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Special Board Meeting and Public Hearing for Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Mar 27, 2007

  Town of Oregon
March 27, 2007
Board Special Meeting Minutes
Public Hearing for Comprehensive Land Use Plan


       Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the Public Hearing for the Comprehensive Land Use Plan to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following Board Supervisors in attendance Phil Van Kampen, Pen Beasley, Darryl Weber and Clerk Denise Arnold. Absent: Wayne Ace. There were 21 residents/guests in attendance.

       Chair Jensen introduced Andrew Bremer from MSA. Andrew talked about the history of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This has been plan worked on for two years and is partially funded by the Wisconsin Department of Administration. The Plan has nine points, including agriculture, transportation, issues and opportunities, utilities, intergovernmental cooperation, natural resources, land use and implementation, community facilities and economic development. The Town would now use Conservation Subdivisions, in the coming months the Town will establish an ordinance for the implementation of such development.

       Nadine Walsten, Village of Brooklyn President reviewed our comprehensive land use plan. Ms. Walsten presented a memorandum prepared by the Village of Brooklyn Planning and Zoning Commission asking for consideration of their comments when planning near the Village of Brooklyn. The Village of Brooklyn was concerned with the transitional agricultural land sited. The other concern was with natural resources, for example mineral extraction. The Village would appreciate joint meetings if that future development would occur.

       A resident requested an explanation of transitional agricultural. Mr. Bremer explained the plan called for one unit for thirty-five acres. It is the area that is more likely to see development in the future. Currently the use will be open to the land owner. A-3 land is zoned as agricultural and is designated as transitional so the use has the potential of changing in the future.

       Lloyd Klahn commented on the Brooklyn/Oregon corridor, it has three highways for the future growth; Old highway 14, New Highway 14 and County Highway MM. The transportation opportunity provides a sensible location for commercial development.

       A resident requested an explanation of a Conservation Subdivision. Mr. Bremer explained that typically the Town would try to cluster the homes on poorer agricultural land and would place deed restrictions on the remaining land to leave the ground in agricultural. The lot size may be a lower than two acre lot. The Town still needs to work on the conservation subdivision ordinances.

       Motion was made by Supervisor Weber and seconded by Supervisor Van Kampen to adjourn the public hearing. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold


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