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Town of Oregon
Jun 06, 2006

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2006

      The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday June 6, 2006. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with Supervisors Pen Beasley, Phil VanKampen, Rhonda LaFlash, Treasurer and Denise Arnold, Clerk. Absent: Wayne Ace and Darryl Weber.

      Motion made Phil VanKampen and seconded by Pen Beasley to dispense with the reading and approve the minutes from May 2, 2006 and May 16, 2006. Motion carried.

      Motion made by Phil VanKampen and seconded by Pen Beasley to approve the treasurer’s report as read by Rhonda LaFlash. Motion carried.

      Motion was made by Pen Beasley and seconded by Phil VanKampen to approve petition number 9532; Section 34; Parcel#05090344-8700-0 & 0509-344-9000-9 currently zoned RH-1 and A-1Ex. Property owned by Craig and Rachel Schley. Request to relocate building site due to surveyor error. Motion carried.

      Chairperson Jensen introduced David Shutes. Mr. Shutes was the past director of Utility Pricing & Market Analysis for Alliant Energy. He had experience in the conservation service program, usage forecasting and acted as the company economist.

      Mr. Shutes expressed his opinion that the transmission lines are likely to be routed through the Town of Oregon. Using good conservation guidelines the additional transmission lines would not even be needed. Due to some thirty hours of high usage when there are peak air conditioning needs is the only justifiable requirement for additional power. Mr. Shutes felt the additional usage was not needed and could be avoided. The board thanked Mr. Shutes for his information and commitment of time.

      Motion made by Phil VanKampen seconded by Gerald Jensen to approve a combination Class B license for Foxboro LLC., agent Brook T. Schmitt. Motion carried

      Motion made by Phil VanKampen seconded by Pen Beasley to approve the renewal operator Licenses for Brook T. Schmitt, Dianna I. Balaam and Daniel W. Kovalske subject to an acceptable background check performed by Constable Gary Wackett. Motion carried.

      Motion made by Pen Beasley and seconded by Phil VanKampen to accept Constable Gary Wackett’s request that a stop sign be placed at the end of the Town Park Road and a no parking sign be placed on Union Road. Motion carried.

      Due to Supervisor Ace’s absence there was not a road patrol report.

      Phil VanKampen reported that the surveyor had completed work at the Storytown Cemetery. A meeting and final arrangements will be made with patrolmen Ron Outhouse and adjacent landowner Bob Dick. VanKampen thought the project would be completed yet this summer.

      Supervisor Pen Beasley reported on the Emergency Management Report. Beasely had attended a meeting regarding this matter on May 9, 2006. All elected official are required to complete the NIMS (National Incident Management Systems) training. The NIMS program can be done online. We will be updating our disaster plan and need an ordinance of adoption of the NIMS program. Constable Wackett informed the board that our radio system used for emergencies is in need of some maintenance or replacement.

      Chairperson Jensen reported on the Comprehensive Plan. Neil Stechschulte of MSA Professional Services has been replaced by Andrew Bremer. The plan is 80% complete at this time.

      Supervisor VanKampen reported that there were no significant new developments with the Oregon Fire and EMS District. The Village is in the process of withdrawing their withdrawal letter.

      Steve Root shared that the replacement parts for Kennedy Park had been delivered and will be installed June 7, 2006. The clerk would contact the patrolmen to distribute the wood chips around the equipment.

      Supervisor Beasley stated there was no new business with the cable committee.

      Chairperson Jensen confirmed that the Rob Nickells & Cassandra Schlamp Petition number 9476 had been approved by Dane County.

      Supervisor VanKampen stated there was nothing to report from the Towns/Village Metro Bus Study Committee.

      Andy Blomstrom assessor for the Town of Oregon shared that he had a received a letter from Hazelbaker & Associates, S.C. on the behalf of his client Dan Levine. The correspondence states that Mr. Levine does not want Mr. Blomstrom to be involved in his property assessment or anyone directly supervised by Mr. Blomstrom. Blomstrom requested a special board meeting be held to discuss the matter. The board agreed to hold a special meeting on Thursday May 8th at 8:00 a.m. to determine an appropriate response.

      The Clerk reported that the building inspector William Glenn does not have a current liability policy in force. The board advised the clerk to draft a letter requesting coverage and resume a monthly report for board meetings.

      The road construction paving project for Hobby Horse, Pinon Trial, French Glenn and Oregon Trail has been completed. The total invoice from Frank Bros. was exactly as it was bid $165,325.00; the board advised the clerk to proceed with payment.

      The clerk reported that the Chase credit card bill had a charge for the Quickbook Payroll update of $315.45 and a charge for $882.00 for the tuition and lodging for UW Green Bay clerk’s schooling for Denise Arnold. The clerk did apply and receive a reimbursement scholarship of $634.00. The expense to the Town of Oregon will be $248.00.

      A reimbursement was received from Dane County Planning & Development for our Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning Grant for $4,450.03 of the $8,131.15 submitted and $3,681.13 goes toward the match total.

      Constable Gary Wackett will follow up with a letter from a concerned citizen regarding traffic speed issues in the Fahey Heights neighborhood.

      The next town board meeting will be held on Wednesday July 5th due the independence holiday on Tuesday.

      Micheal Leggett presented the board with a letter regarding the Brooklyn Airport. Mr. Leggett reported that there had been an incident regarding a low flying stunt airplane. When Leggett tried to obtain the registration number from the aircraft at the Brooklyn Airport he reportedly was asked to leave. The airport may not be following the conditions of CUP. The town board does not regulate the flying of any aircraft. The clerk would follow up with providing Mr. Leggett with the conditional use permit number.

      Motion made by Phil VanKampen and seconded by Pen Beasley to adjourn the board meeting at 8:45 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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