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Town of Oregon
Nov 08, 2006

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2006

      The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Wednesday November 8, 2006. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.with Supervisors Wayne Ace, Pen Beasley, Phil VanKampen, Darryl Weber, Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash and Clerk, Denise Arnold present.

      MMS/VanKampen-Beasley to approve the minutes from the October 2, 2006 as printed. Motion carried.

      The Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash. MMS/Weber-VanKampen to approve the treasurer’s report as read. Motion carried.

      MMS/VanKampen-Weber for the Town Board to accept the financial responsibility of the Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash for all of the 2007 tax collection. Motion Carried.

      Chair Jensen inquired if there were any public comments. A representative from a natural foods co-op group that is in the development phase, inquired if they could use the Town Hall for the purpose of a drop-off for their monthly deliveries. They currently have seven households in the group. Some of the participants reside in the Town while others are located in neighboring municipalities. There would be a set date of delivery and the members would have to pick their order up the same day. The board agreed to place the request on the December Town Board meeting agenda.

      Resident Diana Albrecht, Lincoln Road has a fencing issue with Town of Oregon resident Fred Clark. Board supervisors Wayne Ace and Phil VanKampen will address the fencing problems and act as fence viewers.

      MMS/Weber-VanKampen to approve a Farm Plan Review on the condition of receiving paperwork from Dane County. This farm plan affects parcel number 0509-351-8000-2, 0509-351-9000-0 & 0509-351-8500-7 zoned A1-Ex. The property is owned by Marshall Brothers, 296 Union Road, Brooklyn, WI 53521. Petitioner is Dan Marshall. Request to create farm residence in accordance with the Farm Plan Review. Motion carries.

      MMS/Weber-VanKampen to accept the Developer’s Agreement and Final Plat for Hampton Valley. Motion carries.

      Resident Sheldon Tachon, 6157 Sun Valley Parkway requested to move his driveway as long as he abandons the original driveway. Mr. Tachon was not present. Recommendation by Ace to not allow the change. The other driveway would be need to be destroyed. The driveway may or may not need to be changed. No action was necessary.

      MMS/VanKampen-Beasley to increase the dog license fees to $15.00 for Male or Female Dogs and $9.00 Spayed or Neutered Dogs. Motioned carried.

      Supervisor VanKampen reported on the EMS Regionalization project. The organization is requesting a $5,000.00 contribution toward the project. MMS/VanKampen-Beasley to place this in the budget. Motion carried.

      Supervisor Beasley shared information from a meeting recently attended titled Surviving the Pandemic. The subject discussed was regarding the spread of the Bird Flu. It will take about 6 months to develop a vaccine. Gary Wackett has agreed to serve on an Emergency Management Committee. Mark O’Brien is busy with the construction of the Brooklyn Fire Station and did not want to commit at this time however he may reconsider at a later date.

      Supervisor Ace reported on the road patrol. Some ditch work must be done and trees trimmed. Sweep off excess pea gravel on roads that had recent road construction.

      Supervisor VanKampen did not have any new information regarding the Storytown Cemetery.

      The clerk should arrange for presentations from other building inspectors. If meetings are necessary they should be properly noticed. Papers were served to the Town of Oregon regarding a injury and claim by Roger Larson and Kimberly Hegstrom. The board advised the clerk to notify the Town’s attorney and the insurance liability carrier.

      Supervisor Weber reported that the Comprehensive Plan is almost complete. They are on schedule to hold the appropriate meetings to approve the plan in early 2007.

      Supervisor VanKampen presented a letter that he recommended be sent to the Oregon Fire/EMS in response to their withdrawal from the District. All of the Board members agreed that the letter should be sent.

      Chair Jensen shared that the Park Committee did not have any new business to report. Some of the posts had been pulled out by vandals in the Town Park. Constable Gary Wackett suggested that reflectors be placed on the posts.

      Supervisor Beasley did not have any new developments from the Cable Committee to report to the board.

      Chair Jensen reported that the Dane County Shoreland Ordinance is complete.

      Supervisor VanKampen had no business to report from the Towns/Village Metro Bus Study Committee.

      The Clerk reported that funds were received from the Town of Dunn from the expenses incurred from the tornado clean up. In June of 2006 the clerk’s office submitted a letter of expense to the Town of Dunn for $6,087.00 and received $4,261.34.

     The Clerk requested that the board allow payment to the former Clerk Ruth Klahn to assist on the mill rate calculations. The board agreed that Klahn’s former wage level would be acceptable for payment of hours worked. A certificate of completion was issued to Constable Gary Wackett for the training he completed. The Village of Oregon reimbursed the Town for half of the expense for the training course. The Clerk reported that the Town of Oregon had 1,625 voters for the November 2006 Election. There were 109 new registrations completed, 115 absentee voters, and 7 military absentee ballots that were never returned. More voting booths will be needed before the 2008 election. We may need some High School Students to help with the task of processing the absentee ballots.

      MMS/Weber-VanKampen to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold,

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