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Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes
Oct 02, 2007

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
October 2, 2007



      The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Tuesday October 2, 2007. Chairperson Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 6:55 p.m. with the following Town Board Supervisors present Wayne Ace, Chris Johnson, Pen Beasley, Phil Van Kampen Constable, Gary Wackett, Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash, Assessor Andy Blomstrom and Clerk, Denise Arnold.

      Motion made by Ace seconded by Van Kampen to approve the September 4, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Johnson to approve the Treasurer's report as read by Rhonda LaFlash. Motion carries.

      Julie Gau, Secretary of the Dane County Towns Association introduced herself to the public and the Town Board. Gau reminded the board of the Towns Association Meeting that will be held at the Oregon Town Hall on October 10, 2007. The Board members thanked Ms. Gau for taking the time to attend the meeting.

      Chair Weber explained the situation with petition number 9795, parcel number 0509-132-8675-2 owned by Richard Lofy. The Petitioner has requested a change in deed restriction to match the restrictions on adjacent properties (parcel numbers 0509-132-8720 & 0509-132-9080). The property is located at 1088 Union Road Oregon WI 53575. The Petitioner's realtor Pam Raschein wanted the board to consider a broad range of potential businesses that could be allowed. Chair Weber requested the deed restriction process return to the Plan Commission for discussion. When the recorded deed restrictions for the adjacent properties were returned from Dane County they had not been interpreted the same way the Plan Commission had intended. The Plan Commission would like to research the best way to submit the petition to Dane County to insure the deed restriction is understood.

      Motion was made by Weber and seconded by Van Kampen to approve a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for parcel numbers 0509-334-8000 & 0509-334-9503 to allow a horse boarding facility. Motion carries. The property is owned by Charles and Beverly Kiddy. The Petitioner is Cathy Cline, owner of Phoenix Training Center, 4292 Sprecher Road, Madison, WI 53718. Motion carries. Cline informed the board that she does not want to expand her business and is looking at boarding 50-60 horses. A riding arena may be constructed on the property. A joint driveway agreement will need to be drafted and follow the fencing ordinance.

      Chair Weber explained that Petition number 9760, Parcel number 0509-061-8641-0 & 0509-062-8001-1 owned by Robert and Lorraine Shillingstad located at 6227 Purcell Road, Oregon, WI 53575 is requesting to re-zone from A-3 to A-2 to bring it into compliance with today's standard at Dane County. Motion made by Weber and seconded by Ace to approve petition number 9760. Motion carries.

      Farming resident Mark O'Brien residing at 552 Glenway Road Brooklyn, WI addressed the Supervisors to request that the Town Board follow the standards that they claim to support in keeping with the rural agricultural farming in the Town of Oregon.

      Mr. O'Brien had contracted to have his winter wheat seed be flown on over a soybean field to save input costs; this could be done for $18.75 per acre. Mr. O'Brien was forced to discontinue the process because of an individual that insisted the airplanes were bothering her three horses located on Locust Grove Road. This affected four area farmers. The input cost to seed the crop in a conventional way would cost $40.00 per acre. Mr. O'Brien wanted to know who was going to pay the difference and does the board still respect and support the right to farm? The Board suggested that O'Brien contact this person before the crop is applied as a courtesy to allow her to secure her horses. O'Brien submitted a letter written by David Judd of Green Meadow Stables with 110 horses that had no problem with the airplanes and had even hired a pilot to spray his own soybean crop this summer.

      Resident Keith Syvrud residing at 457 Union Road, Brooklyn is requesting to change his property lines. The acreage would remain the same in the parcel merely adjusting the lot property lines. The 16.32 acre parcel where the house is located will remain at 16.32 acres it will just have less of the road right of way of the airport. The forty acre parcel will remain at 40 acres just change the lot lines. Chair Weber suggested that Mr. Syvrud request to be placed on the Plan Commission Agenda to go through the proper channels to accomplish this change.

      Resident Keith Syvrud residing at 457 Union Road requested to be permitted to have an ash driveway running parallel to his completed cement driveway that provides access to his home. Mark O'Brien does not want to use the concrete driveway with heavy farm equipment due concerns of potential damage. The Town Board noted that the ash driveway is not a field road driveway. It appears that two driveways have been allowed. This does not comply with our current driveway ordinance. A field driveway should be natural vegetation. The Town Board suggested that Mr. O'Brien be allowed to harvest the crops this year and then the driveway should be returned to its natural state for the future. Mr. Syvrud should pursue presenting this to the Plan Commission on October 30th for approval first, and then come before the Town Board. The ash driveway had been allowed during the process of the cement driveway being established so that the heavy equipment would not cause any damage during the construction process. A motion was made by Supervisor Beasley that a driveway be kept as a farm field driveway at 457 Union Road, Brooklyn. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Ace. Supervisor Van Kampen requested a roll count vote. Van Kampen-abstain, Beasley-aye, Johnson-nay because this should be brought before the Plan Commission first, Weber-nay for the same reason, Ace aye. Motion did not carry.

      The Board discussed the tree removal expense on Lincoln Road for $800.00. Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Beasley to approve the $800.00 expense. Motion carries.

      There has been additional vandalism in the Town Park. The names and dates of the young people recently deceased from a vehicle accident in Verona were spray painted on the rocks and roadway. Park committee members Bob Johnson and Steve Root had cleaned up a majority of it.

      The Assessor Andy Blomstrom reported on the progress of balancing the tax roll from the Town to Dane County. Blomstrom said in November he would start the process of assessing the new construction. Supervisor Van Kampen wanted to know if he had started any walk through in the Town. At the next meeting Blomstrom will provide a cost for that service. The clerk shared that the Data Shop, Inc had charged $469.13 for transferring the assessor's files to Dane County. Blomstrom will be responsible for ½ of that expense.

      A building inspectors report was made available for the Town Board Supervisors. The inspection service has been improved upon.

      Supervisor Weber asked a young gentleman if he had any contribution to the meeting this evening. Conner Alvis reported that he vandalized the Park in Ravenoaks on July 14, 2007. He wanted to come before the board and share that he was sorry for his actions. The Board members thanked Conner coming to the meeting and apologizing for the damage. Constable Gary Wackett reported a rash of break-ins, although it had been quiet on homecoming weekend. Supervisor Beasley reported that all board members and Town office staff managed to pass the test from NIMS and the Town is in compliance. Mark O'Brien requested a badge for emergency situations. Constable Wackett will check into the cost of radios to get the Town by until a new radio system is required in 2010.

      Chair Weber said the Plan Commission is getting really close to having the Comprehensive Land Use Plan completed. Motion made by Chris Johnson to amend the Conservation Subdivision Ordinances as recommended by the Plan Commission to adopt amendments also changes on pages 4, 7, 12, 17 and 50 of the Comprehensive Plan and also change the impact fee to a minimum of $600.00. and may review that annually. The motion was seconded by Beasley. Motion carries.

      Supervisor Van Kampen reported that the Storytown Cemetery deal is nearly complete. Van Kampen shared that the Oregon Fire/EMS budget is being worked on and will include adding a full time person and possibly one part time employee.

      Supervisor Johnson met with resident Terry Bentley and County Public Works representative Pam Dunphy and you could post all the signs to slow down traffic all you want to but unless those are reinforced by our local officers and citations issued it really does not much good. There are signs available for road awareness that say bus stop, share the road, merging and residential area. More information will be available at the November or December board meeting. Recently the situation has gotten better due to Constable Wackett patrolling. Speed bumps and speed humps are difficult to snow plow, and maintenance.

     The Board members agreed to hold the Budget work session on October 23, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Beasley to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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