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Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes
May 01, 2007

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2007

       The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Tuesday May 1, 2007. Chairperson Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 7:00 with the following Board Supervisors present, Pen Beasley, Chris Johnson, Wayne Ace and Clerk, Denise Arnold.

       Motion made by Beasley seconded by Ace to approve the board minutes from the April 9th, 2007 meeting as presented. Motion carried.

       Motion made by Ace and seconded by Beasley to approve the Treasurer’s report as printed. Motion carried.

       Motion made by Weber and seconded by Johnson to approve petition number 9692, petitioner Eliot D. Bergeland, parcel number 0509-342-8001-2. The request was to divide a 119 acre parcel into one parcel with 5 acres for a new home and another parcel with 114 acres. Property is located on Bell Brook Road. Must have appropriate bumps outs on the driveway, and an impact fee of $600.00 at the time of the completed CSM.

Motion carries.

       Chairperson Weber made a motion seconded by Arnold to appoint Phil Van Kampen to the interim Town Board Supervisor position created by the election of Darryl Weber to the position of Chairperson. Roll count vote Beasley-Aye, Weber-Aye, Johnson-Aye, Ace-Aye and Arnold-Aye. Van Kampen joined the board for the remainder of the meeting.

       The Assessor, Andy Blomstrom reported that he had finished with all the land splits. Most of the new construction is done and entered on the computer. Still need to look at the Forest Crop Lands. The Personal Property roll needs to be completed. The June agenda should include setting a date for the Board of Review. Chair Weber inquired if the assessor would be able to conduct some walk-thru assessments. Blomstrom requested to review a fair compensation for the additional hours that service would require. Van Kampen reminded everyone that an elected official’s salary can only be changed at the annual meeting. The Clerk shared that the update pages that the assessor requested were placed in his mailbox. The PC-201 forms needed to submit the assessor’s error to the Department of Revenue have been provided for the assessor from the clerk.

       Resident John Beasley and Supervisor Ace shared their ideas on the solution for the lighting issues at the Town Hall. It was agreed to check into installing motion sensor lighting. Beasley suggested raised motion sensor lighting to provide illumination between vehicles. It was also suggested to find an individual from the Town to provide the electrical service preferable someone with commercial lighting experience.

       The Clerk informed the board that Pam Dunphy, Dane County Assistant Commissioner of Highway and Transportation Division will be coming down to look at the speed limit issues on Union Road. The Town would like to reduce the speed limit to accommodate the potential new businesses on the Vedvik Farm LLC property. If the change would fall within the State Statutes an engineering study would not be required. The engineering study would cost approximately $500.00. It is possible to change the speed limit by 10 MPH without further complications.

       Chair Weber shared that the next work session for the Plan Commission will be May 8th. They will work on some suggestions for the land use plan made by the Village and submitted to Kathleen Falk. He will talk to Andrew Bremer of MSA regarding the cost and requirements of the plan being distributed to the County and various other municipalities. Weber suggested that Supervisors Beasley and Johnson continue to attend the Plan Commission Meetings and eventually have Supervisor Johnson report the progress of the Plan Commission to the Town Board monthly meetings

       Motion made by Ace and seconded by Beasley to give the Plan Commission an $800.00 allowance expense if recommended by MSA to produce the copies required of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan to the County and area municipalities. Motion carries.

       Motion made by Van Kampen and seconded by Ace to approve the building inspector’s contract for May-June. Motion carries. Next month Supervisor Van Kampen will invite Brian Burkeland for the purpose of building inspection services. The option to continue into a closed session for the purpose of discussing the salary options with Mr. Burkeland should be added to the June agenda. Motion carries.

       Supervisor Ace reported that road patrolman Harlan Heller has returned to work. They are currently working on patching, tree trimming and mowing. Supervisor Beasley suggested that tree trimming be mentioned on the website.

       Supervisor Van Kampen reported on the Oregon Fire/EMS. A consultant had been hired to do a study, the report is now available. The board agreed that a synopsis prepared by Van Kampen would be appreciated rather than a full copy for each supervisor. Union negotiations are beginning. Chief Bloom is out for health reasons for about three weeks.

       Supervisor Van Kampen reported that progress is being made on the Storytown Cemetery CSM. The driveway easement still needs to be completed.

       Chair Weber reported on issues with Dane County. Paul and Julie Hankes land rezone request was denied by Dane County because it was in the water recharge area. Plan Commission member Brian Duffin composed a letter of support and the clerk submitted that to Dane County.

       Supervisor Beasley reported that the Park Committee is working with more Boy Scouts. The Park Committee is having their annual work session at 8:00 a.m. in the Town Park Saturday, May 5th. Beasley also reported that she and Supervisor Johnson attended the Towns Association Seminar. It was suggested that the annual road bids be opened in an open session, prepared in packets for the board members and distributed to allow for the board to study the information before making a decision. The bid should be published in the paper for the public also. Beasley made a recommendation that everyone contact their elected officials at the state level because the FCC is trying to quickly move through a bill to make cable services more competitive. This bill is not complete, it should cover everyone in the state and it excludes individuals that are not able to obtain cable services.

       The clerk administered the oath of office for Phil Van Kampen sworn in as the interim supervisor for a one year term.

       Motion was made by Van Kampen and seconded by Beasley to adjourn the meeting. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold,

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