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Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes
Mar 06, 2007

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2007


      The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday March 6, 2007. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with Supervisors Wayne Ace, Darryl Weber, Pen Beasley, Phil Van Kampen, and Clerk Denise Arnold present.

      MMS/Van Kampen-Ace to approve the February 6, 2007 meeting minutes as presented. Motion carries.

      MMS/Ace-Weber to approve the Treasurer’s report as printed. Motion carries.

      Park Committee Chairperson Steve Root reported there is a potential for two more Eagle Scout projects. The park committee decided to change the park hours to sunrise to sunset following the calendar year. This would require an ordinance change and the expense of changing the signs should be around $20.00. The Park Committee would like to appoint Mark Brylski to fill the current vacant position on the committee.

      MMS/Weber-Beasley to approve the appointment of Mark Brylski to the Park Committee. Motion carried

      MMS/Weber-Van Kampen to approve the change in hours in the Town Parks. The hours should be defined by the calendar, sunrise to sunset. Motion carried.

      MMS/Weber-Van Kampen to approve land rezone petition #9672, Section 06; Parcel #0509-061-8561-0. Current zoning is RH-4. Property owned by Robert and Lorraine Shillingstad, 6227 Purcell Road, Oregon, WI 53575. Request to divide 22.5 acre parcel and home into one parcel with 2.0 acres and home zoned as RH-4 and another parcel 20.5 acres. Property is located at 6195 Purcell. A deed notice would be placed on lot 2 with 20.5 acres and would be considered a non-buildable parcel. The lot line for the lot 1 with the dwelling should not encroach on lot 2 for the purpose of the drain field. There will not be an additional driveway and lot 2 being the larger acreage will be used for agriculture, has its own field driveway.

      There was discussion regarding the land rezone petition #9679 Section 9; parcel #0509-094-9000-2 current zoning is LC-1. Property is owned by Tom Wiedenbeck, 1164 South Fish Hatchery Road, Oregon, WI 53575. Petitioner is the same. Request to change zoning from LC-1 to C-1. Property is located at 1164 South Fish Hatchery Road. Mr. Wiendenbeck would like the ability to construct a building for storage of all of his equipment. The petitioner would like to continue a wholesale/retail business for general and mechanical contracting services for his commercial electrical business and additional woodworking and gun retail/wholesale business. The rezone would allow business space for potential real estate, insurance, financial planning or similar small administrative businesses. The Plan Commission had suggested limiting the size of the building to not cover more that 40% of the rezoned land area and the Board agreed. The retail and wholesale portion of the business would have hours from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. six days per week.

      MMS/Weber-Ace to approve petition number 9679 parcel number 0509-094-9000-2 from LC1 to C-1. Deed restriction allowing retail/wholesale firearms and distribution business, retail/wholesale general and mechanical contracting/services business, including woodworking on this parcel. No more than 40% of the rezoned parcel to be covered with buildings. This includes office uses for the purpose of real estate, insurance, financial planning or similar small administrative businesses. Any and all sales to be done in conformances with all applicable Local, State and Federal regulations. Office hours would be limited to 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. six days per week. Motion carries.

      Chair Jensen asked if there were any items that needed to be addressed that are not on the agenda. There were none.

      MMS/Ace-Weber to approve to spend no more than $33,000.00 on a new pick-up truck for the town. Motion carries. This will allow for research of bids for a specific design of box and vehicle options. Motion carries.

      MMS/Weber-Van Kampen to research and compare the bids for a new tractor purchase and make a decision at the next Town Board Meeting. Motion carries.

      Supervisor Beasley reported that there were no new developments on the NIMS program. Beasley commended the patrolman on the good response on the removal of the recent large snowfalls.

