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Town of Oregon
Nov 01, 2005

Town of Oregon
Board Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2005

      The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Tuesday November 1, 2005. Chairperson Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with Supervisors Wayne Ace, Darryl Weber, Pen Beasley, Phil Van Kampen and Clerk, Denise Arnold present.

      Chairperson Jensen discussed the Closed Session with Assessor Andrew Blomstrom that was held October 4, 2005. A town resident, Mr. Michael Briggs made the board aware that this was an improper meeting and should not have been held in closed session with an elected official. Board Supervisor Ace had requested the closed session after talking to Assessor Blomstrom however; the only time a closed session may be held is with an employee. Jensen explained that a fine could be charged for a minimum of $10.00 and a maximum of $300.00. On behalf of the Board of the Town of Oregon Chairperson Jensen apologized for this error and assured the public that there would not be closed sessions held with an elected official again under the employee state statute.

      MMS/Ace-Van Kampen to approve the minutes as read with the exception of a description of the Bus Study changed to Towns/Village Metro Bus Study. MMS/Ace-Weber to accept the Treasurer’s report read by the clerk, Denise Arnold. Vouchers for $49,574.57 were approved. Both motions carried.

      There were no public comments.

      Building inspector William Glenn requested an increase in compensation for his inspection services. Mr. Glenn has been doing building inspections for four years without any increase and proposed that the Town increase the new home square footage fee from 8.5 cents to 9.5 cents, the mechanicals from 3.5 cents to 4.5 cents and the new home review fee of $50.00 to $75.00. The final goal was to increase the average new home fees up by $65.00. The minimum building inspection fee would increase from $40.00 to $45.00. The board requested some time to research what their decision would be and possibly hold a special session to determine any necessary changes.

      Mr. Blomstrom stated he would like to stay on as the building inspector. Blomstrom would like the Board of Review to remain open until all discussion and opportunities to present information have been exhausted. If the building inspector position should become available Mr. Blomstrom would like to be considered. Supervisor Van Kampen expressed concern with the difficulty Mr. Blomstrom had in closing the Board of Review. The resident and property in question would still be there in years to come and Mr. Blomstrom would have to resolve his issues with that. Supervisor Ace suggested that an outside assessor complete the Levine property assessment. Mr. Blomstrom said he would reassess all properties the best he could and would still have to sign off in agreement with the Levine assessment. Mr. Van Kampen questioned Blomstrom on the Fish Farm verses a Recreational Lake. Mr. Blomstrom said he was wasting his time, did not like the question and exited the meeting, not resolving the issue. The board discussed that Mr. Blomstrom is not maintaining a professional status and has become emotionally involved in the Levine property. If Mr. Blomstrom would offer a letter of resignation the board would accept it. Chairperson

      Jensen will contact Mr. Blomstrom to meet with the board in an open session on Wednesday, November 16th at 6:00 p.m.

      Mrs. Janine Jensen reported on the October 10, 2005 Park Committee Meeting. The final bill for the repairs needed was not available at the time of the meeting; the approximate expense would be $2,440.00 and will be submitted to the insurance company. More fiber mats will be ordered for the parks. They will advertise a couple of work day sessions and host a walk through in the spring. The second year of phase II will come to an end in May of 2006; the park committee will apply for a no cost extension. The park committee would like to have the barrier posts be put in and since they are not in at this time the park should be closed off with the barrier gate for the winter months to avoid damage. Steve Root would like a sign to list the Eagle Scouts from the Town to be displayed in the park. Chairperson Jensen wanted to know how many posts would be ordered, who was responsible for ordering and how far apart they should be placed. The work will be completed in the spring. Constable Wackett questioned the amount of the damage done to the park equipment. Mrs. Jensen explained that more parts were needed than earlier anticipated to complete the project. The Clerk reported that an officer did contact the Town Hall to request that the melted, damaged playground equipment be protected in safe keeping as evidence needed for a potential court case. The Park Committee is in search of a park committee candidate to replace Nick Brashi, who no longer lives in the Town of Oregon. The next meeting for the Park committee will be held November 28, 2005.

