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Town of Oregon Town Board Meeting Minutes
Apr 02, 2008

Town of Oregon
Town Board Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2008

     The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Wednesday April 2, 2008 due to the election held on Tuesday April 1, 2008. Supervisor Wayne Ace called the meeting to order at 6:34 with the following Town Board Supervisors present Chris Johnson, Pen Beasley, Phil Van Kampen, Treasurer, Rhonda LaFlash, Constable Gary Wackett, Clerk Denise Arnold, a delayed arrival included Chair Darryl Weber and Building Inspector, Brian Burkeland.

      Motion made by Beasley and seconded by Johnson to approve the minutes from the March 4, 2008 Town Board Meeting as presented. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve the financial report as read by Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash. Motion carries.

      Supervisor Ace inquired if there were any public comments, there being none another item on the agenda was addressed.

      Supervisor Van Kampen suggested that the discussion and possible action on the job descriptions for town employees be delayed to the May meeting.

      Supervisor Beasley received the State of Wisconsin Highway Maintenance Manual which has the classified equipment rates used to determine cost of usage. This would be helpful to calculate how much expense was incurred in the event of an emergency situation. Adopting this schedule would be helpful in the reimbursement process from storm clean up or snow emergencies.

      Van Kampen reported that there were no new developments with the Oregon Fire/EMS. Ace inquired about the arrival of the new ambulance. The ambulance has been delayed due to a change in vendor.

      Van Kampen hoped that the Storytown Cemetery transaction would be done in the next month.

      Motion made by Weber and seconded by Van Kampen to approve the land division and rezone petition number 9874 for Paul Morrison located at 1239 South Fish Hatchery, Oregon, WI 53575. The request is to increase the C-1 zoned parcel to 4 acres and create a separate parcel. Morrison would also include a possible change in business to a bike shop and an occasional art show on the premise. Motion carries. If there is a change in business Morrison would need to return the Plan Commission and Town Board for approval at that time.

      The clerk distributed the building inspector's reports. A list of inspections was provided and a list of driveways that had outstanding driveway permits. Supervisor Ace said that he would need to check into those. Some of the properties were located on County Roads and would not apply to Town Ordinance.

      Chair Weber shared that the Building Inspector Brian Burkeland had requested that an ordinance be created requiring businesses operating in the Town of Oregon to obtain a business permit. The Plan Commission decided against this action because it appeared to be forced government. In the future the clerk will try to contact area Businesses to allow them the opportunity to advertise on the back page of the Town Newsletter to assist in defraying the expense. The Town Board did not want to establish a recording fee.

      Supervisor Van Kampen presented two letters of support that would be from the Town Board for the Safe-Routes-to-School Study, Brooklyn to Oregon. Motion was made by Van Kampen and seconded by Beasley to proceed with the support letters. Motion carries.

      There was discussion regarding hiring of a seasonal park maintenance person, an LTE position. This position would pay $11.00 per hour. The extra position would allow the road patrolmen to utilize their compensatory time caused by an accumulation of hours as a direct result of 100 plus inches of snow the past winter. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to create a seasonal LTE position at $11.00 per hour not to exceed 32 hours per week. Motion carries. Supervisor Ace abstained.

      Supervisor Johnson inquired about the driveway permit payment situation, questioning if it had been cleared up. Some checks collected by Supervisor Ace had been held too long and a resident had filed a complaint. Ace assured the board that the issue had been resolved and Ace would pay the fee. Weber requested a change in personnel be made for the driveway permit position and suggested road patrolmen Ron Outhouse complete the task. This would allow a better turn around time for response and for receiving payments. Outhouse would receive compensation for evening and weekend calls. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Beasley to change the driveway permit procedure as mentioned. Motion carries.

      Chair Weber reported on the Plan Commission activity, there is a work session scheduled with Dane County on Tuesday April 8, 2008 regarding the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Supervisor Ace wanted to go on record thanking the Plan Commission Members for their dedication and commitment to the Land Use Plan.

      Chair Weber shared that the Road Patrolmen have been busy tending to pot holes, brooming intersections, brush work, opening culverts and assessing the road sign situation.

      Supervisor Johnson reported on the traffic problem located on the corner of Windridge and Azure Court. The intersection is a hazard due to trees obscuring safe visibility According to Pam Dunphy from Dane County the trees cannot be trimmed because they are not in the road right of way. It was suggested that a certified letter be sent informing the resident that if the Town and the resident know there is a hazard and do not act on it - in the event that an accident would occur both the Town and the resident could be responsible. The Clerk and Johnson will compose a letter.

      Building Inspector Brian Burkeland reported there have been few building permits and the Butz Raze is ready to be served upon obtaining the owners forwarding address. Resident Rick Andersen of 4814 Oregon Trail, Oregon, WI wanted to address some concerns he had with the building inspector's position. He was concerned with the scope of the building inspector's authority. Andersen felt that Burkeland had no right to give his personal opinion on workmanship in front of a contractors construction employees, the town employees or others. When fire inspections are being done the building inspector should not accompany on this inspection. Andersen also thought it was improper for the building inspector to distribute campaign material to the residents he had completed or was in the process of building inspections. This would force the resident to agree to the campaign sign in their yard fearing that their inspection would not go well if they did not cooperate. Burkeland wants to protect the Town residents. Chair Weber agreed that the building inspector should be an enforcer of the code not design. The Board would like to make a job description or guidelines for the Building Inspector so that Burkeland would have a better understanding of what the Town Board Officials would like for services. Burkeland apologized to Andersen for the misunderstanding.

      The Clerk reported on some meetings that are available for Town Board Members to attend. FEMA has requested municipalities that experienced a loss from the snow emergency dated the 48 hours of February 6th and 7th of 2008 to submit a request for funding. The clerk has applied and will keep the board posted on the progress of that submission. The Clerk completed an audit with Virchow Krause and asked if the Board would like a compilation report like the document they received last year. Board members requested that the clerk inquire as to how much the report would cost and the board would make a decision. The Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash shared that she felt better because we involved Virchow Krause in an audit process. The Clerk thanked the Board, Rick Andersen and especially Phil Van Kampen for their assistance during the office repairs from the roof leak.

      Motion made by Ace and seconded by Johnson to proceed with payment of $16,985.00 to Rick Andersen, Construction for the completed work on the roof and interior of the Town Hall and Garage. Motion carried.

      Chair Weber thanked Supervisor Pen Beasley for her years of service on the Town Board. A thank you was extended to the Clerk and Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson for the hard work at the election April 1st. Constable Gary Wackett took the voting booths down after the election.

      Motion made by Beasley and seconded by Johnson to adjourn the April 2008 Town Board Meeting at 7:55 p.m. Motion carried.


Denise R. Arnold

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