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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Feb 05, 2008


Town Board Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2008

      The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Tuesday, February 5, 2008. Chairperson Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the following Town Board Supervisors present Wayne Ace, Chris Johnson, Pen Beasley, Phil Van Kampen, and Clerk Denise Arnold. Former Board Chair Jerry Jensen was also present.

      Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2008 meeting as presented. Motion carried.

      Motion made by Van Kampen seconded by Ace to approve the Treasurer's report as presented. Motion carried.

      Chair Weber inquired if there were any public comments or issues not listed on the agenda to be addressed? No response from the public. Chair Weber also requested all topics be kept brief because of the deteriorating road conditions due to an impending snow storm.

      Park Committee Chair Steve Root was not in attendance therefore there was not any Park Committee Report.

      Building Inspector Brian Burkeland was unable to attend the meeting and had requested the clerk refer to his written report. The information for the Butz property raze order had been completed and forwarded to Attorney Matt Fleming. The Shenk property is now being handled by Dane County Health and Social Services. The Clerk was unsure if Supervisor Ace had purchased a building permit for his building that is under construction. Mr. Ace stated that his building addition started in October 2006 before building permits were required for the construction of agricultural structures. Supervisor Ace wanted to discuss the raze order for the Butz property. Ace suggested that the board schedule a meeting with Burkeland and Bechler because the building inspector has not followed the correct order or rules to enforce the raze order. The meter should not have been pulled on the house according to Supervisor Ace. Supervisor Van Kampen suggested the discussion be tabled until Mr. Burkeland and Attorney Bechler are available for a meeting. The Board agreed. The creation of an ordinance to Operate a Business in the Town of Oregon should be tabled for the Plan Commission to recommend such an ordinance to the Town Board. This would be a registration for Commercial Business so the Town would be aware of each operation. This is not an ordinance to generate revenue however it would be a method of tracking functioning businesses.

      The Assessor was not available for a report.

      Constable Wackett was not in attendance for a report due the inclement weather.

      Supervisor Johnson reported on Amendment#1 AB 79, Charter Towns Bill. Johnson attended the hearing. If certain conditions are met this substitute amendment authorizes a town board of at least 2,500 that is sanctioned to exercise village powers to adopt a resolution, which is subject to ratification in a referendum that the Town Board must call, declaring that it is a "charter town." This would also allow a town to create a TIF. This will be voted on February 12th. No recommendations were necessary from the board.

     A new application for Town Hall rental has been prepared and presented to the board. Rental rates will increase to $100.00 and the renter must be a resident of the Town of Oregon. The only other change is to mail the deposit fee back five days after there has been sufficient time to check the status of the hall for damage or missing kitchen items. Supervisor Ace questioned the need to increase the rental fee, expressing a desire to maintain a low rental rate for residents and community groups. The cleaning expense and supplies used are all rising thus making the boost necessary. The hall will still be free of charge to the 4-H, Scouts and school groups such as it has in the past. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Beasley to approve the new rental contract and increase in the rental fee noting the adoption date on the contract. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve the following election inspectors Maria Kluever, Kathy Dauck and Laura Richardson. Motion carried.

      Supervisor Beasley shared that she is working on new forms for NIMS/Emergency Management Plan Beasley would be forwarding the new forms to the board via email.

      The next Plan Commission meeting will be held February 26th at 6:30. The January meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.

      Petition number 9795 Richard Lofy petitioner owner of 1088 Union Road, has requested for a change in zoning ordinance. No opposition by any Board Supervisors, no need for any action regarding petition number 9795.

     Former Town Board Supervisor and current County Board Supervisor Jerry Jensen suggested that the Town Board vote against Dane County Ordinance Amendment 26, 05-06; Amending Chapter 10 of the Dane County Cod of Ordinances, regarding TDR Zoning Districts. Jensen explained that an economic study should be done before this is passed to insure that it is a good plan and if it is favorable then the Towns would want to adopt the ordinance. Motion made by Van Kampen seconded by Johnson to vote against the ordinance amendment 26, 05-06 Chapter 10 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances. Motion carries.

      Jensen reported that there has not been a public hearing at Dane County for the Town of Oregon Comprehensive Plan. MSA representative Andrew Bremer attended a meeting at Dane County regarding this matter the board requested the Clerk follow up with a report from Bremer.

      The clerk reported that the salt contract with the state has been exceeded and we can no longer purchase from North American Salt. The contracted price was $47.21 per ton. The Town has all ready used 500 ton this winter season. Motion made by Ace seconded by Johnson to purchase 100 ton of road salt at $75.88 per ton from Cargill and request to purchase 100 ton more. Motion carried.

      Van Kampen did not have any new information regarding the Oregon Fire/Ems.

      Van Kampen shared that the Story Town Cemetery closing is approaching within the month. Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to allow Supervisor Van Kampen to sign on the behalf of the Town Of Oregon for the closing of the property. Motion carried.

      Charter cable is still trying to establish the discrepancies on the Bergamont properties as reported by Van Kampen.

      Johnson reported on more concerns in the Windridge Sub-Division. Sandy Eby of 965 North Azure Court reported of a safety hazard at the intersection of Azure Court North and Windridge Road. Visibility issues with obstructions from trees east on Windridge at Azure Court North. It is bad now and trees are not even leafed out. Dan Thelen residing at 962 North Azure Court is the owner and the trees need to be addressed. A letter should be sent from the Town stating that the trees require trimming because they are a safety hazard the Town would like to have Mr. Thelen's input and hear any suggestions that he may have regarding the issue. The residents reported that Gary Wackett does a great job out in that neighborhood with the speeding issues.

      Former Chairperson and current Dane County Supervisor Jerry Jenson reported on communication from Dane County. Jensen is serving on a committee to reduce the revisions of ordinance 10. The Town suggests however the County makes the final decision. The change would require approval from both bodies of government. The CUP does give a level of comfort for Towns.

      Supervisor Johnson inquired if we had all the driveway permits for 2007. The clerk reported that it had not been submitted. Supervisor Ace assured the board that he had the funds and paperwork and would submit that to the clerk. Chair Weber would prefer the procedure be changed. A request to place that item on the agenda for next month was made.

      The clerk reported that a phone system will soon be ordered at a cost of $3,275. Resident Roger Larson is still sending letters to the clerk's office regarding an old building inspection dispute. The Rural Insurance claims representative Duane Olson is composing a letter to Mr. Larson that supports the Town of Oregon regarding this matter.

      The employee job descriptions have been completed by Supervisor Johnson and need to be approved at the March Board Meeting. Goals of the clerk's office are to update employee files, make a new resident packet, a spring newsletter and an improved submittal packet for land rezones.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to adjourn the February 5th, 2008 board meeting at 8:10 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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