      The clerk shared information that had been researched for assessor’s errors. The clerk should not just issue checks for assessor’s errors this should be filed for an insurance liability claim. You may apply for a refund from the Department of Revenue however that would require the error was palpable. This would need to be done by October 1, and a decision would be made if the refund of taxes would be accepted by the Department of Revenue on November 15th. The Towns Association did not encourage a payment rather work the situation through the State Statutes. Dane County informed the clerk that the Town was under no obligation to pay if the taxpayer had not attended the Board of Review. A department of revenue PC-201 form should be completed by the assessor. The Town’s Assessor Andy Blomstrom agreed that there were errors and the taxpayers had been unlawfully taxed. The assessor said he did not know how all these errors occurred.

      MMS/Van Kampen-Weber effective July 1, 2007 in the case of an potential property tax errors the town assessor will prepare a Department of Revenue form PC-201 if errors are found; then the insurance company would be notified. Motion carries.

      The Town Board advised the clerk to investigate the potential of recovering the claims through our insurance liability carrier. The residents attending the meeting requested information why this happened. Chair Jensen wanted to make the taxpayers whole again. Supervisor Van Kampen wanted to know if any of the residents had attended the Board of Review. None had attended. Resident/Taxpayer Candee Craven mentioned that the assessor had not replied because he did not check his email account. The assessor thought the errors occurred when the records were transferred to the new computer system. Supervisors Weber and Van Kampen were concerned with the potential of more errors coming forth and more taxpayers demanding refunds. The assessor agreed to completing the DOR form PC-201, however he felt most of the errors were not palpable and would be denied by the Department of Revenue. Residents Glenn and Trudy Mueller and Candee Craven agreed that they could be patient with the town continuing to research this matter. The clerk committed to making an effort to keep the residents better informed.

      Assessor Andy Blomstrom shared his assessors report. He has visited all new construction properties and is going to make appointments on basement and kitchen remodels and check all land split locations. He has talked with the Department of Revenue and the final report is acceptable. He plans on taking new pictures and entering them on the computer. He spoke with Mike Grota for assistance on address changes. Andy said the Board of Review will be held in early June because we are not in compliance. Supervisor Beasley inquired if the Town would be receiving updates to the computer program. Assessor Blomstrom said that it was not recommended at this time. The Clerk suggested that the Assessor put an informative letter in the newsletter.

      Andrew Bremer from MSA Services presented a plan for updating the land and subdivision ordinance for the Town of Oregon. The ordinance would define a conservation sub-division. The cost to the Town would be $7,140. Work session meetings would start in May and be completed by October 2007.

      MMS/Weber-Van Kampen to approve the MSA proposed package for updating the Town subdivision ordinances for an amount $7,140. Motion carries.

      Board Chair Jensen stated that the Village of Oregon officials have reviewed the Town’s land use plan and has some concerns.

      MMS/Weber-Van Kampen to approve the March to April 2007 Building Inspectors contract with Bill Glenn. Motion carried.

      Supervisor Beasley reported that there were no new developments on the cable committee.

      MMS/Van Kampen-Weber to continue discussions with the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District to change the nature of the relative funding by the member municipalities and in the interest of acknowledging this change, the Town of Oregon and the Town of Rutland propose an addendum to the OAFED Bylaws. This Addendum would recognize the increasing percentage of funding by the Village of Oregon by providing a mechanism whereby the Village could have final approval of Annual Budget of OAFED. Motion carries.

      MMS/Van Kampen-Weber to approve the transfer of funds from the OAFED 2% Dues Account to be used for the purchase of turn-out gear in the amount not to exceed $70,000. Motion carries.

      MMS/Van Kampen-Weber to approve the draft offer to purchase that was prepared by the Town’s Attorney Larry Bechler for Storytown Cemetery. Motion carried.

      MMS/Beasley-Weber to approve a letter of support prepared by Supervisor Van Kampen in researching and developing a Bike Trail from the Village of Brooklyn to the Village of Oregon along the existing railroad corridor. Motion carried.

      MMS/Van Kampen-Weber to adjourn the Town of Oregon Board Meeting.
Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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