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Town of Oregon
Jul 05, 2006

Town of Oregon
Draft Board Meeting Minutes
July 5, 2006

     The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Wednesday July 5, 2006. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with Supervisors Wayne Ace, Darryl Weber and Denise Arnold, Clerk present. Absent: Pen Beasley and Phil VanKampen.

     Motion made by Darryl Weber and seconded by Wayne Ace to dispense with reading of the minutes from the June 6, 2006 regular monthly meeting and June 8, 2006 special meeting and approve as read. Motion carried.

     The Treasurer’s report was read by the clerk; motion was made by Ace and seconded by Weber to approve the report. Motion carried.

      Chair Jensen inquired if there were any informal public comments; items that anyone would like to discuss that were not currently listed on the agenda. Resident Don Parker of 4791 County Meadows Road shared that he wanted to register a complaint with the board and request a burning ordinance be adopted and enforced in the Town of Oregon. Parker reported that Messner Landscape has been creating pollution events importing green wet landscaping waste and burning the materials which smolders with an obnoxious odor. Reed Messner had been contacted by Patrolman Ron Outhouse that there had been a complaint about the burning situation. Messner burns once per week and would be willing to burn at a different time or every other week to accommodate the neighborhood. Parker requested that Messner not burn when Dane County issues a pollution or smog alert. Messner agreed to that request and asked Mr. Parker to discus arrangements for an agreeable burn schedule. Mr. Parker chose not to discuss the issue any further.

     Motion Made by Weber and seconded by Ace to approve a land division and rezone petition number 9553, Section number 24, Parcel#0509-241-9420-5 currently zoned RH-2 and RH-1. Property owned by Mark Ditsch and Sheryll Dvorak. Request to create three separate parcels. Property is located at 749 Highway MM, Oregon. A Driveway agreement must be on file with Dane County and a $600.00 park fee is due upon the completion of the certified survey map. Motion carried.

     Chair Jensen explained the purpose of the Capital Area Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission was to replace the former RPC. Jensen recommended the board support this commission. Motion was made by Weber and seconded by Ace to adopt the resolution creating CARPC. Motion carried.

     The clerk reported that the revaluation has been progressing. Grota Appraisals has completed part of the process and are staying on track for the open book and board of review.

     Motion was made by Jensen and seconded by Weber to approve the renewal alcohol beverage license, application for cigarette license and application for coin operated machine license at Foxboro Golf Club. Motion carried.

     Motion was made by Weber and seconded by Ace to approve renewal operator’s licenses at Foxboro Golf Club for Daniel W. Kovalaske, Diana L. Balaam and Brook T. Schmitt. Constable Gary Wackett has completed the background checks on the individuals. Motion carried.

     Supervisor Ace did not have any report regarding the patrolmen. Ace shared that he has been working on a driveway located on Sugar Hill at the Cloud residence.

     In the absence of Phil VanKampen there were no new developments to report on the Storytown Cemetery project, Oregon Fire and EMS District and the Towns/Village Metro Bus Study Committee.

     The clerk reported that the Emergency Management information on the board members has been forwarded to Dane County and updated information has been gathered on the Plan Commission and is being placed on file at Town Hall Office.

     Supervisor Weber reported that the Plan Commission Work Session for July has been cancelled the next work session will be held August 14th.

     The Park Committee Minutes were shared with the board. Chair Jensen informed the board that a resident of the Town of Rutland expressed concern with the number of trees being planted in Kennedy Park. Jensen suggested that the resident attend the Park Committee Meeting to share his concerns.

     In the absence of Pen Beasley there was no cable committee report.

     Chair Jensen had no new business to report from the Dane County Board.

     The clerk informed the board that the Building Inspector, Bill Glenn has not secured insurance coverage. The clerk made a verbal request for insurance coverage to Mr. Glenn along with a request for a monthly meeting report of new building inspections completed. A certified request letter was mailed June 22, 2006 and was received by Mr. Glenn June 23, 2006. The letter stated a deadline for proof of insurance must be provided by July 20th, 2006. Mr. Glenn’s contract expires September of 2006.

     There are three bike events coming up in the Town of Oregon.
July 22nd Bike for Boys and Girls Club
August 5th & 6th National Multiple Sclerosis Society Bike Tour
August 19th Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center Motorcycle ride from 10:00 to 4:00.

     The clerk has reapplied for bridge aid from prior years with Dane County for Bloodworth, Echo Valley and Fleming for a total of $3,376.00.

     Funds from the State Election Board have been received for data entry reimbursement in the amount of $884.10. The data entry was done for the state wide voter registration.

     On June 26, 2006 a Dane County Handicap Accessibility inspection was conducted and the Town Hall passed the examination.

     The clerk reminded the board members of the Dane County Towns Association meeting coming up Wednesday July 12th, at 7:00 p.m. in Cross Plains.

     The road seal coating that was scheduled for July will be starting some time in August.

     August 1st Jennifer and Denise will be attending a training session for the new handicap voting equipment in Cambridge.

     There being no further information to bring before the Town Board, a motion was made by Ace and seconded by Weber to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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