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Town of Oregon Town Board Meeting Minutes
Oct 07, 2008

Town of Oregon
Town Board Meeting Minutes
October 7, 2008


     The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday, October 7, 2008. Chairperson Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 6:57 p.m. with the following Town Board Supervisors present Wayne Ace, Chris Johnson, Rick Andersen, Phil Van Kampen, Constable, Gary Wackett, Treasurer, Rhonda Christensen LaFlash, Assessor, Andy Blomstrom and Clerk, Denise Arnold.

     Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the minutes from the September 2, 2008 Board Meeting as presented. Motion carried.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Andersen to approve the Financial Report as read by the Treasurer Rhonda Christensen LaFlash. Motion carried.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to increase all dog license fees by $2.50. Andersen voted nay. Motion carries. This change would make the male or female dogs $17.50 and spayed or neutered dogs $11.50.

     Lori Bastean of the Community Development Building Group presented information for the Community Block Grant Program (CDBG) Ms. Bastean was asking the Town how we can connect the CDBG. Chair Weber said that the Plan Commission could discuss the situation at the November 25, 2008 meeting.

     Deputy Mike Kitts shared that the Town of Oregon has had 94 calls for service since May 1st the majority of those calls are for traffic crashes. There have been 2 burglaries since May 1st which is considerable less than most towns. Many rural townships are experiencing metal thefts from their recycling centers. Supervisor Ace inquired if the town could receive an accident report quarterly to assist the town in accident reductions on problem intersections. Officer Kitts would check into that.

     Andy Blomstrom commented during public comments that ATC was in attendance at a Wisconsin Town Association meeting he attended. The route for the big transmission line has not yet been determined and probably will not be until next July. Blomstrom suggested that the Town organize as many people as possible to oppose the Town of Oregon route.

     Motion made by Weber and seconded by Andersen to approve land rezone and division petition number 9973 parcel number 0509-043-9000-3 request to divide a 40 acre parcel into lot 1 RH-3 at 10 acres and lot 2 RH-4 with 2.3 acres. The Petitioner and owner is Donna Freitag, 5756 Hwy D Oregon, WI 53575. The fencing ordinance must be followed and an impact fee of $600.00 paid. Motion carries. Chair Weber commented that the request is within our land use plan.

     Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Ace to approve the Dane County Amendment to land rezone petition number 9947; Oregon Farm & Ponds, LLC. The amendment was to prohibit residential development to the newly created A-3 zoning parcels. Motion carries

     Town residents Roger and Sandra Schenk located at 6225 Bellbrook Road requested the board approve an extension for a house replacement agreement and allow the Schenks to continue to living in a trailer located on the property. Sanitation and groundwater standards have been met. No progress on a new dwelling has occurred over the past calendar year. Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Ace to allow the trailer permit for one year with the condition that the Schenks go to Dane County to extend their permit at the County level also. Motion carries. The clerk requested the Schenks come in to the Clerk's Office to complete the extension paperwork.

     Park Chairperson Steve Root shared that the Eagle Scout projects are moving along, the bench project is progressing. Root had hired a contractor to remove some trees. The trees were dropped and the Road Patrolmen actually cut them up and did a very good job. Charter called to replace a cable communications line, Root met a representative at the Town Park to oversee the project and it went well. Root has been in contact with the individual that has been maintaining the Lake Harriet Cemetery. There are twelve dead elm trees in the cemetery. Nikolas Tree Service would drop the trees for $1,200. the Park Committee would like the expense to be paid by the general Town fund. Supervisor Andersen stated that contracts for the tree removal etc. should be signed by the board chair in the future. Motion made by Ace and seconded by Andersen to approve the tree removal be completed and expenses paid by the general fund. Motion carries. Root discussed the seal coating that needs to be done in the park. Bartelt paving has presented a contract for $3,226.20 and will guarantee that price even if the job is not completed until spring of 2009.

     Supervisor Andersen spoke with Russell Schmid residing in the area on Union Road that has experienced flooding. Mr. Schmid shared that the Village of Brooklyn is aware that they were at fault in this situation however don't want to set a precedence of paying for damage. Van Kampen thought that discussing the issue with the RPC, asking if the work was done according to plan would be advantageous. The RPC will start an investigation because the drainage should have been provided. Andersen was concerned about the time line due to the statute of limitations. Attorney Larry Bechler will be meeting with the Board before the regular monthly meeting on November 11, 2008.

     The clerk will contact and obtain a new representative for the council on aging for the Oregon Senior Center.

     Supervisor Ace has talked to both parties involved in the fencing issue located on County Highway D. Mr. Wolf is installing a new fence. Gail Rose has made a commitment to repair the existing fence. Motion made by Ace and seconded by Weber to have the clerk send certified letters to Wolf and Rose with a woven wire fencing completion date of December 1, 2008. Motion carries.

