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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town of Oregon Annual Meeting
Apr 11, 2007


Town of Oregon
Annual Meeting April 11, 2007, 7:00 p.m.



      Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the Town Board Meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. with the following Town Board members present, Wayne Ace, Darryl Weber, Pen Beasley, and Phil Van Kampen. Chair Jensen thanked the residents for coming out in such adverse weather.

      The Road work bids were redistributed and discussed. A final decision was not made at the board meeting on April 9, 2007. In 2005 Payne and Dolan was not awarded the bid for Union Road. Chair Jensen explained that usually a 4” hot mix blacktop is used in paving. Due to the heavy truck traffic on Union Road, Payne and Dolan had agreed to provide an additional 1” of paving materials. The road bid actually went to Frank Bros. because they had the lowest bid on the State/County funded project. Payne and Dolan agreed to apply the allowance for the 1” paving expense on the next contract that was awarded to their company. In 2006 the road bid went to Frank Bros. If the 1” allowance from Payne and Dolan is applied to the 2007 road paving work they would be the lowest bid by applying the $9,823.15 discount.

      MMS/Ace-Weber to accept the Payne and Dolan road paving bid on Sun Valley Parkway (Judd Road to Story Town Road) and Raven Oaks for the amount of $218,230.75. Motion carries.

      MMS/Weber-Beasley to adjourn the Town Board Meeting. Motion carries.

      Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the 2007 Annual Meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. with twenty-eight residents in attendance.

      Wisconsin State Representative Brett Davis thanked the Town Board and all the residents of the Town of Oregon for their patience in regards to the Department of Revenue error. The loan bill that Representative Davis was involved in creating was unanimously passed. Representative Davis thanked the clerk and deputy clerk for their hours of service processing the loans. Seventy loans have been issued for approximately $28,000. The loans range from .80 to $1,300. with a $500. average. Residents may apply for the loan until June 30, 2007,

      A State of Wisconsin Proclamation was presented to Chairperson Gerald Jensen by Representative Davis for his years of service to the Town of Oregon. Jensen was re-elected three times and served for twenty-six years on the board.

      Motion was made by Mark O’Brien and seconded by Ruth Klahn to approve the Annual Meeting Minutes from April 12, 2007 as read by the Clerk, Denise Arnold. Motion carries.

      Chair Jensen shared with the residents in attendance that the defibrillator has been received and installed in the hall.

      Motion was made by Darryl Weber and seconded by Bob Johnson to approve the Treasurer’s report as read by Treasurer, Rhonda LaFlash. An Impact Fee account has been opened in 2006 to separate the former park funds from the general account.

      The clerk highlighted the budget report for the Town residents. A motion was made by Bob Johnson and seconded by Darryl Weber to approve the clerk’s report. Motion carries.

      Plan Commission Chairperson Darryl Weber reported that the Comprehensive Land Use Plan has been recommended by the Plan Commission to the Town Board. The Town Board has held a Public Hearing and approved to adopt the Land Use Plan as presented. The Plan Commission will begin work sessions to update the subdivision ordinances and write an ordinance for a conservation sub-division development.

      Steve Root Chairperson of the Park Committee reported that more tree planting will be done this year. Three Eagle Scouts have completed projects and two more potential projects may occur in 2007. Posts were installed in the Town Park to protect the parking lot and grounds. Fiber mats were installed under the playground equipment. The parks will now be open from sunrise to sunset in the Town of Oregon. In 2007 the recreation plan will need to be updated. The spring park clean up work day will be May 5th with a rain date of May 12th.

      Supervisor Phil Van Kampen reported that the Oregon Fire/EMS is running much smoother. Chief Bloom has done a very good job and the situation is working well.

      Mark O’Brien represented the Brooklyn Fire/EMS District. Mr. O’Brien wanted to thank all the Town Taxpayers for their support in the projects. An invitation was extended to all the residents to attend an open house on April 21st.

      Supervisor Pen Beasley reported on the Emergency Management Systems. A committee has been formed with Mark O’Brien and Gary Wackett. Tornado safety awareness is this being observed this week.

      Supervisor Wayne Ace reported on the Road Patrolmen. Currently Ron Outhouse and Harlan Heller are on full time duty; Ross Elsing and Romaine Ace are part time employees. The patrolmen did a good job with the difficult snow removal this year. Some road equipment has been updated in the past year.

      Constable Gary Wackett reported that in 2006 he logged 4,500 miles, 291 hours, 38 written reports, 10 citations, 147 park checks and 6 vacation checks. Wackett has completed the NIMS training in 2005 and in 2006 attended a 40 hour humane officer training that is required by the state. The Constable was also involved with the Drug Task Force with an incident that occurred in the Town.

      Assessor Andy Blomstrom thanked the residents for voting him back into office and apologized for the last year with all the errors in assessments. Blomstrom stated he will be working hard in 2007 to correct these errors. He will be evaluating swamp lands in the Town, along with a couple of subdivisions where new values need to be assigned. He will be working with Reed Johnson at the Department of Revenue to be in get the Town of Oregon in compliance. The agricultural ground is too high. It has been over ten years since a “walk through” has been completed. That will have to be looked at again.

      The Town Clerk administered the oath of office to the following recently elected Town officials:

Chairperson, Darryl Weber Constable, Gary Wackett
Supervisor, Wayne Ace Treasurer, Rhonda LaFlash
Supervisor, Christine Johnson Assessor, Andrew Blomstrom

      Former Clerk Ruth Klahn thanked Supervisor Phil Van Kampen for his service during his term as supervisor.

      Town resident and former Town Board Chair Phil Peterson presented retiring Board Chair Gerald Jensen with a public service award from the Town of Oregon. Chair Jensen shared appreciation for the people he served with both past and present.

      Ruth Klahn requested the lighting in the parking lot and front of the building be improved. The last two elections the parking area has been too dark for the safety of electors and poll workers leaving late at night. Darryl Weber said that the board had been made aware of the lighting issue. It was discussed at the April board meeting that there was a problem and they would be addressing it.

      Motion made by Mark O’Brien and seconded by Ruth Klahn to set the 2008 Annual Town Board Meeting for April 8th at 7:00 p.m.

      Motion made by Phil Petersen and seconded by Gary Wackett to adjourn the Town Board Meeting at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold

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