Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to allow Supervisor Van Kampen to proceed with the necessary electrical upgrades to the Oregon Town Hall with a cost not to exceed $2,090.00. Motion carried. The board suggested that another bid be obtained possibly from Louis Fahey. The kitchen wall of the Town Hall Community Room is consistently blowing fuses with each hall rental. The electrical load for the number of appliances is too great.

     Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to approve the bid for Crowley Masonry to furnish/install a new hollow metal door/frame & hardware at the rear of the Town Hall. Crowley would also be used to tuck point the building and shop structure. This same motion would include new eve troughs being installed after appropriate bids are obtained. All three projects should not exceed $10,000.00. Motion carried. Supervisor Van Kampen will handle all contracting within the limits approved. The exterior door on the back of the building is used for the access to the heating and cooling systems for the Town Hall. The painting that is needed will be completed in the spring of 2010.

     The Clerk shared new information in the form of a letter that came from Dane County regarding the Schenk property at 6625 Bellbrook Road. The County has set deadlines to clean up all the junk and or garbage by March 31, 2010 and remove the travel trailer by September 30, 2010. The Board will let the County proceed with their process and the clerk will track the progress, then report back to the Board.

     The Clerk sent a letter to Dan and Mary Butz owners of property located at 5632 Highway A, Oregon, WI 53575. The letter reminded them that they need to obtain a building permit for the work that is being completed in the dwelling. Supervisor Ace suggested that Mr. and Mrs. Butz attend the next board meeting and explain the work being completed.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve resolution number 03-2009 to adopt a representative to file the recycling grant. This action would authorize the deputy clerk, an official or employee of the responsible unit. Motion carried.

     The clerk reported that the Building Inspection service with Mike Kleisch was working well. A report was also provided for the board prepared by Kleisch.

     Constable Wackett did not have any incidents to report, October had been very quiet. The NIMS meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month making the next meeting November 10, 2009.

     Van Kampen shared the Oregon Fire/EMS budget request will be less than earlier reported. The estimated was $141,000 and it should be less than anticipated.

     Weber reported that the Plan Commission recommended the rezone and CUP for Jen and Scot Williams on the Manion property. The exclusive agriculture changes are waiting to be accepted. The Comprehensive Land Use Plan should be approved by the County before the end of the year.

     Ace reported on the Road & Traffic Safety Committee meeting. All stop ahead signs should be installed. Ace had a sample road sign that will be required to be installed by 2010 to be in compliance. The stop sign and road sign post will be combined and are available in blue and white or green and white.

     The new gates for the TORC have been constructed and should be installed. Ace also reported there is a need for 16 tires for the Town Trucks at approximately $300.00 each.

     The Clerk reported on information from Dane County Board Supervisor Jerry Jensen. The Town of Oregon Comprehensive Plan has passed through Dane County Zoning and is on the agenda for the Dane County Board. Jensen will be voting against the 7.9% increase in property taxes for the County. The RTA (Regional Transit Authority) is up for a vote and Jensen shared he will be voting no. Jensen did not want to support a group of unelected individuals with taxing authority. People that are not voted for or supported by the taxpayers should not be making tax altering decisions.

     The invoice for legal service through the Village of Oregon joint court with De Witt, Ross & Stevens for the Paul Jensen case finished out at $531.25. The clerk negotiated with Attorney Tim Speerschneider to reduce that expense to the amount of the fine imposed which is $200.00. A letter was received from the Department of Workforce development that employee Harlan Heller is filing a claim against the Town of Oregon Workman's Compensation Insurance for a claim denied in 2008/2009. The clerk shared that a letter was received from Larry Bechler's office regarding our budget. There will be no increase in cost of services from Murphy Desmond Lawyers in 2010. Sarah Justus from ATC called to report that the Sun Valley transmission line project is nearing completion.

     For future agenda items the board requested an update on the building maintenance and to invite Dan and Mary Butz to our next board meeting to explain their house repair progress.

     Ace inquired as to how the board would like the snow plow driver seasonal position hiring handled? The board members present suggested that Ace handle choosing appropriate candidates and if he would like support a committee could be established if needed. Ace will proceed with the process and the clerk will work with Ace to send letters to the applicants to inform them of the decisions made. Each of the 3 relief drivers will have to learn and be comfortable with all three snow plow routes.

      Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Van Kampen to adjourn the November 3, 2009 Town of Oregon Board Meeting at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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