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Annual Meeting Minutes
Apr 14, 2009

Town of Oregon
Annual Meeting Minutes
April 14, 2009


     At 7:02 p.m. Chair Darryl Weber called the 2009 Town of Oregon Annual Meeting to order. Eighteen residents were in attendance.

     Motion made by Phil Van Kampen and seconded by Robert Kujawa to approve the 2008 Annual Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion carried.

     Motion made by Phil Cox and seconded by Chris Johnson to approve the Financial Report as presented by the Town Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash.

     Sue Riehle representing the Oregon Senior Center distributed annual reports for the residents. Riehle is a case services manager she has noticed an increase in meals delivered. The Town has one individual participating in adult day care. Six seniors have passed and five moved to the Village from the Town of Oregon, so our numbers are down. The Clerk shared that former Town Clerk Ruth Klahn has accepted the position to be the Town's new representative to the Senior Center. Klahn has attended 3 meetings for the council on aging and has been amazed by the programs that are available through the Senior Center. On May 13 the 29th Anniversary of the Senior Center will be celebrated and Klahn encouraged others to participate. Resident and County Representative Jerry Jensen was impressed with the 339 reported times that Town of Oregon residents were volunteering. Resident Robert Kujawa inquired how the funding from the Town of Oregon is determined. Klahn explained that the shared cost is determined by a formula of budget funds and percentage population figures. Riehle provided a breakdown of the percentages each municipality is responsible for.

Town of Dunn 12% Town of Rutland 6%
Town of Oregon 24% Village of Oregon 56%
Village of Brooklyn 5%

     The Clerk summarized the 2008 Budget vs. actual expenses and income. The election expenses were over budget because the presidential election surpassed our planned cost. The Assessor expense appears to be high however that was because of a change from annual payment to quarterly compensation. All Elected Officials are paid on a quarterly basis. The general government capital outlay was over budget. The Town Hall had to be re-roofed there was water damage in the clerk's office which caused considerable expense. Some of the expenses were offset because there was property insurance recovery. The Constable mileage was higher due to rising fuel cost. Belleville Fire received funds that were not in the 2009 budget. The Town Officials wanted to support Belleville Fire and participate in funding the new pumper truck purchase. The EMS regionalization project was supported for a one time donation. Road Patrol expenses were higher due to the snow removal that was not anticipated. Some of those funds were recovered from FEMA. No money was spent on new equipment to offset the areas that required more funds. The Park funds were used to remove some trees. The Franchise fee was more than anticipated, some funds were given to the WOW channel network. The Clerk applied and received funds for a FEMA grant for the expenses incurred from the January/February snow storms. Sharon Christensen questioned the amount of proposed interest income. The amount appeared in be increased in error. The Clerk assured Christensen that those figures would be researched further for an acceptable explanation. Motion made by Jerry Jensen and seconded by Ruth Klahn to approve the budget comparison report as presented. Motion carried.

     Chair Darryl Weber reported that the Town is very close having the Comprehensive Land Use Plan approved at Dane County. There are some land use changes that still need to be addressed. Chair Weber commended the diligent efforts by the Plan Commission Members serving throughout this time. 2008 did not see as many land use plan changes requested by land owners. The Plan Commission has decided to change the day of their meetings to the third Monday of each month. This will allow Dane County Supervisor Jerry Jensen to attend or assist the Plan Commission when needed.

     Park Committee Chair Steve Root reported that trees were cut in the Town Park to create a less hazardous walking area. There were three Eagle Scout projects completed, 2 trail improvements and the Eagle Scout signs.

     Contracts for seal coating will be completed. Fifty trees were planted in the Town Park with plans for thirty trees in 2009. Brooklyn Fire Department will help with the water distribution. Two more Eagle Scouts have proposed projects and three more scouts have expressed an interest. At 9:30 am on April 25 there is a tree planting session at the Ravenoaks Park and at 1:00 p.m. on the same day they will move to Kennedy Park. Root wanted to thank Bob Johnson for heading up the concrete pad project that was laid at the Town Hall to place a donated stone picnic table. Resident Robert Kujawa inquired why the Parks carries such a large balance of funds, what are the intentions? Root explained that the Town is participating in a phase II grant program development that requires the funds are matched and not used until the completion on the project. There are segregated funds set aside from impact fees. Jensen added that the park funds are not taxpayer collected dollars. Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash added that interest earned has assisted in the growth of those funds.

     Town Board Supervisor Phil Van Kampen reported that Oregon Fire/EMS has good financial positioning. The new ambulance has arrived. More information will be available throughout the year regarding the radio grant program. Belleville has a new pumper truck.

     Constable Gary Wackett reported that he clocked 381 hours patrolling. There were 87 reports, 238 park checks; park vandalism was down, 5 vacation checks, 3 weed complaints, 27 citations and 16 written warnings.

     The Emergency Management Committee is meeting to work on the Dane County Hazard Mitigation program reports. It is a requirement of FEMA to participate in the program to be eligible to receive assistance in the event of an emergency. The Town's disaster plan needs to be reviewed and updated. As Van Kampen mentioned the Dane County emergency radios will need to be replaced.

      Town Board Supervisor Wayne Ace reported on the Road Patrol. Our current employees are Ron Outhouse and Harlan Heller. In 2008 there was paving on Glenway from County A to Bellbrook. The worst for 2009 is Tipperary Road. More crack sealing was done. Marie Road is also on the list to be looked at. The TORC center requires some fencing and a berm for water control due to DNR regulations. A new committee was established called the Road and Safety Traffic Committee. The member appointed committee consists of Robert Kujawa, Dave Hagemann, Chris Johnson and Wayne Ace as Chairman. Ace explained that they will be discussing the laws, rules updates and site reviews regarding roads. By 2016 new signs will have to be installed, this is required by the State of Wisconsin. Ruth Klahn inquired why Ron and Harlan are not included in the meetings. Ace explained that the meetings are open to the public and he does review the 3 part work order forms with the road patrolmen. Town Board Supervisor Chris Johnson included that the committee has also provided a means to communicate with the residents regarding the needs in there particular neighborhood. Ace mentioned that a new Tractor purchase will probably be in order this in 2009.

     Town of Oregon Assessor Andy Blomstrom reported that the assessment roll is almost complete. The Board of Review will be the first week in June. The Town Board has requested that the Assessor do walk thrus by starting with all the agricultural parcels first. Blomstrom should be able to complete all agriculture parcels this year.

     The Clerk reported that April 7, 2009 an election was held. It was a very long day when the pollworkers ran out of ballots at 4:20 in the afternoon. Paper ballots had to be created and 249 ballots had to be hand tallied at the end of the day. The Clerk requested all elected Officials please stand to be sworn into office. Town Board Chairperson Darryl Weber, Board Supervisor Wayne Ace, Board Supervisor Chris Johnson, Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, Assessor Andrew Blomstrom and Constable Gary Wackett were all sworn in for a two year term.

     Motion made by Bob Johnson and seconded by Gary Wackett to set the date for the annual meeting to be held on April 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Motion carried

     Supervisor Johnson wanted to commend the Clerk Denise Arnold and the Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson for the outstanding job this year with four elections, a newsletter along with the day to day work load. Thank you to the Road Patrolmen Ron Outhouse and Harlan Heller for the outstanding job keeping our roads safe.

     Motion made by Phil Petersen and seconded by Ruth Klahn to adjourn the annual meeting at 8:10 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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