      There was a discussion regarding Yahara Materials roadway access agreement. Chairperson Jensen offered to contact Tim Geoghegan regarding the renewal of this agreement. The contract had expired in May 2005. Supervisor Weber suggested that the Town request that more maintenance be done to the roadway. Clean up the brush and debris surrounding that area. The Board decided to postpone making a final decision until Chairperson Jensen contacts Mr. Geoghegan.

      MMS/Weber-Ace to approve the resolution number 2055-1 adopting written public participation procedures regarding the Town of Oregon Comprehensive Plan.

      MMS/Ace-Beasley to accept the MSA Boundary Agreement Assistance and Subdivision Ordinance Creation. MSA may not exceed the amount of $2,500.00 without Town Chair authorization.

      The Clerk reported that a complaint had been filed at the County level that the Town of Oregon Recycling Center (TORC) had thrown cardboard on the fire rather than recycling the product. The policy at the TORC center is to recycle cardboard products however some cardboard may be consumed as kindling to start/fuel the burning process. This is not in violation of the recycling regulations; it is an acceptable and reasonable means to start a fire. The TORC Employees need to exercise more caution with the handling of the cardboard. There is a cardboard dumpster provided for the residents.

      Three cancellation notices had been received by the clerks office for the Anderson Quarry. Written notification had been sent stating that insurance coverage had been obtained by another provider and there would be no lapse in coverage. The clerk will follow up with this issue to assure the proper documents are in place at the time of cancellation of the prior policies.

      Supervisor Van Kampen reported on the Oregon Fire/EMS District. They are conducting internal studies to determine what it will cost to operate on their own. The Town may want to sell back some of their equipment. The earliest they would leave the district is January 2007. The Village of Oregon is considering pulling out of the district.

      Supervisor Beasley reported on the October 24, 2005 Cable Committee Meeting. The Cable Committee met with Charter and negotiated to shorten the contract agreement from 15 years to 5 years. The number of homes per mile was increased from 15 to 30 homes per mile. The contract franchise fee has been increased from 3% to 4%. Tim Vowell represented Charter Communications in the meeting. The committee agreed to keep the funds in a special account and not place them in the general budget. Beasley recommend the board approve this franchise agreement.

      MMS/Beasley-Weber to approve the Charter Franchise Agreement.

      MMS/Weber-Ace to approve the income from the Charter Franchise Fee be applied to a special fund at the discretion of the treasurer to determine where the fund should be placed and an investment plan. Funds would be for the future use of equipment to film meetings or program costs. Motions carried.

       Supervisor Van Kampen reported on the Towns/Village Metro Bus Study Committee. A Chairperson was established, a survey will be conducted. Maybe a survey will be included in the spring news letter. Madison Metro will process the results of the study.

       The Clerk reported the Dane County Towns Association Meeting will be held November 9, 2005. A call was received by the clerk’s office from resident Scott Craven that he was very pleased with the roadside mowing that had been done in the Town and wanted the staff to know that the effort was appreciated. A letter from Gilman Voss was shared with the board regarding the excellent job that the road patrolman Ron Outhouse and Harlan Heller had done regarding the erosion control issue at his residence. A special thank you to Darryl Weber for assisting in that solution.

      A letter was received from the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue stating that the Town of Oregon has not met the statutory mandate to have property assessed within 10% of the full value in the 2005 assessment. The Town Board was aware of this situation a revaluation will be done in 2006. The Clerk reported that contact had been made with state elections representative to advise the Town of the specifications needed for a handicap railing at the entry of the Town Hall to assist disabled voters.

      Constable Wackett informed the board that he and Supervisor Beasley had attended the NIMS training. A resolution statement will need to be prepared and adopted by the board at the December Town Board Meeting. The clerk acknowledged that the Town of Oregon was required to have a town official trained to assure assistance for disaster relief in the event it would be needed. A special thank you to Supervisor Pen Beasley and Constable Gary Wackett for attending.

      MMS/Weber-Beasley to adjourn the Town Board Meeting at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

Denise R. Arnold
Town of Oregon, Clerk
1138 Union Road
Oregon, WI 53575
Phone 608-835-3200 Fax 608-835-2235

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