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Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes
Jul 07, 2009


Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2009


      The Regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Tuesday July 7, 2009. The Town Board Chairperson, Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the following Town Board Supervisors present Chris Johnson, Rick Andersen, Phil Van Kampen, Assessor Andy Blomstrom, Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash Christensen, Park Chairperson Steve Root, Constable Gary Wackett and Clerk, Denise Arnold. Absent: Wayne Ace.

      The Clerk shared changes in the June 2, 2009 Town Board Meeting Minutes that were made after the minutes had been reported to the Board. The changes were on page 4 regarding the Constable directly referencing his request to include information on furthering the education of the Constable and the use of the word "detain" in the Town Constable Ordinance. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the financial report as presented by the Treasurer. Motion carried. The Treasurer also shared that funds have been moved to higher yielding interest bearing certificates of deposit at the Bank of Oregon. One CD at 2.25% for three months and a six month CD at 2.5% interest each in the amount of $250,000.00.

      Chair Weber inquired if there were any public comments resident Brad Smith residing at 5597 Netherwood Road, Oregon, WI had comments and questions. Mr. Smith wanted to know why there was an attempt to withhold the elected Assessor's paycheck? Supervisor Johnson explained that there was a misunderstanding and there was a need for clarification. Johnson presented a new procedure for the completion of the assessor's walk thru inspections for properties in the Town of Oregon.

  1. Perform the walk thrus and enter information on the assessor's computer system
  2. Load photos that are relative on the computer
  3. Create and load the drawings to the computer
  4. Transfer the information to the office computer
      Johnson made this in a form of a motion and added for further clarification that the Assessor's quarterly compensation should be kept separate of the walk thru inspection compensation. The motion could not be voted on because it was not on the July Board Meeting Agenda; a request was made to include that on the August agenda. Van Kampen clarified that the board did not communicate properly to the Clerk that the checks should be made separately. Smith was concerned there was a violation of the open records law. Van Kampen confirmed that a meeting was not held to determine the release of the Assessor's compensation. It was discussed at a meeting in February 2009. Smith also commented that the liaison between the board and the Assessor should be Supervisor Andersen therefore if there was a problem with releasing the check it should have been handled through Supervisor Andersen. Chair Weber inquired if Assessor Blomstrom had received his quarterly assessor's compensation check on the July 1, 2009 required date and Blomstrom confirmed that he had.

      Village resident Paul Jensen of 893 New Hampton Drive reported that there is a portable basketball hoop too close to the road right of way on Alan Drive. Jensen was also concerned about people driving their ATV on the road.

      Village resident Sharon Jensen of 893 Hampton Drive co-owner of the property located at 5490 Netherwood Road wanted to register a complaint regarding the citation delivered by Constable Gary Wackett. The citation was hand delivered by Constable Wackett and two officers from the Village of Oregon upon their recommendation. Jensen felt that Wackett served the papers too late in the evening after 8:00 p.m. Wackett explained that the Village Police Department requested to assist and Wackett had to wait until the officers were available.

      Assessor Blomstrom informed the board that he was updating photos, drawings and dimensions of the buildings and dwellings that he has been inspecting. Notes regarding the changes are made on the system and back ups have been completed.

      Paul and Sharon Jensen property owners of 5490 Netherwood Road were present to discuss the clean up process at that address. Van Kampen acknowledged the progress made, clean up done; vehicles moved and expressed appreciation of the changes. Mr. Jensen said he will do more to improve the property.

      Mary Butz property owner of 5632 County Highway A Oregon, WI reported that they are working on the dwelling; a building permit was obtained on April 7, 2009 to work on the roof and siding. Mrs. Butz shared that her son is getting married and would like to move into the house. The foundation has been worked on. Van Kampen reminded Mrs. Butz that the house cannot be occupied until it has passed the building inspection process. Andersen reminded Mrs. Butz that the exterior repairs must be complete to proper building codes by October 1, 2009. Andersen requested that the property owners be in attendance at that meeting.

      Park Committee Chair Steve Root shared that there are two Eagle Scout projects in the works. There is a fall tree planting project being planned and the Ordinance sign is being repaired.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Andersen to approve the renewal of the Alcohol Beverage License Application and Coin Operated Machine License for JDB Golf, LLC (Foxboro Golf Club). Motion carries.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Andersen to approve the renewal of Operator's Licenses at JDB Golf, LLC (Foxboro Golf Club) for Daniel W. Kovalaske, Brittany Strand and Brook T. Schmitt. Motion carried. Background checks had been completed by the Constable.

      Clerk Arnold shared that there was a concern that we did not have a care procedure in place to maintenance the Storytown Cemetery. A complaint had been registered about the care. The Board felt the Road Patrolmen should promptly take care of that situation.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Andersen to adopt the 2009 State Highway Classified Equipment Rates. Motion carried. Constable Wackett suggested that an ad be placed in the Oregon Observer to seek an individual that would replace him on the Joint Board Fire/EMS. The clerk and Constable will act on that.

