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Town of Oregon
Oct 03, 2006

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
October 3, 2006

      The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday, October 3, 2006. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with Supervisors Pen Beasley, Phil VanKampen, Darryl Weber, Clerk Denise Arnold and Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash present. Absent: Wayne Ace.

      MMS/VanKampen-Weber to approve the minutes from September 5, 2006 as printed. Motion carried.

      The Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash. MMS/Weber-VanKampen to approve the report as read. Motion carried.

      Chair Jensen inquired if there were any informal public comments. Resident John Brown of 1611 County Hwy. D Oregon would like an opportunity to be placed on the Plan Commission agenda for October 31st and a special meeting with the Town Board for the purpose of a group of residents expressing concerns and requesting action/support regarding the potential placement of a 69K electrical lines from the Sun Valley Substation belonging to ATC (American Transmission Company). The Board thought that the December 5, 2006 meeting would probably work best.

      Deputy Leslie Fox reported from the Dane County Sheriff’s Department. Fox stated that there have been reports of theft from unlocked autos. The accident count in the Town of Oregon has not increased from prior years. Fox inquired if there were any other areas of concern that Dane County should be made aware of. Chair Jensen said continued support in the Town Parks and Locust Grove Road. Board members asked if there would be additional patrol when the Lincoln Road speed limit is decreased to 35 MPH. Fox said a concentrated effort would be applied and they now have a traffic team to make that possible.

      Steve Root chairman of the Park Committee reported that the post project in the Town Park is well underway. They are about 100 posts short; Patrolman Ron Outhouse will obtain more posts to complete the project. Mike Wollin reported on his progress toward his Eagle Scout project. For the past month and a half he had been building benches for the Bi-Centennial Park. The frames are set and he is still looking for a couple of sponsors. Dave Sones is also working on his Eagle Scout project of placing benches in the Town Park. The benches are $100.00 each. The third Eagle Scout project has been started also and should be done the end of October by Elliot LaBraun. This project is to widen the trails at the Bi-Centennial Park. The Board thanked the scouts from Troop 50 for coming in to share of their progress and dedication to improving the Town Parks.

      Chair Jensen shared new information regarding Dane County Ordinance #10 amending chapter 11 regulating non-conforming lots in shore land zones. There are run-off concerns with all the hard surfaces. There are many ways to control this run off from lawn and roofs using native grasses and rain gardens. A group of County Supervisors decided to amend chapter 11 proposing to remove the grandfathering on these small lots to a size of not less that 7500 square feet to build on. It would require two lots to build upon. No sub-standard parcels would be allowed and would remove the ability to sell/build in the future. This would be invasive to Towns. The board was unanimously against the ordinance because it was blanket policy for only a few. MMS/Weber-VanKampen to draft a letter of opposition of this Ordinance #10 amending chapter 11 to present to the Dane County Board Supervisors before the October 18, 2006 meeting.

      Chair Jensen explained about the Farmland Preservation renewal. MMS/VanKampen-Beasley with a request to file forms for renewal from the Land Water Conservation Board by December 31, 2006 to remain eligible. Motion carried.

      The clerk researched the board meeting minutes from prior years to find where the decision was made to increase the treasurer and assessor salaries the same the patrolman. More research will need to be done as the information was not found.

      Pen Beasley will be asking Gary Wackett and Mark O’Brien if they would be interested in creating/updating our disaster plan with NIMS (National Incident Management Systems). Darryl Weber suggested that Rick Anderson be asked in the event that Gary or Mark could not commit to the project.

      MMS/VanKampen-Beasley to authorize a resolution required to apply for the 2007 Recycling Grant. Motion carries.

      MMS/Beasley-Weber to approve the appointment of a deputy clerk for the Town of Oregon. Motion carries.

      The board decided to set Wednesday, November 8, 2006 for the next Town Board Meeting due to the November 7th election. The dates for the Budget Workshop will be held October 23rd 6:30 p.m. with the option of dismissing and reconvening on the 24th of October at 6:30 to finish. The Budget hearing will be held on November 8, 2006 at 6:30 before the Town Board meeting at 7:00.

      In the absence of Supervisor Ace there was not a Road Patrol report.

      There were no new developments on the Storytown Cemetery or Emergency Management to report.

      The clerk presented information that had been provided at the request of the Plan Commission regarding the building inspector and driveway permits. The Plan Commission recommended to the board that the lead patrolman do the driveway permits.

     This seemed like a logical choice because the patrolmen are called out to fix problem driveways. Chair Jensen did not want to change that position and requested discussion at another meeting when Supervisor Ace was present. The building inspector must be addressed. Phil VanKampen would like a service hired to handle the inspections. The board requested the clerk check into Steve Kittleson, (individual contracting inspector) and a couple inspection firms. MMS/VanKampen-Weber to approve the contract for November to December with the current building inspector Bill Glenn.

      The Comprehensive plan is progressing as reported by Supervisor Weber.

      The Board was provided with a letter from the Village of Oregon stating that they were rescinding the December 22, 2005 preliminary notification of the Village of Oregon withdrawing from the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District. The board requested the clerk reply with a letter that was pre-approved by the board to the village acknowledging this correspondence and the Town’s commitment to continued success of the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District.

      No new developments from the Cable Committee.

      Jerry Jensen reported that Dane County Zoning Inspector Peter Conrad resigned.

      Supervisor VanKampen reported on the recent Towns/Village Metro Bus Study Committee. The Communities participating are Evansville, Oregon, and Stoughton. Deciding how much it will cost the Communities is the next step and make sure that each will still participate. The total amount is probably $80,000 to $100,000.

      The clerk informed the board of various upcoming meetings. The Town of Blooming Grove would like to have area municipalities adopt the sample resolution provided for the EMS regionalization project. The board would like to discuss this at budget time. More complaints have come into the clerk’s office regarding fireworks. The clerk researched and provided information how other municipalities handle fireworks complete with sample ordinances. The board suggested more input from the residents was needed to make a decision. The clerk will post a request on the website. The people calling the town hall requested that there be designated hours for fireworks displays. The fireworks should be on the agenda for two months before making a decision. The Town did receive $250.00 reimbursement from the Village of Oregon for the animal control training attended by Gary Wackett. Andy Blomstrom was reimbursed $478.40 for the expenses incurred attending assessors training.

      The clerk shared that a resident has requested that all agendas be e-mailed to any resident requesting the information. The clerk’s office currently posts and publishes in more places than is legally required. Resident Mark Brylski of 972 Wesley Road in the Town of Oregon requested that the information be sent via e-mail and that the Village of Oregon all ready provides this service. The clerk was concerned that some people may begin to request mailing of all agendas and another resident may want to have it faxed to their home or office. The Board agreed that the recommended form of notification would be e-mail list service in addition to the current postings.

      MMS/VanKampen-Weber to adjourn the board meeting at 9:00 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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