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Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes
Jan 02, 2007

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
January 2, 2007

      The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday January 2, 2007. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with Supervisors Wayne Ace, Darryl Weber, Pen Beasley, Phil VanKampen, Treasurer, Rhonda LaFlash and Clerk, Denise Arnold present.

      MMS/Ace-Weber to approve the December 5, 2006 meeting minutes as presented. Motion carried.

      The Treasurers’ report was read by Rhonda LaFlash. MMS/VanKampen-Beasley to approve the report as read. Motion carried.

      Brenda McLelland from the Oregon Youth Center was unable to give a report on the Oregon Youth Center. She will be added to the agenda for next month.

      Chair Jensen requested informal public comments. Diana Albrecht inquired about the progress of the fencing issue. Chair Jensen found the Town Ordinance that the “right hand rule” would be used. Supervisor Ace was waiting for an answer from the Town’s Attorney. Ace will call the resident with the final word.

      Resident John Brown of 1611 County Highway D, Oregon spoke regarding the ATC 69kV transmission line from the new Sun Valley Substation to Adams Road. Brown has done extensive research and is proposing an alternate plan of locating the transmission lines behind the resident’s dwellings or bury the line. He has the support of the other homeowners in the area that would be affected and shared copies of a signed petition. A buried line would be more expensive. Supervisor Weber offered to draft a letter with Mr. Browns’ assistance to present to Dane County. The letter will be presented at the February 6, 2007 Town Board Meeting for the board to approve.

      Town of Oregon Assessor Andy Blomstrom presented an assessor’s report to the board. Andy offered to present a monthly assessor’s report to the Board. The board responded favorably and would appreciate monthly reports. Blomstrom reported that he had entered all the building permits onto the computer with notes and an action tied to them. He has returned all the phone calls regarding the equalization errors probably 25 or more calls. Andy reviewed 7 assessments over the phone. On December 26th Andy met with residents with his computer and maps and found one error with square footage. Five e-mail inquires about assessments have been returned. All letters and forms for personal property reporting have been mailed with a March first deadline for reporting. Entered corrections for all errors found and they won’t show up next year. On Saturday December 30, 2006 taxpayers that came in to pay their taxes were changing some of their agricultural base and all those changes have been entered for 2007. He has printed out the assessment records and mailed them to the taxpayers, provided assessment information to six fee appraisers. Andy is pulling more pictures and drawings and files from the old assessment files to enter on the computer, with a goal of emptying the files and have everything on the computer. Andy would like to add an article to the Town newsletter requesting residents to report or assist in locating CRP land located in the Town of Oregon. Next week the Assessor will start looking at the building permits and drive around to look at the latest permits to assess as of January 1st. He should finish this week and the following week process this years’ new construction. Andy appreciated that Supervisor VanKampen had suggested that he come in with the Treasurer to be available while taxes were being collected. Andy stated that if any board members have any recommendations for Andy he would like to accommodate any requests. Chair Jensen inquired if Andy had contacted Reed Johnson at the Department of Revenue to make corrections to the final report. Andy reported that he has done that, he reviewed the report with Grota Appraisals and approved the final numbers and it looks a lot more accurate and he gave his approval to send the report in. Chair Jensen suggested in August/September time frame that all members of the board and the assessor should see the equalization report from the DOR. Blomstrom has a goal to finish the Board of Review by the end of May. Jensen inquired if there could be a schedule set up to review 20% of existing homes. Andy is willing to do that and felt that is possible. He still needs to complete 1200 drawings on the computer. The residents would need to be willing to pay extra to do 20% of the homes. Andy thought he could do 4 or 5 homes per week once he has all the information entered on his computer.

      Steve Root shared a Park Committee report. The trash barrels at the Town Park have been stolen. The Park Committee will look into replacing them with something more permanent next spring. All the Eagle Scout projects have been completed and potential of two more may be started. The Committee is starting to work on a five year plan for usage of the impact fee funds.