     Ace reported that the water at the TORC needs to be addressed. Some fill dirt will need to be brought in on the west side of the dumpster to create a berm. Supervisor Andersen will check into a source for the fill material. The other change that needs to be made at the TORC is the collection of florescent bulbs. Currently the collection method is a shopping cart; there are concerns that bulbs could be broken. Some way of protecting the collected bulbs will need to be created. Ace reported that the Road & Traffic Safety Committee had a meeting Monday October 6 that very productive.

     A list of repairs to the Town Hall was presented to the Board. The budget for the Town Hall Structure was all ready depleted because of the water damage earlier in the year. Andersen said the temporary repairs to the rear of the building will be done in a permanent form before winter. The painting in the lobby and touch up in the clerk's office has been scheduled. Harlan can fix the weather stripping needed at the back door of the hall. Water damaged ceiling tiles need to be replaced preferably before the election.

     The budget work session will be held on Wednesday October 29, 2008 and if needed will extend to Thursday October 30, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. A tentative date for the Budget Hearing will be held Tuesday November 18, 2008.

     Assessor Andy Blomstrom reported that there will be a new requirement for Real Estate transfer returns; they must be submitted on line. Blomstrom shared that the trainings are required and suggest that board members try to attend next year.

     Village residents Paul and Sharon Jensen reside at 893 New Hampton Drive. The Jensen's purchased the property located at 5490 Netherwood in the Town of Oregon about eight years ago. They hope to build on the site in the future. Jensen shared that he has received letters from Dane County that he needs to remove junk debris. The County thought the property was a stage for a business being operated through the location. The County will not allow Mr. Jensen to construct a shed until he has the foundation poured for a house. Jensen stated that he does not have a business anymore and he has cleaned up the area of junk vehicles, and wooden spools. The Board informed Jensen that the decision for a Dane County Permit would not happen at the Town level and he should talk to the Plan Commission first. Jensen has received two $600.00 tickets for violations on the property. Complaints on the property have been received by the Town Board Supervisors and the Clerk's Office.

     Supervisor Johnson presented her research results that she collected at the request of the Chair. There was a $4,000.00 to $8,000.00 savings each year for the assessors services verses our current program. Johnson had a list of benefits to the appointed assessor. Assessor Blomstrom went on the Wisconsin Towns Associated Website and received the 2004 wages for the Assessor, Clerk, etc. based on the population. On that report his salary is right in line with the State Average. Johnson commented that the cost savings to change was significant and should be considered to be in the best interest of the residents of the Town. There was a lengthy discussion on the best route to take to inform the public and possible vote because it is important for the taxpayers to make the decision after information is presented. Motion was made by Andersen and seconded by Weber to heavily publicize that a public informational hearing will be held and closed, and then a special meeting of the electors conducted to vote on an elected or appointed assessor. This would occur before calling the caucus to order in January 2009. Motion carried.

     The Building Inspectors report was presented. Supervisor Johnson has met with Brian Burkeland and she will be his new assigned supervisor. Johnson will be working with Burkeland to clarify the building inspector's job description. A future meeting date has been set to start the process.

     Chair Weber was not interested in sharing a building inspector with the Village of Oregon. Johnson wanted the opportunity to work with the current building inspector. Van Kampen will let the Village know that the Town is not interested at this time.

     Andersen will be setting up a meeting for the Emergency Management Committee. Van Kampen shared that he spoke with a representative and the Dane County Hazard Mitigation plan could wait.

     Van Kampen reported that Belleville Fire has approved a 6% increase in their budget. Brooklyn and Oregon have not had recent meetings to report on.

     Chair Weber shared that the Plan Commission approved the Donna Freitag petition. Supervisor Van Kampen shared that changes were made on the Comprehensive Lane Use Plan map to assure that the Village would not oppose the plan. It appears that Dane County Zoning Committee wants the Town to keep the farmland preservation program acreage. Weber had communication with Dane County Supervisor Jerry Jensen. Jensen is not comfortable with the plan passing without approval from the Village.

     Supervisor Andersen reported that the Road Patrolmen have been cutting up a lot of trees one tree in Kennedy Park was 27 feet. The tractor will need to be replaced in 2009. There are concerns that the road patrolmen need to use their vacation and especially their accumulated compensation time. Andersen requested that they get the comp. time down to two weeks before the end of the year.

     Dave Hagemann reported on the Road and Traffic Meeting that was recently held. Supervisor Ace designed a worksheet to track problem items such as pot holes, missing signs etc. Each member of this committee will check out roads and submit work orders on the tracking sheet. Ace will screen and prioritize the work orders for the road patrolmen. Hagemann wanted to know if there could be a mileage per diem. Motion made by Andersen seconded by Van Kampen to approve the form that was presented. Motion carried.

     The Clerk shared an email that was received from Matthew Klutzke of the Oregon Youth Center. Matthew wanted everyone to know that he is working hard at the youth center and anyone was welcome to come check out the facility.

     Cable information has come from the Village and a contract needs to be created. The Village would like to work out a contract without the expense of legal fees. Supervisor Van Kampen volunteered to take on that project.

     Supervisor Johnson is going to attend a Supervisor's workshop in Pewaukee on November 11th.

     Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Van Kampen to adjourn the Town Board Meeting. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold

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