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Town of Oregon Town Board Meeting Minutes
May 06, 2008

Town of Oregon
Town Board Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2008

      The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Tuesday, May 6, 2008. Chairperson Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the following Town Board Supervisors present, Chris Johnson, Phil Van Kampen, Rick Andersen, Wayne Ace, Constable, Gary Wackett, Assessor, Andy Blomstrom and Clerk, Denise Arnold .

      Motion made by Van Kampen seconded by Johnson to approve the minutes from the April 2, 2008 meeting with an address correction for Paul Morrison made from 5841 Lincoln Road to 1239 South Fish Hatchery. Andersen abstained. Motion carries.

      Residents Chuck and Andrea Loeffelholz residing at 480 County Road D requested assistance from the Town Board to resolve issues with horses and mules from neighboring properties that are not being cared for or maintaining adequate fencing. The parties that are involved are as follows:

  1. Charles and Andrea Loeffelholz 480 County Highway D. Brooklyn, WI 53521 own 3 horses, 1 mule and 8 head of cattle on 11 acres. They maintain their fences with 3 barbs and 2 hot wires. They are requesting the board to assist them in authorized access to the properties with poor fencing, reimbursing them for time and materials to create adequate fencing for the livestock/horses involved.
  2. Lawrence and Gail (Loeffelholz) Rose own the property located on Highway D Brooklyn, WI 53521 adjoining the Charles and Andrea Loeffelholz property. Mr. and Mrs. Rose live at N9001 County Highway O in Greenwood, WI and allow Linus Loeffelholz and former sister-in-law Mary Gehin to keep horses and mules on the property of 8.9 acres. Charles and Andrea Loeffelholz report that the fences on this property are not acceptable.
  3. Linus Loeffelholz lives at 122 School Road Apartment #103 in Belleville, WI. Loeffelholz owns 2 horses and 4 mules that are kept on an approximately 6.9 acre portion of the Rose property. His animals appear to be healthy but do escape from the weak fence. There is no driveway established for the horse owner to safely park.
  4. Mary Gehin has 12 horses kept on approximately two acres of the Rose property. The fence is not maintained and is not adequate. One horse recently died and the health condition of the remaining 12 is poor. The horses were stuck in the mud and their feeding schedule is questionable as reported by Charles and Andrea Leoffelholz. Sherri Carr from Dane Co. Humane services is involved with the horse care. A rescue group has also been contacted along with Channel 3.
  5. William and Cheryl Wolf residing at 528 County Highway D. Brooklyn, WI have 6.3 acres with some animals on it. The fence is not adequate and should be replaced as reported by Charles and Andrea Loeffelholz.

According to Charles and Andrea Loeffelholz they have resided there for eight years, the fences on the neighboring properties have always been in need of repair. Chair Weber suggested that the situation be put on the agenda for the June Town Board Meeting. Supervisors Ace and Andersen agreed to view the fence.

      Supervisor Ace questioned the Financial Report which was provided by the Treasurer. The question was why the ending balance on the prior month is not beginning amount used the following month? Why doesn't one report carry from one month to another? The clerk will inform the treasurer of the problem. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve the Treasurer's Report as presented. Motion carries.

      Resident Terry Bentley informed the Town Board that a Neighborhood Association has been established to address the traffic concerns in the Windridge Sub-division. The pine trees located on the Dan Thelen property are creating an obstruction that is unsafe for people walking, riding bikes and driving. Supervisor Andersen suggested that the speed wagon be placed in the neighborhood. Maybe if even one person was issued a speeding ticket it would send a message to slow down. Resident Sandy Eby of 965 Azure Court North talked about new drivers in the neighborhood. Eby suggested that a vision triangle be established. The Town could create an ordinance requiring a sight triangle for all stop sign controlled intersections. Eby had a visual example and a website that the board members could research the information. A traffic study was cost prohibitive and changing the signage would not really slow residents down. Supervisor Andersen suggested the Town purchase the property and remove the trees if necessary by establishing public domain. Eby would like to have the speed limit reduced. Supervisor Johnson and the Clerk are going to compose a letter Mr. Thelen requesting the trees by trimmed.

      Motion made by Chair Weber and seconded by Van Kampen to approve Petition#9888, land division and rezone parcel number 0509-141-8220-0, 0509-132-9080-9, 0509-141-5009 & 0509-132-8720-6. The request is to divide and rezone parcel into Lot 1 at 19.536 acres zoned A-3 and Lot 2 at 36.738 acres zoned A-1 Ex. Petitioner is Vedick Farm, LLC. The property is located is located on Union Road South of 1081 Union Road nearest intersection of Union and Lincoln Road. Motion carried. Van Kampen did inquire if the Village had accepted the change and Mark Reese the realtor did confirm that the Village had approved.

