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Town of Oregon
Aug 01, 2006

Town of Oregon
Draft Board Meeting Minutes
August 1, 2006

     The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday August 1, 2006. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 6:03 with supervisors Pen Beasley, Phil VanKampen, Darryl Weber, Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash and Clerk Denise Arnold. Absent: Supervisor Wayne Ace. Also present were the Town of Oregon elected Assessor Andy Blomstrom and Assessor Mike Couillard representing Grota Appraisals.

     Chairperson Jensen thanked Mr. Blomstrom, and Mr. Couillard for attending the meeting to answer questions the board and the clerk had regarding the open book procedures. Couillard shared that agricultural use land values have increased. The clerk reported that over 100 appointments have been scheduled. The assessments were calculated by updating the existing assessment card information. Blomstrom mentioned that forest land value has increased also. Couillard stated that any assessment that increased more that 55% had a valuation that had been too low. A 55% increase was the average for the Town of Oregon assessments. The assessments are reflecting the property values today and are based off of recent sales. Blomstrom shared that the computer program that was used was very good and had cost modifiers that were useful in the assessment determination process. Land was not assessed on future potential use. There will be three assessors available for the open book for each of the three scheduled conference sessions. Mr. Couillard and Mr. Blomstrom wanted to resolve most assessment issues before the Board of Review on August 24th. Blomstrom shared that new homes have current photographs. All properties should be physically reviewed over the next four or five years.

      MMS/Weber-Jensen to approve the minutes from the July 5th meeting as read. Motion carried.

      The Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Rhonda LaFlash. The Treasurer shared that the Town does not have service charges and has preferential interest rates because the treasurer is an employee of Oak Bank. A request was made by the treasurer to have funds available for the treasurer to attend the Green Bay Treasurer’s Institute. MMS/VanKampen-Weber to approve the treasurer’s report as read. Motion carried.

      Chair Jensen inquired if there were any public comments, there being none the board preceded with the agenda.

      The Treasurer’s computer must be replaced as the next tax update will not have adequate space to function properly. The tax software package will not load. The Board wanted to insure that there is sufficient back up for the computer. MMS/Weber-VanKampen to keep the sale local with PC Medics for no more than $1,000.00. Motion carried.

      The clerk reported that the Town of Oregon Building Inspector Bill Glenn has been informed via certified mail that the Town of Oregon is requiring proof of insurance.

Mr. Glenn has exceeded the deadline to provide a copy of his liability policy. The board discussed the option to explore the possibility to employ Mike Kleisch the current Village of Oregon Building Inspector to handle the Town of Oregon inspections. MMS/VanKampen-Beasley to renew Bill Glenn’s contract on a month by month basis. Motion carried.

      Resident Dave Hagemann received a 200% increase on his assessment. The board encouraged Mr. Hagemann to attend the open book to meet with an assessor.

      Supervisor Ace was not in attendance to report on the road patrolmen. The clerk shared that the seal coating on Union, North Storytown, Purcell, Locust Grove and Rome Corners Road will begin next week.

      Supervisor VanKampen had maps and visuals of the plans for the Storytown Cemetery. The driveway at the cemetery is not adequate. If the town could acquire approximately twenty feet it would allow the patrolmen to navigate without disturbing any gravesites and increase the parking available. The current owner Robert Dick would be willing to work out a trade for the land. Mr. Dick would like to have an easement off of the drive to get to his shed and two burial plots. The board agreed that it was a good agreement and VanKampen should proceed with the agreement.

      The clerk received a form from NIMS that must be completed before September 1, 2006.

      Supervisor Weber reported that the rough draft for the Comprehensive Plan has been provided and the Plan Commission will be reviewing that at the next work session to be held Monday August 14th.

      Supervisor VanKampen reported that the Village should be withdrawing their letter to withdraw from the Oregon Fire and EMS District.

      Steve Root the Park Committee Chairperson reported an incident in Kennedy Park with a resident that did not want any trees planted. The tables in the park have had more graffiti on them that is offensive. Steve said he would remove the graffiti one more time then he would ask to have the tables removed from the park. Root reported that there is the potential of two Eagle Scout projects in the Bi-Centennial Park. The posts still need to be put in place and some trees are down in the Town Park. The Park Committee is in need of some new members.

      There were no new developments with the cable committee to report.

      Jensen reported that the relocation of the house building site for Craig and Rachel Schley has been approved at Dane County.

      The clerk reported on two future meetings, an Urban Towns Committee Cracker Barrel Meeting and an EMS regional planning discussion from the Town of Blooming Grove. Supervisor VanKampen will attend the later. Another complaint has been received regarding the burning of green waste at Messner Landscape. Supervisor Beasley went to the site and observed the smoke and odor on Meadow Lane and checked on Tony Lane. Tony Lane did not seem to be a problem. The small, yet smoky fire at the Messner Landscape location was unattended. The clerk reported on the Green Bay Clerk’s Institute experience. The information gathered was very good and worthwhile. It takes three years to complete the certification process. Virchow Krause sponsored a scholarship that the clerk applied for; however funds should be put in the budget for continuing education in future years. Just a reminder that the open book hours will be held Thursday August 3rd from noon to 4:30 and 6:00 to 8:30, Friday August 4th 9:00 to noon and 1:30 – 5:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 2:00.

      Constable Wackett would like to attend a class in September for animal control, civil liability, search and seizure, crisis intervention, crime scene and more, presented by the Department of Agriculture. The cost of the course is $500.00 due by August 25. Wackett will try to get a reimbursement from the Village for a portion of the expense, because he also conducts animal control for that municipality. MMS/Weber-VanKampen to approve the $500.00 fee for the training course for Constable Wackett. Motion carried.

      MMS/Jensen-Beasley to adjourn the August Town Board meeting at 8:10 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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