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Town of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes
Feb 06, 2007

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2007

      The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday February 6, 2007. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with Supervisors Wayne Ace, Darryl Weber, Pen Beasley, Phil VanKampen, Treasurer, Rhonda LaFlash, Constable Gary Wackett and Clerk, Denise Arnold present.

      MMS/Ace-Weber to approve the January 2, 2007 meeting minutes as printed. Motion carries.

      The Chair requested if the Eagle Scouts that were attending the meeting would like to explain their projects. David Sone and Mike Wollin shared that they completed the Aldo Leopold designed park bench project in the Town Park. Elliot LaBraun distributed shredded wood chips created by recycling area trees that had fallen during storms on a 950’ trail in the BiCentennial Park. The Board expressed their gratitude for the dedication and hard work the Scouts and their leaders put into these projects and thanked them for taking the time to attend the board meeting.

      There was no Park Committee report as they did not have a January meeting.

      The Treasurer’s report was read by Rhonda LaFlash. MMS/Ace-Weber to approve the report as read. Motion carried.

      MMS/Weber-VanKampen to approve the Vedvik Farm LLC petition number 9650 requesting to rezone from A-3 to C-2 as recommended by the Plan Commission. 4 Parcel number 0509-132-8720-6 and 0509-132-9080-9 would have a C-2 classification with an agreed upon restricted exclusion list of 19 potential businesses, only one driveway and cannot exceed the building height restriction of 35 feet. Motion carries.

      MMS/Weber-Beasley to approve Paul and Julie Hankes petition number 9677 to rezone lot #2 from RH-4 to RH-3. This rezone would allow the petitioner to sell the current home located on lot #1 parcel# 0509-284-8331-4 and build a new home on lot #2 parcel#0509-284-9500-7. The following conditions apply:
1. Joint driveway agreement
2. Impact Fee $600.00
3. Fencing Ordinance

     Motion carries.

      Supervisor Ace informed the board that he was taking care of Diana Albrecht’s fencing issues with Fred Clark from the prior meetings.

      There were two Assessor’s errors on the agenda that would need to be tabled until Assessor Andy Blomstom returned. The Scott Craven and Robert Helbleib assessment corrections should be on the agenda for March 2007.

      The board with the assistance of Lead Patrolman Ron Outhouse discussed the major road work to be completed in 2007. The joint conclusion was to collect bids for Sun Valley Parkway, north from Storytown Road to Judd Road, overlay bids for Ravenoaks and Glenway ½ mile to a mile. Sugar Hill Road will be taken care of by DRS. A bid for seal coating should be obtained for Alpine Road.

      MMS/Ace-Weber to trade in the Bobcat using the municipal discount with an upgrade of hand controls in addition to foot controls for a cost of approximately $900. Motion carries.

      MMS/Jensen-VanKampen to approve Dane County Ordinance Amendment 9, 2006-2007 amending Chapter 10 of the Dane County Code of Ordinance providing for Bio-Diesel and Manure Processing Manufacturing in the Agricultural Business Zoning District. Motion carries.

      Resident John Brown and Supervisor Weber presented a letter to the board in objection to the 69kV line to be located in the Town of Oregon. Chair Jensen suggested that letter be sent to ATC, Alliant, Dane County Zoning and the P.S.C. Supervisor Ace requested that a signature page be added to allow for all board members to sign. This letter suggests the route be located behind the current dwellings or to bury the power lines.

      Resident Mark O’Brien spoke about the progress of the new Brooklyn Fire EMS facility. Mr. O’Brien, Supervisor Pen Beasley and Constable Gary Wackett have all completed the NIMS training and will work as a committee to update the Town’s current Emergency Management Plan.

      MMS/Weber-VanKampen to approve the 2007 General Engineering contract with MSA Professional Services. Motion carries.

      MMS/Weber-VanKampen to proceed with legal council in creating an Ordinance for a six month Moratorium on Sub-Division Plat Submissions legally submitted or by mail. Motion carries.

      Supervisor Weber reminded board members that a Plan Commission work session will be held on Monday February 12th at 7:00 p.m. to complete the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. A Special Meeting will be held on Tuesday February 13th at 7:00 p.m. to recommend the amended Comprehensive Lane Use Plan for approval of the Town Board on March 27th following the Public Hearing.

      MMS/Weber-VanKampen to approve the Building Inspector contract with Bill Glenn for the month of March. Motion carries.

      Supervisor Ace reported that the Road Patrol has been plowing almost daily. The Town pick-up truck is in need of replacement and it was budgeted for 2007. Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson should start to collect bids for the best price and options.

      Supervisor Beasley had no new developments to report regarding the Cable Committee. Tipperary Road residents will be going to satellite service.

      Supervisor VanKampen did not have any additional items to report on the Oregon Fire/EMS District.

      MMS/Ace-Beasley to accept the preparation of an agreement of 4 cemetery plots, $1,000.00 and driveway easement to Robert Dick for the purchase of land at the Storytown Cemetery. Motion carries.

      Chair Jensen reported on Dane County actions regarding the lakes and watershed commission that had concerns on seal coating for personal driveways that have coal tar with a high level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The commission wanted to prohibit the use of these products.

      Supervisor VanKampen had no information to report regarding the formation of the Towns/Village Metro Bus Study Committee.

      The Assessor was unable to attend the meeting. Mr. Blomstrom had provided a written progress report for Board Members.

      The clerk provided copies of the 2006 building inspection report that had been created by the Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson. There is a Lakes & Watersheds Meeting on February 8th at 5:30 p.m. The UW Extension is holding a workshop on how to sustain our working lands.

      Supervisor Weber discussed the need of possibly replacing the four year old tractor. Weber had a quote of $23,000. The tractor has had some issues in the past and may need to be replaced. Supervisor Ace suggested that other quotes be obtained. A loan may be needed to complete this because it is not cost effective to put more funds into the repair of the existing tractor.

      MMS/VanKampen-Beasley to adjourn the Town Board Meeting. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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