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Town of Oregon Town Board Meeting Minutes
Jun 03, 2008

Town of Oregon
Town Board Meeting Minutes
June 3, 2008

      The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Tuesday June 3, 2008. Chairperson Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the following Town Board Supervisors present, Chris Johnson, Phil Van Kampen, Wayne Ace, Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash, Constable Gary Wackett. Supervisor Andersen arrived late.

     Motion made by Ace and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the May 6, 2008 Town Board Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve the Financial Report as read by the Treasurer. Motion carries.

     Chair Weber inquired if there were any public comments or items to address that are not listed on the agenda. There being none the board continued with the agenda items.

      Chair Weber reported the Land Division petitioned by Jay Gould for parcel#0509-164-2001-0 owned by Joan Edgren has been tabled by the Plan Commission. Resident Gary Shackelford residing at 5549 Windridge Road Oregon, WI expressed that he was not in favor of the land division request. He provided copies of the Windridge sub division covenants which did not allow for such a land split. Van Kampen felt that the board should respect the Plan Commissions request to table the petition.

      Motion made by Weber and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the Dane County Amendment for petition number 9874 for the C-1 Commercial district for Paul Morrison located at 1239 South Fish Hatchery. Motion carries.

      Steve Root chairperson of the Park Committee requested that the summer parks employee be paid from the Town Park Fund. The request of tasks that need to be done in the parks has been shared with Matt Weber. Root met with Scout Troop 50 and there are 6 or 7 Scouts that would like to pursue Eagle Scout projects. Root also thanked Bob Johnson for moving forward on the cement slab project at the Town Hall for the picnic table. There has been a little graffiti on the ordinance sign with magic marker. Root was able to remove that.

      The Building Inspectors report was presented. Building permits have increased over the past month.

     Motion made by Ace and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the driveway variance for the Vedvik property located on Union Road. Motion carries.

     Chair Weber explained that it was not necessary to extend ordinance number 2008-07 imposing a Moratorium on Subdivision Plat Approvals.

      Motion made by Ace and seconded by Van Kampen to accept the bid with Scott Construction for the seal coating of Fish Hatchery Road (CTH CC to Lincoln Road) for $12,697.00 and Union Road (CTH A to Lincoln Road) for $18,744.00. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Ace and seconded by Van Kampen to accept the bid with Payne and Dolan for paving Glenway Road (County A to Bellbrook Road) at the cost of $206,976.50. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Johnson seconded by Ace to approve the purchase of Weather Alert Radios for the Road Patrol Employees at $22.68 each. Motion carries.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve the renewal of Alcohol Beverage License and coin operated machine license for JDB Golf, LLC (Foxboro Golf Club). Motion carries.

     Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve the renewal of Operator's License at JDB Golf, LLC (Foxboro Golf Club) for the following individuals

  1. Daniel W. Kovalaske, 1020 CTY MM, Oregon, WI
  2. Diana L. Balaam, N66554 Shorewood Hills Rd. Lake Mills, WI
  3. Brook T. Schmidt, 1020 CTH MM, Oregon, WI

Motion carries.

      Supervisor Ace reported on a fencing issue located on County Trunk Highway D in the Town of Oregon. Ace and Andersen acted as fence viewers and walked the fence line and discovered the fence on the Wolf property lines was not acceptable. After a discussion the board agreed that a certified letter be sent to Wm and Cheryl Wolf and Lawrence and Gail Rose requesting that a legal fence be installed. The property owners would have ten days in which to respond to the Town Board with a plan of repair/replacement. After the 10 day deadline the Town Board would meet to discuss the next plan of action. A service may have to be hired at the expense of the property owner and charge that cost to their tax bill.

