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Town of Oregon
Apr 12, 2006

Town of Oregon
Annual Meeting april 12, 2006 8:00 p.m.

     Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the annual meeting to order at 8:05 p.m. with 18 people in attendance. Chair Jensen welcomed and thanked everyone in attendance for coming to the annual meeting.

     Wisconsin State Representative Brett Davis brought State of Wisconsin Blue Books for the Town Officials and some extra copies for the residents in attendance along with some contact post cards. He thanked the town officials for the efforts serving the Town of Oregon.

     Allison Koelsch represented the Oregon Area Senior Center. Ms. Koelsch brought annual reports from the Senior Center for everyone. She gave a brief description of the programs available and staffing needs. They would like to upgrade and increase the computer lab, add some exercise classes and continue with the MATC classes. The Town of Oregon contributed $44,712.00 to the Senior Center budget in 2005 and committed to giving $48,762.00 in 2006.

     Motion was made by John Beasley and seconded by Ruth Klahn to approve the 2005 minutes as read by the clerk Denise Arnold. Motion carried.

     The clerk read through highlights of the 2005 financial report.

     Motion was made by Darryl Weber and seconded by Gary Wackett to approve the treasurer’s report as read by the treasurer Rhonda LaFlash. Motion carried.

     Chairperson Jensen highlighted the budget report for 2005/2006.

     Jerry Jensen reported on the Brooklyn Fire Department, there was a ground breaking ceremony earlier in the day for a new 1.7 million dollar fire station. Funding was provided by the USDA. The construction should start on Monday April 17th and be completed in approximately eleven months.

     Plan Commission Chairperson Darryl Weber reported on the progress of the Smart Growth/Comprehensive Plan. It is a 70 page report and they are at the point of fine tuning the details before presenting to the public.

     Steve Root reported on the park vandalism that has occurred in the Town Park over last summer and recently in Kennedy Park. The damage last summer was around $2,200. The insurance company did pay the loss, less the $500.00 deductible. The damage estimate for the Kennedy park incident may be as high as $5,000.00. A citizens group headed up by Kathy Esch have planted trees native to Wisconsin. It is a three year planting process and the cost is $600.00. Posts will be added to the Town Park to protect the driveway and parking lot area. Dane County Sheriffs Department has made a commitment to patrol the parks in the Town of Oregon more frequently. There will be a work session on April 29th and May 13th for any interested residents to attend.

     The Town of Oregon Building Inspector, Bill Glenn reported that new housing starts are down in the Town and other municipalities as well. There were 173 building permits and 11 new housing starts.

     Pen Beasley reported that a new Cable Franchise Agreement with Charter Cable was signed. This is a 5 year agreement with 4% gross revenue. There is still a limitation of coverage requiring 30 residents per linear mile for service.

     The Assessor Andy Blomstrom explained that a revaluation process of all properties in the Town of Oregon will be done in 2006. Grota Appraisal firm is assisting with the process. It is a State requirement to have the assessment ratio at 90% to 100%, at least once every four years; currently the ratio is at 70-71%.

     The Town Constable Gary Wackett reported he performed 170 park checks. A radar speed tracking unit was purchased with the City of Verona and the Village of Oregon. A schedule of usage is still being worked out. Gary Wackett and Pen Beasley completed the NIMS training. This will allow the Town of Oregon to collect on federal aid funds in the unfortunate event of a disaster.

     The clerk administered the oath of office, for recently elected Supervisors Pen Beasley and Darryl Weber.

     Chairperson Jensen reported on the road work to be completed in the Town of Oregon in 2006. Frank Bros. Inc. will be paving Hobby Horse, Pinon Trail, French Glen and Oregon Trail. B.R. Amon & Sons, Inc. will be seal coating Union Road, North Storytown, Purcell, Locust Grove and Rome Corners.

     Chair Jensen inquired if there was any new business.

     Gary Wackett requested the Town purchase a defibrillator to be used at the Town Hall and by the Constable. The cost would be approximately $1,700.00 to $2,000.00. Dr. John Beasley agreed that it would be a worthwhile investment. Motion was made by Gary Wackett to purchase the defibrillator and seconded by Darryl Weber. Motion carried.

     Ruth Klahn commended the new staff on the fine job they did on the election last week. Many changes needed to be implemented with the new Statewide Voter Registration.

     Jerry Jensen publicly acknowledged the many years of service by Ruth Klahn and Karen Everson. Their efforts were appreciated.

     Resident Mark Brylski suggested a neighborhood watch program be organized to assist in protecting the parks.

     Andy Blomstrom commended the patrolmen for the fine job they did keeping the roads in good driving condition all winter.

     Motion made by Jerry Jensen and seconded by Phil Peterson to hold the annual meeting on the second Wednesday in April at 7:00 p.m. in 2007. Motion carried.

     There being no further new business a motion to adjourn was made by Phil Peterson and seconded by Ruth Klahn at 9:05. Motion carried.

     Respectfully Submitted,

     Denise R. Arnold

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