     Park Chairperson Steve Root reported that the tree planting in the Town Parks went well. Matt Weber will be working in the Town Parks. There has been a resident that cut trees down in the Town Park because he did not want them to obstruct his view. Constable Gary Wackett is going to follow up on that concern.

     The building inspector's report was presented. Van Kampen reported on the Butz raze order, Mr. Butz has been served the paperwork. Ace inquired if permits were being obtained for wood burners and how the Town was planning on handling that. Chair Weber shared that the Town's Association was currently researching how the wood burners should be handled. Andersen felt the permit fee for new roofs should be reduced to $15.00 because the Building Inspector does not even conduct an inspection on each new roof. Chair Weber suggested a formal study be conducted to determine if it would be a good decision to go to a public vote on changing from an elected assessor to an appointed position. The subject will be tabled until August. Van Kampen and Johnson are researching the situation. Andersen would like to know how much an assessment firm would charge for providing the service.

     The Road Patrolmen accumulated many overtime hours due to the abundant snowfall this past winter and will be taking compensatory time over the summer. If one or both of the Road Patrolmen are gone in the event of an emergency there would be employees from other municipalities that would fill in. Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Johnson to hire additional help at the discretion of the Road Patrolman or Board Supervisor if needed at an hourly rate of up to $18.00 or regular assigned pay of that part time employee.

      Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Andersen to limit budget changes to $3,000.00, any amount more than that would require approval by a quorum before action could be taken. Motion carries.

      Chair Weber explained Board Members assignments Supervisor Johnson, Office Staff - Advisor and Supervisor, Road & Traffic Safety Committee, Planning Commission Representative, Coordinate Town Association Meeting Attendance, articles for the Oregon Observer and Assessment Research Committee. Supervisor Ace would be involved in Road and Traffic Safety Committee, Equipment, TORC and Park Committee Representative. Supervisor Van Kampen's responsibilities will include Fire/EMS Representative, Village meetings as necessary, advice and supervise the Assessor and Building Inspector, Cemetery, Cable and Assessment Research Committee. Supervisor Andersen's responsibilities are to supervise the Road Patrol Manpower, Emergency Management Committee and Economic Development. The Emergency Management Committee will also include Bob Johnson, Gary Wackett and Mark O'Brien - advisor. The Road and Traffic Advisory Committee will also include resident Bob Kujawa, Dave Hagemann and Gary Wackett. Supervisor Ace requested to still be in charge of the snow patrol.

      Supervisor Van Kampen will take on the responsibility of attending the Dane County Towns Association Meetings that occur five times per year.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Weber to approve adopting the Wisconsin DOT Classified Equipment rate of usage each year. Motion carries.

      The discussion/action of the Town Employees job descriptions will be tabled until next month. Johnson suggested each board member and employee read the descriptions and advise her of any changes needed.

      Assessor Andy Blomstrom reported that the assessment roll is complete and the notices for assessment changes have been sent. The Open Book will be held May 9th and 10th and Board of Review on May 30th and 31st. The Board discussed the financial compensation of the Assessor. At the 2008 Annual Meeting a motion was approved to change the financial compensation for the assessor to quarterly rather than annual. The board members discussed the Assessor's settlement amount for the partial year. Andersen made a motion to pay the Assessor for the last 3 quarters of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008 and additional expenses. Seconded by Ace. Van Kampen and Johnson wanted the records to be checked before issuing the check by the next months meeting. A roll vote was taken for the motion on the table, Van Kampen-no, Andersen-yes, Ace-Yes, Weber-Yes, Johnson yes.

     Constable Gary Wackett reported that there have been a couple of citations written in the park. Wackett shared that there was a good neighborhood watch meeting. The board requested that the Constable submit his mileage quarterly for budgetary purposes.

      Chair Weber reported that the Dane County Zoning Commission met and found the Comprehensive Land Use Plan favorable. The plan is still months from being accepted.

      The Road Patrolmen are working on road bids, and filling pot holes.

      Constable Wackett reported that the joint board of the Fire/EMS hired Deputy Tim Olson.

      Van Kampen reported that the Storytown Cemetery transaction could be closing soon. The Clerk shared that the 4 complementary cemetery plots have been selected by Mr. Dicke.

     The clerk informed the Board that we are selling Weather Alert Radios for $22.68. It was suggested to approve the purchase of radios for all employees on the June agenda. The Clerk and Deputy Clerk will be attending the Clerk's Luncheon May 7, 2008.

      Andersen suggested that future agenda items would be listed at the end of each meeting. Andersen also encouraged the Park Committee to have a professional come out to assist in the layout of trees.

      Ace reported on the follow-up for the driveway permits that were discussed at the April Town Board Meeting. All the driveways do checkout or were located on County Roads.

      Van Kampen shared that he has been appointed to the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission as the Dane County Towns Association Representative.

     Motion made by Andersen and seconded by Van Kampen to adjourn the meeting. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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