      Supervisor Johnson questioned the Assessor's Final 2008 Assessment Roll Report. The report is out of balance by $40,000. The Board requested that the clerk contact Assessor Blomstrom to inform him of the error and request a correction. Chair Weber wanted to know if there was any discrepancy with the payment of the assessor. Johnson and Van Kampen had researched the compensation and found it acceptable. Van Kampen shared that the Assessor had reported that he had been paid late by the town. Records dating back to the year 2003 indicate that the assessor had never been paid before July and seldom paid before the Board of Review.

      The Constable reported that there was no evidence of the trees that had been cut down in the park. Due to the lack of evidence the Constable could not proceed with a ticket for any trees that reportedly had been cut. Wackett shared that the speed cart is in need of repair before using it in the Town

      The NIMS/Emergency Management team will hold their first meeting on Tuesday June 10th at 7:00 pm. The clerk's office will prepare an agenda.

      Chair Weber updated the Board on the Plan Commissions' progress. The members decided to not renew the sub-division moratorium. The Kiddy property had a party interested in purchasing the farm that would like to create a new horse boarding facility. The Plan Commission is looking at updating the fencing ordinance. Keith Syvrud inquired about re-configuring his lot lines. There was a driveway variance request for the Vedvik property on Union Road. Chair Weber also reported that the Comprehensive Land Use Plan has made no progress at Dane County.

      Road Patrolman Ron Outhouse reported that they have been working on signs and some additional signs have been ordered.

      Resident Mark O'Brien reported that the Brooklyn Fire/EMS has ordered a new truck from Pierce. Van Kampen reported that the Storytown Cemetery closing has been finalized.

     Van Kampen shared that rules regarding the relationships between local government and the Cable Company have changed. The Cable companies are applying with the State which will make them even less accountable to the local municipalities.

      Johnson reported that a certified letter had been sent to Dan Thelen regarding the trees on his property that are causing a visibility issue on Windridge and Azure Court. Johnson had a good conversation with Mr. Thelen following the letter however the trees have not been trimmed. Johnson received the meeting minutes for the neighborhood association that has been formed in that area from Terry Bentley. A traffic study ranging in cost of $500.00 to $1,500.00 would need to be done to change the speed limit on Hillcrest Road. Constable Wackett reported that when he patrols Hillcrest it does not appear to be a problem. The neighborhood association may contact Dane County Deputy Leslie Fox to attend a future meeting. Adopting a vision triangle ordinance could still be helpful in this situation. The board suggested contacting Mr. Thelen again to arrange a time table of action.

      Johnson reported on a meeting she had attended regarding Lulus which stands for Local undesirable land use. It was suggested that a municipality look at their ordinances because they have to be place at least 15 months prior to the petitioners request to block the situation from happening. This business could be a land fill, large factory farms, wind turbine farms or perhaps cell towers. Chair Weber suggested the clerk distribute copies of the May 2008 Towns Association article to the Plan Commission Members. Johnson mentioned changes with recycling and would like to interview our TORC Employees for an update to on how that affects our recycling center.

      The clerk reported that the insurance claim settlement was received in the amount of $9,614.20 which was more than anticipated. The water damage reimbursement was $1,451.50 and the hail damage was $8,162.70. The total expenses paid were $22,265.20.

     Dane County will be distributing the FEMA disaster funds from the February 2008 snow storm. The Town of Oregon will receive $8,778.17. Tammy McGrattan residing at 794 County Highway MM inquired if the Town had an ordinance against trucks braking. Supervisor Ace said he would contact the resident and explain that it is a County Road and the Town really cannot do anything. The clerk will be on vacation next week. The Wisconsin Towns Association summer seminar schedule it available to all supervisors.

      Future agenda items include:

  1. Fence bids for the TORC
  2. 2.
  3. Adding a Board Supervisor to be authorized to sign checks
  4. 3.
  5. Job descriptions and reviews
  6. 4.
  7. Assessor report from Johnson/Van Kampen
  8. 5.
  9. Highway D fencing issue
  10. 6.
  11. Traffic concerns

     Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Van Kampen to adjourn the June 3rd, 2008 Town Board Meeting at 8:35 p.m. Motion carries.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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