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Town of Oregon Town Board Meeting Minutes
Nov 11, 2008

Town of Oregon
Town Board Meeting Minutes
Novmeber 11, 2008


      Chair Darryl Weber called the Town of Oregon Board Meeting to order on Tuesday November 11, 2008 at 6:00 pm. Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Van Kampen to adjourn for the purpose of going into closed session pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 19.85 (1)(g) to confer with legal counsel. Motion carried. Closed session was called for the purpose of consulting with legal counsel who may render advice concerning water run-off issues in Brooklyn and duties of elected officials. Roll was called by Clerk Arnold, Johnson-here, Weber-here, Andersen-here and Van Kampen-aye. Ace was absent. The Board then proceeded in closed session with the Town's Attorney Larry Bechler. Supervisor Ace arrived while in closed session. Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Johnson to adjourn the closed session at 7:00 p.m. Motion carries.

      Chair Weber called the regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon to order at 7:05 pm with the following Town Board Supervisors present, Wayne Ace, Chris Johnson, Rick Andersen, Phil Van Kampen, Treasurer, Rhonda Christensen LaFlash and Clerk, Denise Arnold.

      Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Johnson to approve the minutes from the October 7, 2008 Town Board Meeting as presented. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Andersen and seconded Van Kampen to approve the October Financial Report as read the Treasurer, Rhonda Christensen LaFlash. Motion Carries.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Andersen to approve a computer lap top purchase for the Treasurer in the amount of $1,278.00. Motion carries.

      Chair Weber inquired if there were any public comments there being none the next item on the agenda was addressed.

      Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Van Kampen to approve land and rezone petition number 9974 parcel number 0509-294-9500-0 with $600.00 park fee and must follow fencing ordinances. The request is to divide and rezone a 39.83 acre parcel into Lot 1: 2.4 acres and 37.43 acres in agriculture. The current zoning is A-1 Ex. Proposed zoning is lot 1 RH and A-1 Ex. Petitioner and owner is Monica Gobel, 5858 Bell Brook Road, Brooklyn, WI 53521. Motion carries.

      There was no Park Committee Report as the Park Chairperson Steve Root was out of town.

     The Board has decided to have the Town's Attorney Larry Bechler compose a letter to the Village of Brooklyn regarding the water run-off issues from the Village of Brooklyn onto Town of Oregon properties.

      The Clerk shared photos from William Wolf showing the replaced/repaired fence on their County D property. Gail and Lawrence Rose have also completed their fence work. The Board requested the Clerk send a thank you to both parties in appreciation of their cooperation on this project.      

Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to move that provided the Town of Oregon electors vote in the affirmative in January 2009 to change to an appointed Assessor effective April 2009 and provided that the current elected Assessor, Andrew Blomstrom, chooses to be available to be appointed to the Assessor's position during a transition period from April 2009 - July 30th, 2009 that the Town Board will appoint Mr. Blomstrom to the position of Town Assessor for that period at the same salary rate (+ expenses) he now receives as the elected Assessor. Andersen felt that this should not be discussed without the Assessor present. Van Kampen withdrew the motion. Johnson read a statement that she prepared, with concerns that the Town Board was not supporting this change from an elected to an appointed assessor. Johnson would like to vote at the December 2008 meeting that at the public hearing to be held prior to the January caucus the Board will recommend to the electorate the following:
A. The Town change the position of assessor from an elected position to an appointed position.
B. If the electors vote to continue with an elected assessor that the salary be no more than $11,900. so as to be in line with the cost of an appointed assessor.

The Board was concerned about making the taxpayers aware of the request and reason for the change from an elected assessor to an appointed assessor. Supervisor Ace and Andersen may decide to have a conversation with Assessor Blomstrom at their own discretion prior to the next board meeting.

      Town Board Supervisors agreed that they would meet in closed session to discuss job reviews and financial compensation of employees on November 8, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.

      There was no Assessor's report as Assessor Blomstrom was not in attendance.

      The Building Inspector's report was available for the Board Supervisors. Ace addressed the issue that the building inspector should not be contacting the attorney unless he had permission from a direct supervisor. This was in reference to the Butz raze order. The Clerk had contact from Dane County Employee Roger Lane. Mr. Lane was inquiring as to the Town Ordinance on Commercial Buildings and wondered why the Town was being so restrictive as to require a sprinkler system be installed at Hann's Christmas Tree Farm. The Town was not requiring this. The Board requested a closed session meeting being arranged with Denis Dennis.

      There was no Constable's report because Mr. Wackett was not available at the time of the meeting.

     Andersen reported that vests are going to be ordered and lockers will be obtained from the school. Some members of the Emergency Management Committee are requesting name badges. They will take care of this after the first of the year.

      The Clerk reported hours being used by the road Patrolmen. Harlan Heller has 49.5 hours of Compensatory time and 80 hours of vacation time. Ron Outhouse has 92 hours of Compensatory time and zero hours of vacation time. The Clerk reported that employee Harlan Heller has incurred an injury at work but does not want a workman's compensation claim started. Heller has a MRI scheduled for Monday November 17, 2008. The Dr. has requested that Heller be excused from lifting anything over 20 pounds, driving any heavy equipment including snow plows or lifting arms above his head. The Town will need to obtain more snow plow drivers to cover for snow removal.

      The Clerk presented a truck and trailer list recording the items that the Town owns and when they were purchased. Andersen distributed bids for a new tractor and there was discussion regarding the purchase of a new truck.

      Supervisor Van Kampen did not have any new developments to report on for the Fire & EMS for Oregon, Brooklyn, and Belleville.

      Supervisor Ace reported that the Road and Traffic Safety Committee is doing well and making great progress with assignments to the Road Patrolmen and finding signs that need attention. The new forms are working well.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve reimbursement of mileage for the Road and Safety Committee Members for mileage submitted to be paid at the current federal mileage rate. Motion carries.

      Ace reported that the TORC improvements are being worked on however may not be completed before winter.

      Johnson complimented the Clerk and Deputy Clerk on the good job preparing for and conducting the presidential election.

      Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Van Kampen to adjourn the November 11, 2008 board meeting. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold

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