     Supervisor Van Kampen reported that the Village of Oregon has requested that the fee for the building inspection take a more traditional compensation of 80% like that of building inspectors in the past. Andersen wanted to continue with a report from the building inspector showing the building activity in the Town. Van Kampen will follow up with the Village regarding continued reporting. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Andersen to authorize an 80% of building inspection fee paid to the Village. Motion carries. The Clerk's office appreciates the job that Building Inspector Mike Kleisch has done.

      Supervisor Johnson shared duties for elected officials that were prepared by Rick Stadelman of the Wisconsin Towns Association. Johnson would like to have the descriptions done to be approved at the September Town Board Meeting.

      Supervisor Johnson shared copies of the employee evaluation worksheets used last year. Johnson requested that the board members chose one form and all use that evaluation sheet. The sheets will be distributed to the employees in advance for them to fill out and each board member will do the same for each employee. If a board member should chose to not participate then that supervisor would not have the option to contribute in the verbal reviewing process. The evaluations will be signed. The supervisor evaluations will be shared with the employees to result in a more effective dialogue during the verbal evaluation. Evaluation form #4 was the choice of all supervisors present.

      Johnson reported that she has received positive feedback from residents regarding the ATC power line choice of the beltline route. Residents are pleased that the Town Officials supported the property owners of the Town of Oregon.

      Constable Wackett is still working on the Emergency Management Report. Wackett inquired as to the attorney's definition of detained in the ordinance passed last month. The Clerk reported that Attorney Fleming said that detained meant that the Constable could hold an individual until other officials arrived. The Constable would like that information in writing. Wackett requested training at the Police Academy for himself and any future candidates holding the Constable position. Johnson was unsure if the Town needed additional police force. Andersen was concerned about the expense of education. Wackett assured the board that the training expense would be picked up by the State. Andersen also mentioned that there would be re-certification cost, ammunition expense possibly every six months. Andersen added that if the Constable's duties are going to be expanded possibly the taxpayers should have a vote on that. Andersen felt that more input and detailed information is needed for the public. Van Kampen did not think that the Town of Oregon should be in the law enforcement business; it is too expensive and is not needed. Resident Brad Smith shared that the training should be done it is just how far do you use it you could still restrict the position. The training would reduce the liability for the Constable and the Town Board. Smith strongly encouraged the Board to support the training. The training is a part time academy and would take one year to complete. Constable Wackett would need the Town Board to sponsor his application into the academy. The recommendation to sponsor the Constable will be on the August 2009 agenda at no cost to the Town for the training. The Constable thanked the board for their time.

      The Constable did not have any problems over the 4th of July weekend. There were numerous fireworks permits obtained. Wackett wrote three juvenile citations the weekend of Summer Fest. The Constable had traffic enforcement data from the Village and reported that the Town has all ready been short twenty hours of traffic contracted time.

      Supervisor Van Kampen reported that Belleville received their new fire pumper. Oregon purchased a used ambulance from Dane County for a very good price. They will be selling two used emergency vehicles and should come out ahead financially.

      Chair Weber shared that the Plan Commission held a public hearing for the blanket rezone. Brian Standing from Dane County is reviewing all the non-conforming properties. An additional Public Hearing will be held in late July or early August.

      The Clerk presented a report on expenses at the TORC for recycling cost and the savings by changing to Pellitteri from Waste Management has been $7,332.39 for the year so far. This also includes additional services from Pellitteri.

      Johnson reported that there were complaints on the Thelen property again. Road Patrolman Outhouse had all ready mowed at the intersection and Johnson confirmed that a he had done a great job, exceeded what was required. The next meeting for the Road and Traffic Safety Committee will be Tuesday June 30th.

      Constable Wackett wanted to know what the board thought was an acceptable time to call on a resident. Van Kampen thought the citation should be mailed. Andersen thought that early evening would be better and should be done at the safest time. Johnson and Weber thought a reasonable time was before 8:30 pm.

      Johnson was disappointed that all the Town Board Supervisors did not attend the Plan Commission Public Hearing held last week and stay for the entire meeting. She felt that is was important to show support to the Plan Commission Members. Supervisor Andersen felt that the Board did not support the efforts made for the Brooklyn Water Issues. There was lost time of work to attend those additional day meetings.

      Clerk Arnold reported that there are three different bike rides running through the Town of Oregon. Each organization does provide a certificate of liability insurance before the ride. Deputy Clerk Hanson will be attending the Clerk's Institute in Green Bay the week of July 13th.

      Future agenda items include a budget update requested by Andersen for the road construction work in 2009. Andersen also wanted to discuss the snow plowing policy for the coming season. Will the town use their full time employees or hire part time snow plow drivers? Johnson wanted to include the Assessor compensation information to act on a motion next month. Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Johnson to adjourn the July 7, 2009 Town Board Meeting, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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