      Supervisor Ace reported that Dan Marshall would like a driveway variance to run the driveway along the current fence line so that less farm land would be used. . MMS/Ace-Weber to approve a driveway variance for Dan Marshall. Motion carried, Letters were shared with the Board Members that had been submitted to the Clerk’s office regarding fireworks in the Town of Oregon. The fireworks issue has been on the Town website since November. The Board felt that an article should be put in the Town newsletter to possibly receive even more input.

      The Town of Oregon does not need to have a notification of Non-Candidacy for our local office positions open because of the caucus system currently used.

      The Clerk reported that Dane County would like the Town to become providers rather than reliers on the Statewide Voter Registration System. The Board would like the Town to remain as a relier until more improvements are made to the system and training is offered. MMS/VanKampen-Beasley to approve the Memorandum of Understanding with Dane County to continue to provide SVRS services. Motion carries.

      MMS/Jensen-VanKampen to approve an additional $5,635. of expense to MSA Professional Services toward the completion of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Motion carries.

      The Board scheduled the following meetings to accomplish the adoption of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

  • 1-08-07 Plan Commission Work Session
  • 1-30-07 Plan Commission Meeting
  • 2-05-07 Written public suggestions must be reported to the Clerk’s office
  • 2-12-07 Plan Commission Work Session
  • 2-13-07 Plan Commission Meeting to recommend the Land Use Plan to the Board
  • 2-22-07 Legal Posting for 30 day notice
  • 3-27-07 Joint Town Board & Plan Commission Meeting to Adopt Land Use Plan

          MMS/Weber-VanKampen to approve this schedule to adopt the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Motion carries.

          MMS/Weber-Vankampen to approve the Building Inspector contract for January and February of 2007. Motion carries.

          Supervisor Ace reported on the Road Patrolmen. With Patrolmen Ron Outhouse out of work due to an injury that was not work related the Town needs another individual or possibly two to be available for snow plowing. The Town pickup truck is out for repairs and there is a need to replace that vehicle.

          Supervisor Beasley did not have any new developments to report from the Cable Committee. Beasley shared that Mark O’Brien has agreed to serve on a Committee to create a new Emergency Management procedure. Beasley also was thankful to report that there have been low incidents of influenza reported and regarding the Avian Flu pandemic, no human to human transfer of infection have been reported. There have been 258 documented cases worldwide resulting in 154 deaths, none in the United States and none in Wisconsin.

          Supervisor VanKampen reported that the Fire/EMS district would like to improve their cash flow by requesting municipalities pay 50% of the levied funds in February and the remaining amounts disbursed in August and December. VanKampen had consulted with the Treasurer to be sure that payment schedule change would be feasible for the Town cash flow. Rutland is going to ask for a slight adjustment in their service area. The District can bill the State of Wisconsin and the County for Fire/EMS calls generated from the property located in the Town of Oregon. The collecting municipality could collect 20% and the District would receive 80%.

          Supervisor VanKampen informed the Board that an agreement has been made of $1,000. and four gravesites in trade for the additional land obtained from Bob Dick at the Storytown Cemetery. This should be an agenda item for the February Board Meeting to be approved.

          Chair Jensen reported on Dane County communications. The Dan Marshall Farm Plan permit was approved along with the rezone.

          Supervisor VanKampen reported that there were no new developments to report from the Towns/Village Metro Bus Study Committee.

          The Clerk informed the board that our legal services obtained from Murphy Desmond Lawyers will increase in 2007 from $170.00 per hour to $177.00. The Dane County Towns Association Meeting will be held January 10, 2007 at 8:00 p.m. The Town received a check in the amount of $27,233.45 from the sale of the District Fire/EMS building. Bill Outhouse is installing an additional driveway at 5132 County Road A, this has been approved by Dane County. Waste Management Services will have an increase this year. The Clerk also provided paperwork from the Peterson Annexation. The Chair requested that a copy of that annexation documentation be forwarded to Town Attorney Larry Bechler.

          MMS/Beasley-Weber to adjourn the Town Board Meeting at 8:50 p.m. Motion carries.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Denise Arnold, Clerk

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