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Town of Oregon Board
May 03, 2005

Town of Oregon Board

May 3, 2005


     The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon met on May 3, 2005.  Chairperson, Gerald Jensen, called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. with Supervisors: Darryl Weber, Wayne Ace, Pen Beasley and Phil Van Kampen present.

     Clerk, Ruth Klahn, read the minutes of the Wednesday, April 6th meeting.  MMS/Weber-Ace to approve with corrections noted. Motion carried.  MMS/Ace-Weber to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  Motion carried.  Vouchers for $33,248.18 were approved.

     Rick Andersen spoke during public comments concerning the decisions made Oregon Area Fire-EMS District.  He said that when he left on vacation, there were three persons to run the district including Mr. Langer for fire and Ms. Endicott for EMS and Mr. Andersen doing the administrative work, during the interim, until a new Chief could be hired.  When he returned, this program was changed and wondered why? Jerry Bollig, Village representative and Jerry Luebke, Village President spoke in favor of this program.  $20,000 buyout of unused sick leave is being disputed. All of our board members were in opposition of the buyout because it was not in Chief Randy Selnow’s contract.

     MMS/Weber-Ace to direct our representative, Phil Van Kampen, to ask for another vote and direct the Joint Board to have the three persons direct the district until the new chief could be hired.  A meeting has been scheduled for a joint meeting for boards of the Oregon Fire-EMS District on Wednesday, May 25th at the village.

     MMS/Weber-Ace to approve Rezone #9236 and CSM (2 lots), submitted by Don McSherry for Alme Living Tr., Arnold with the following conditions:
1.  Park fee-$1200
2.  Joint driveway with agreement.
3.  Fencing regulations.

This was recommended by the Plan Comm. and the motion carried unanimously.

     MMS/Ace-Weber to grant a variance of 500’ distance between driveways required by our ordinance for Gayel Larson, Netherwood Rd.  Motion carried.  Discussion on a joint driveway for Mark Jacobson on Whispering Oaks Rd. Discussion was held on the size of the cemetery and cost of the grave sites.  Phil offered to contact Robert Dicke to see if we can buy land to make a drive around the cemetery.  Invite him to the next board meeting.  MMS/Beasley-Weber to change the cost of a grave site to $300 per grave site, with no deduction for multiples.  All in favor.

     The Search Comm. is meeting the 11th and 12th of May to interview 5 candidates for the clerk position.  The Town Board will meet on the May 18th at 6 p.m. to interview the recommended candidates.

     Referendum for Election set for June 14th from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for contesting the Lycon Annexation.

     A meeting has been set with Pam Dunphy, Dane Co. Highway, for Monday, May 9th to review Union Rd. Two counters were put out by Payne and Dolan, one north and one south of Locust Grove on Union Rd. Discussion on 22’ or 26’ mat on Union Rd.  MMS/Weber-Ace to leave the mat at 22’, regrind the base and put on new mat on Lincoln Rd. from CTH A to Lincoln Rd.  Motion carried.  Roll call vote: Aye-Ace, Weber and Van Kampen No-Jensen and Beasley.  Ron Outhouse to contact Pam to have her let our bid to guarantee TRIP funds.

     Meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.  Clerk to contact Recycle America to know what we’re doing when Dane Co. no longer oversees the MRF center.

Ruth Klahn, CMC

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