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Special Town Board Meeting
Nov 16, 2005

Town of Oregon
November 16, 2005
Special Town Board Meeting


      The special town board meeting for the Town of Oregon was called to order by Chairperson Jensen at 6:05. Present were Supervisors: Phil Van Kampen, Pen Beasley, Darryl Weber, Assessor Andrew Blomstrom and Clerk, Denise Arnold. Supervisor Wayne Ace arrived late.

      Chairperson Jensen explained that he had spoke to Mike Grota of Grota Appraisals, LLC. Grota Appraisals will assist Mr. Blomstrom with the revaluation process and transfer our current files from the existing dos based program to “Market Drive,” a computer program used by most appraisal firms in the State of Wisconsin. Mike Couillard of Grota Appraisals will be assigned to the Town of Oregon. This should allow a fair assessment to all residents in the town.

      Mr. Blomstrom stated that he would like to continue as the assessor for the Town of Oregon. He will handle new construction and existing properties. Blomstrom said he will be retiring from his full time employment and is looking forward to devoting more time to his assessment position. Chairperson Jensen requested that Mr. Blomstrom return phone calls related to the assessments in a more timely fashion.

      Guests of the meeting were allowed to sign up for an opportunity to speak. Five individuals signed up, Mark Hazelbaker, Dan Levine, Bruce Wachholz, Bob Pultz and Mike Briggs. All of the individuals requested to reserve the right to speak at the end of the public comment portion of the meeting. Mr. Pultz of 5593 Bellbrook Road in the Town of Oregon expressed concern as to Mr. Hazelbaker being allowed to voice his opinion when he is not even a resident of the town. Supervisor Van Kampen informed the residents that this is a public meeting and anyone has the right to express themselves. Mr. Pultz shared of his experience with Mr. Blomstrom’s assessing practices and felt he had done a fair assessment of his property. He felt that the Levine property should be reassessed. Chairperson Jensen explained that all properties will receive a reassessment in the Town of Oregon in 2006.

      Mark Hazelbaker of 3240 University Avenue, Madison, thanked Mr. Blomstrom for his work done in the Town of Oregon

      Mr. Blomstrom said he will try to continue to serve the public in a fair and equitable manner. He also explained to all attending the meeting how the assessment would be conducted. There must be an increase to within 90% of the market value. There will be a new computer program that will aide in the complete accurate revaluation. The contract with Grota Appraisals, LLC. would need to be approved at the December 2005 Town Board Meeting.

      Mike Briggs, of 1519 Storytown Road in the Town of Oregon stated that he was happy to see that all parties involved will work well together. Mr. Briggs asked Mr. Hazelbaker directly if he would then retract his earlier comments he had made in a letter to the town board stating Mr. Blomstrom was incompetent.

      Mr. Hazelbaker said he would do so when Mr. Briggs closed his website.

      Mr. Pultz wants to be treated fairly, exceptions will happen but everyone needs to be treated fairly. Apply the law and do the right and fair thing. He feels the Board of Review will have a difficult time because of the number of people that will come in for reassessments.

      There were no additional public comments.

      Chairperson Jensen stated that the town hall roof was leaking and in need of repair. He had contacted Rick Anderson. Mr. Anderson would repair the roof for less that $1,000.00. He is available to make the necessary repairs immediately.

      MMS/Van Kampen-Weber to have Rick Anderson make the repairs and not exceed $1,000.

      Motion Carried.

      Chairperson Jensen again asked if there were any other public comments.

      There being no further business to bring before the board a motion was made and seconded by Weber/Van Kampen to adjourn the meeting at 6:35

      Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Denise R. Arnold
Town of Oregon, Clerk
1138 Union Road
Oregon, WI 53575
Phone 608-835-3200 Fax 608-835-2235

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